Growth Of Gastronomic Tourism On Emergence Of The Margaret River Gourmet Escape Event

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Subject Code and Title EGY101 Exploring Gastronomy

Learning Outcomes

c) Outline the development of gastronomic tourism in an Australian and global context and the influence of emerging trends. d) Examine the influence of the Australian wine industry on gastronomic tourism. e) Examine the environmental, economic, social and political issues which impact on food and drink production and consumption


Food & wine events are important in the promotion of Australian gastronomy as many producers are based in rural locations and often do not have the ability to self-promote on a major scale. These events bring a range of producers together and therefore attract domestic and international gastronomic tourists who would have otherwise been unlikely to visit the region. Regional events benefit tourism throughout Australia as attendees often choose to travel to additional locations during their visit. In this assessment students will investigate the importance of food & wine events to producers and the strategies used by these events to attract potential gastronomic tourists to a region. Students will also gain an understanding of how external environmental, economic, social & political issues and emerging trendsimpact on food & wine events and how these can be managed to ensure the success of an event.


The Margaret River Gourmet Escape is a major food & wine event that takes place annually in Western Australia in late November. The event attracts domestic and international tourists who attend a number of food related workshops & seminars hosted by wineries and restaurants where they are given the opportunity to sample local food and wines. In addition, a range of different Australian & international celebrity chefs present each year, including Heston Blumenthal, Peter Gilmore, George Colambaris, Marco Pierre White, Rick Stein and most recently Nigella Lawson.

Students are required to submit a report in which they analyse the Margaret River Gourmet Escape. The report should address the following:

• Provide an overview of the event (focusing on the most recent occurrence) and outline the growth & development of the event over the last 5 years. • Discuss the strategies that the event uses to promote Margaret River as a gastronomic tourism destination (domestically & internationally), with a focus on the local food & wine industry. • Outline current environmental, economic, social and political issues (one for each category) that have the potential to impact on the future of gastronomic tourism in Margaret River and Australia as a whole. • Identify two (2) emerging consumer trends and propose two (2) additional activities that could be incorporated into next year’s programme to address these trends and support the growth of gastronomic tourism in the Margaret River region. Research other domestic & global food events for inspiration. • This report must be supported by both academic & non-academic sources.

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Executive Summary

This report demonstrates the growth and development of gastronomic tourism based on the emergence of The Margaret River Gourmet Escape event in a proper way. It is evident that Australian wine and food products have major significance internationally. I order to strive for the growth of this market, this report analyses the raised issues in terms of this event. Moreover, the emerging customer trends are also identified here and two additional tends are proposed in this study for utilizing the purpose of the study in future. After reviewing the promotional strategies of this event, this report describes the entire purpose of those promotional strategies in the WA region. The Margaret River Gourmet Escape event can have a major influence on Australia people, which is evident from the research of this study.  


Australian food & wine industry has seemed like an experiencing remarkable growth with unstoppable juggernaut within profitability, productivity and exports internationally. Having a huge range of supply contract, the Australian wine industry has enjoyed a powerful reputation for their extraordinary quality of products in mature wealthy markets upon gastronomic tourism. This report sheds light upon the development of Margarate River region as gastronomic tourism in Australia and its influence within the emerging trends, through examining market growth of the Australian wine industry. In essence, to this, the economic, environmental, political and social issues having a major impact on drink and food consumption and production, is significantly examined here in this study.      

Overview of the Margaret River Gourmet Escape Event 

The Margaret River Gourmet Escape is considered as major wine and food event that has grown for becoming a culinary event towards attracting international personalities and chefs such as Nigella Lawson, Massimo Bottura, Rene Redzepi, Rick Stein and David Chang (, 2018). This event is specially reinforced by the State Government according to Regional Events Program of WA’s Tourism as the gastronomic tourism destination. The event glitters a spotlight upon the world-class region of wines and builds remarkable forest, vineyards, and beaches in order to put WA (Western Australia) as a qualified destination to the international, local and interstate audiences. 

It can be possible due to extensive global and national media coverage along with key influencers. In this context, as a reverberation of past Margaret River Gourmet Escape events and festivals, WA wines has significantly hallmarked on the list of wine of world’s foremost restaurant like Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck within London UK (, 2018). With the significant features of running this event in November 2018, the state government of WA has looked for expanding this event in Swan Valley along with Margaret River as the gastronomic tourism destination.      

Outline development, the growth of the event 

With the diverse range program of showcases, testing, book signings and demonstrations, it becomes possible for the event to bring a record attendance for this festival in Western Australia with around 19000 attended ticket holders. Curtis had officially launched this Margaret River Gourmet Escape on Castle Rock Beach. With the testament upon this region, the event targets to attract international culinary talent. Having the world's best chefs in this event, the event director was thrilled with 2017' program of Margaret River Gourmet Escape in the western Australian region (, 2018). Within the year of 2012, this event began for the first time and they have welcomed around 160 top chefs of world, wine and food influencers to this region with more than around 100,000 passionate wine and food loving visitors.

Figure 1: Visitors rate in Margarate River 

(Source:, 2018)

With their enormous growth in the Western Australian region, it can be overviewed that they had around $9.1 million of economic impact in a standardized way (, 2018). Through initiating the announced program line-up and giving opportunities to explore this event for four days, this event creates a craze within Australian as well as international people over the last five years.       

Promotional strategic discussion for promoting Margaret River as a gastronomic tourism destination 

The promotional strategic discussion of the event in WA region help in designing the blueprint for delivering clear and consensual promotional plan for future, which can be implemented by their entire stakeholders. The main purpose of MRGE (Margaret River Gourmet Escape) event is to increase the collaborative and cohesive model of food & wine tourism through aligning the activity related to international domestic stakeholders in an intensified manner. In order to promote the event as gastronomic tourism, numerous promotional strategies are taken within the WA region in a standardized way. The main promotional strategies are-

  • Enlarge Wine & food trails in MRGE event assisting producers toward attracting visitors that can also be significantly packaged of the international sale (, 2018).  
  • Developing profile and exposure of wine producers, regional wineries and growers along with chefs, artisans, and regional produce.  
  • Planning & implementing centralised or consolidated means for their consumers towards purchasing the YMER (Your Margaret River Region) branded food and wine products.
  • Increasing the linkage between development packages of tourism and education sector in order to incorporate the wine and food products.     

The aims of this event can be achieved by initiating numerous action and strategic items including: 

1. Implementing and developing wine and food promotional strategy 

  1. Incorporating a transparent range of program and activities that have a major interest in wine and food industry business can be able to participate in order to promote the experiences related to tourism and their wide range of products
  2. Including the measurable outcomes and the entire performance indicators towards enabling identification and review of such activities    

2. Streamlining and improving communications for involving promotional and export opportunities connect and available with the following business opportunities 

  1. To the destinations that are identified as the main part of a strategy
  2. Including the sale and promotion of a product

3. Capitalizing the international media, event opportunities, promotion by joint investment in between collaborative partnership along with industrial partners and producers as well as SWDC (Southwest development commission) & MRBTA (Margaret River Busselton Tourism Association) (, 2018).  

4. Working within business environment for developing the export of food, accommodation, wine, tour and the events in order to manage the consistency upon branding of products towards initiating the event as gastronomic tourism. 

5. Facilitating the overall partnership with partners and stakeholders as part of the food, wine tourism and trade industry bodies towards gaining the leveraged promotion and market opportunities.

These promotional strategic approaches can be measured by driving the focus upon the destinations that are identified, key stakeholders. Within the Margaret River Region the promotional activities of "Wine & Food” can be outlined in a joint venture as the gastronomic tourism destination (, 2018).    

Targeted progress against the year 2020

Figure 2: Targeted progress against the year 2020 

(Source:, 2018)

Through taking reference from the graph, it can be overviewed that based on the promotional strategies of the main target of this event will to contribute around 1.164 (2013) million to 1.630 (2020), million by the year of 2020 overnight the visitors (, 2018). Apart from that around $521 million (2013) to $729 million will be their targets by the year of 2020 upon the overnights spend of visitors (indirect & direct) as the gastronomic tourism destination.   

Outline of current economic, social, environmental and political issues 

This study area significantly compresses different economic, social, environmental and political issues for driving the major focus upon the growth of the event located in this region as the gastronomic tourism destination.


It is evident from the FAO (Food Agriculture Organisation) report, that every year around 1.3 billion tones foods get wasted from various sources. 

Margaret River wine region

Figure 3: Margaret River wine region 

(Source:, 2018)

In this context, according to this event, the mediated Margaret River will be polluted due to the wastage of this event within the Western Australian region in a standardized way. On the other hand, limited focus and coordination upon sustainable development and destination planning can be their key issue towards the environment. Additionally, lack of the unique nature in biodiversity can have negative influence within the competitive marketplace as the gastronomic tourism destination.   


The overwhelming evidence of socio-cultural factors of consumers drinking behaviour can cause major consequence within their associated lifestyles in an effective way. While serving drinks within this event it becomes essential for manipulating the cultural values of consumers. However, the intimate and convivial gatherings in this event can cause major issue within social and cultural relationship among Australian customers as the gastronomic tourism destination. 


With the huge economic revenue upon Western Australian region, the price sensitiveness can be the major economic issue within the Australian environment (, 2018). The excessive price of wine and food products can have a negative influence on the Western Australian environment. In this context, despite having potentiality towards consuming wine and food products can be another issue in this Western Australian region.  


In accordance to the Wine Australia Act 2013” it is evident that while organizing an event based on Wine & food products the serving level of Wine needs to be limited in a standardized way (, 2018). In this context, it can be overviewed that the license of the event needs to be approved under this act. With the changing political condition of Australia, this event can face more difficulties for serving wine products in the specific region of Western Australia. On the other hand, the alcohol industries of Australia, health consciousness have significantly increased among Australian consumers (, 2018). Therefore, if healthier alcohol products are not served in this event, it will cause a major health issue with downturn of economic contribution, as the gastronomic tourism. Nevertheless, the historical lack within the coordination of the governmental, industrial and community’s related tiers can be another political issue. 

Identification of two emerging consumer trends 

Gourmet Village, the soul of the Margaret River Gourmet Escape, welcomes the emergence of guests towards having rich wine and food experience within the month of November in an intensified manner. With the emerging customer trends, in this festival DJ Rio De Niro can be considered as resident within the chef’s amphitheatre within the specific region as the gastronomic tourism destination (, 2018). In essence, to this, a party vibe has observed with the DJ music across the weekend in this region with the most exciting artists in WA in an enhanced manner. The festival goers of WA region has respected the culinary talent incorporating Rick Stein, Nigella Lawson and many others as they appear in this event being the main attractions in this Gourmet Escape in an effective manner.   

In this context, it can be overviewed that in order to maintain the emerging customer trends within the WA region, this event announces new dishes for the local and international visitors in a standardized way. Through taking reference from this, it can be observed that Samira Damirova serves his delicious menu within this event along for the foodie people. Moreover, it is evident that Lily Dale are back to the satiate for the appetite of such hungry event-goats along with mouth-watering pop-up at this region as the gastronomic tourism destination, where they are trying to piping chicken in front of the eyes of visitors in a proper way. Not only that in accordance to the emerging customer trends, in this event, it is also initiated to serve delicious food & wine products such as Bao Wow, Amelia Park Lamb, Brika for just $8 within the WA region in an effective manner (, 2018).    

Two additional activities for incorporating programs for next year’s 

Within the Margaret River region, in order to address the future potential, two additional activities need to provide in a standardized way. With the picked predictions of growth and development within the competitive market of Australia, it becomes essential to serve best quality products based on the rising trend of customers in an intensified manner (Rinaldi, 2017). On the other hand, it can be observed that advanced event technological trends and artificial will need to propose as the part of this event based on wine and food products. Moreover, the progressive event manager so this event needs to drive their major focus upon initiating advanced technological advantages for experiencing the multi-faced and personalized up gradation in the Western Australian region in an intensified manner. Moreover, it can be said that the promotions need to be foodie-people centric in order to drive the major advantage of this event in the WA region to enhance gastronomic tourism in a motivational way. Additionally, it can be proposed that for developing the participation of people in this event it becomes essential to create unique venue upon the particular area of this event towards fulfilling the intimate customized trends in the various situational context.  


Through analysing this study based on Australian food and wine product events, it can be concluded that the Margaret River Gourmet Escape event has a major impact on the gastronomic tourism destination in a significant way with contributing a high amount towards Australian economy. In this study, through outlining the development and growth of the event along with the economic, environmental, political and social issues it becomes possible for this event to increase the influence upon Western Australian region as the gastronomic tourism destination. In this context, based on the identified emerging consumer trends two additional activities are incorporated within this report, in order to support the growth of this gastronomic tourism within Margaret River region in an intensified manner.