GSBS6040 Recruitment Of Police Personnel For New South Wale: PBL Exercise 1 Assessment Answer

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GSBS6040 Human Resource Management

PBL Exercise 1: Case study

You are a newly appointed Human Resource manager for the NSW Police Department. 

One of the reasons you were recruited is your interest in recruitment! You like a challenge, and one of the more significant HR challenges for contemporary employers in a changing and competitive job market, is the attraction of the right people for the job, at the right time, in the right place and at the right cost. The NSW Police Department is keen to review and revitalise its upcoming recruitment campaign, to attract new members who better reflect the community they serve. Recruiting the right people and/or diverse people for challenging jobs is particularly important. Employers such a national security bodies, armed forces or state/territory law enforcement agencies not only require a range of specialised skills, they also need to reflect the diversity of the community they serve. For example, firefighting and policing jobs are not just for “white blokes”; national security personnel need a range of “soft” skills and aptitudes such as creativity, problem solving and discretion and armed forces require a range of skills and qualities that are mirrored in the larger community and attractive to people who perhaps previously would not have considered the armed forces as a career. The British Army is currently running a campaign to attract diverse people to join its ranks. Your boss has given you a copy of a news story about it (see attached). You can also look up more about the campaign directly on the Army recruitment website. He has also referred you to some current Australian recruitment campaigns for jobs that are similarly challenging to working in the Police Department: - Unique opportunities – remarkable careers ( - Become a career firefighter ( - A career with ASIS is not your ordinary job ( To help you along, since your boss wants a well-researched, well-argued position to take to the senior Command, he has provided this academic article he got at his Leadership in HR course a few months ago: 


Consider the challenges for designing a successful recruitment campaign, that meets your boss’ objectives. Identify three issues it would be critical to address in such a campaign, and explain why these would be necessary to make the campaign work. Present your findings in the form of a briefing paper for your boss. The briefing should comprise an introduction and the ‘scoping’ of the problem, and a brief statement of the main arguments of the paper. It should then provide substantive content on each of the three issues that reflects depth and breadth of research as well as practical understanding of the problem, and critical analysis of the issues in presenting solutions to the problems. A conclusion should draw together the identified issues, analysis and solutions.

Possible variations: 

possible variations

In writing up this exercise, you may prefer to use one more variations on this scenario. Any variation must be agreed in writing with your Course Co-ordinator before proceeding: - you are a consultant for a recruitment firm (rather than an HR Manager); - you work for a similar kind of organisation eg. fire department, ambulance, military or security organisation; and/or - you work in a country other than Australia.

‘Snowflakes’ and ‘Me Me Me Millennials’ Asked to Join Ranks of British Army

LONDON — It’s late night in a British home. In the darkness, the flashing colors of a video game light a teenager’s face, his gaze fixed on the screen. “Can’t get him off that thing,” his father says. “Up all night, he is.” Then the image suddenly flips to soldiers in the field at night as a voice-over says: “Stamina. Don’t underestimate it.” This is one of several new recruitment ads the British Army rolled out on Thursday, portraying the derogatory labels applied to young people as strengths. In a statement, the army said it saw “compassion in ‘snowflakes,’ self-belief in ‘me me me millennials’ and drive in ‘binge gamers.’ ” Tapping into the anxieties of people growing up in a digital world — and their parents — the campaign says that what society often sees as a weakness or character flaw can be considered a strength in the army. “We understand the drive they have to succeed and recognize their need for a bigger sense of purpose in a job where they can do something meaningful,” Maj. Gen. Paul Nanson, who is in charge of recruitment and initial training, said in a statement. The recruitment drive is part of a 10-year effort by the British Army to maintain its operations around the world and develop its capability for the future. But as European nations face an increasing threat from Russia, Britain and its NATO allies have grappled with falling numbers of military personnel and tight budgets. In 2012, the British Army entered into a 10-year recruitment and marketing contract worth 495 million pounds, or about $623 million, with Capita, a London-based outsourcing company. But the number of new recruits has fallen short of the targets by 21 percent to 45 percent every year since 2013, a report from Parliament’s National Audit Office said last month. Capita, which has been heavily criticized for its performance in government contracts, received a £26 million penalty in 2017 for the poor recruiting results. But the army also expanded the contract to £677 million and agreed to lower the recruitment targets

Last summer, the army was 5,600 soldiers short of what it requires, particularly in people with technical skills, and it will not meet its target of 112,000 troops by 2020, the report said. This may result in the army “placing greater strain on existing personnel to maintain operations and limit its ability to develop the capabilities it needs in the future.” With the slogan “Your Army Needs You,” the new ad campaign reaches back over a century to the wellknown World War I recruiting phrase “Your Country Needs You,” printed on posters showing Field Marshal Lord Kitchener, wearing a mustache and a stern expression and pointing a finger at the viewer. That image inspired the Uncle Sam “I Want You” posters in the United States in 1917, and was part of a long series of recruitment posters during and after the world wars. The British Army’s image as both a force and an employer has faded over the decades — the Iraq war was unpopular, troop strength is down, and other job opportunities have swelled, with unemployment at historic lows. In addition, health checks, assessments and interviews can drag on for a year before recruits begin training, the National Audit Office report said. One of the new TV ads shows a woman stacking up carts in a supermarket parking lot, while her colleagues comment on how slowly she works. “Millennials — useless,” says one co-worker, before the image switches to the cockpit of a military helicopter, with a voice on the radio saying “Sounds like a perfectionist to me.” To compete for young talent, the military has used an array of advertising pitches and emotional appeals. In 2017, an ad campaign called “This is Belonging” spoke to the strong personal bonds between soldiers, and the 2018 ads highlighted diversity within the army’s ranks, asking questions like “can I be gay in the army?” But the campaigns have invited criticism that the army was trying to exploit young people at times of stress rather than offering them opportunities. Last summer, The Guardian reported, the army paid for ads on social media that were aimed at 16-year-olds as they were receiving the results of national exams to determine whether they could advance in school. Source: Karasz, P (2019) ‘Snowflakes’ and ‘Me Me Me Millennials’ Asked to Join Ranks of British Army, New York Times, 4 January,, sourced 7 January 2019

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Human Resource Management


The following assignment deals with the selection and the recruitment of the police personnel for the New South Wales police department in Australia. The New South Wales police department is one of the oldest and prestigious bodies found within Australia, which helps in tackling the crimes and the notorious activities in the province of New South Wales. The different recruitment procedures aided by the HR practices within the organization helps in recruiting staffs and employees who possess the determination, courage and the commitment to execute the activities in the role of police officers. The assignment will be carrying out the analysis behind selecting the proper individual suited to the job role needed for delivering the performance at the correct moment and within manageable expenses. The HR Manager associated with the organization has to look after all these and the assignment will highlight the responsibilities of the HR Manager with respect to selecting the proper individual by considering the perfect skills and talent. 


The New South Wales Police Department in accordance with their new recruitment campaign tends to adopt newer strategies in recruiting the talented and skilful employees within their organization (Cunningham, 2016). The Primary requirement of a new employee or recruit is to be a citizen of Australia or New Zealand in order to join the police force in accordance with the policy framed by the organization to recruit committed individuals within their organization. The new recruit can also be the permanent resident of Australia. The HR Managers working within their specific job roles in the organization are advised to provide essential knowledge and education about the diverse culture of Australia (Gee, 2018).  The new recruits have to adapt and adjust themselves to the various requirements and demands of their jobs. They also will be set targets, which they will have to achieve within a stipulated period. According to Bratton & Gold (2017), the different soft skills and the man management skills will be taught to the individuals with the help of adoption and implementation of various training programmes and procedures, which will make the new employees able and competent to serve the police forces. 

Approaches of Selection

The old school approach used within the recruitment procedure of the New South Wales Police Department led to numerous problems at the time of choosing the right candidate at the right time. The old approaches involved following autocratic decisions, which imposed an unwanted authority upon the newly recruited professionals and lowered their morale (Berman et al., 2019).  Without paying any attention to developing the skills and the mental acumen of the new recruits, they were forced to take up challenging activities of solving serious crimes. This led to resentment among the employees and they were not satisfied with their job roles. According to Cunningham (2016),  the newly setup campaign of recruitment aids the HR Manager to play an active role in selecting the perfect candidate for the perfect job role specified within the New South Wales Police Department. The management lay down special emphasis upon the fitness levels of the different candidates trying to enter the workforce. The new campaign of recruitment by the police force will carry out the health check-ups of the different newly recruits and determine whether they are fit and mentally stable to be a part of the responsible organization and be able to execute the challenging jobs and tasks. 

 HR Practices

The radio operations group appointed by the HR manager checks the different abilities associated with the cognitive development. According to Cook (2016), the management conducts the assessments and analysis of typing as well as the different categories of personality test. They want to be convinced about the background of the candidate and to be assured that the candidates are competent to serve the large police force and deliver when it is required from them. The recruitment campaign will also make sure that the candidates applying for the different job roles are sent to the centre kept for their assessment within the organization. The applicants or the candidates will be exposed to the different activities and sessions of exhibiting and proving what skills they have. According to Wilensky (2015), with the help of indulging, the applicants in the group discussion will enable the organization to hear and know about what feelings do the different individuals have towards serving the organization. The different opinions will be accepted and assessed and will be considered for shortlisting of candidates by the management. 

The organization conducts exams in different regions, which involve the selection of the bright and prospective candidates. There are different functional units within the organization, which helps to recruit promising individuals in the organization. According to Klikauer (2019), in accordance with the new recruitment campaign, the New South Wales Police Department tends to recruit customer service managers by taking people having good skills of communication and they have a creative mind to deliver the proper customer services within the organization. The customer service manager can provide basic inputs and insights about any untoward happenings and incidents within the organization. 

The different methods adopted by the police department of New South Wales have to be effective in bringing about good performance from the organization. Earlier and in the recent past, the organization lacked the development of a specific plan or policy, which provided proper guidance to the employees. In accordance with the new recruitment campaign, the management will be bringing about a new development plan, which will specify the goals of the new recruits or the employees within the organization. The new plan will involve setting up the correct work-life balance among the employees and will include the performance appraisal by the management of the organization based on the quality performance of the employees. The new recruitment campaign will also ensure following the proper professional development plan for the candidates to be recruited within the organization so that they can deliver their performance at the correct time and correct place. 


In accordance with the new recruitment campaign carried out by the New South Wales Police Department, various new plans and recruitment procedures shall be followed within the working setup. According to Berman et al., (2019), the recruitment process will involve online services, as it will help in carrying out the recruitment process rapidly without wasting any time. The different job roles for which the job advertisements will be provided will be posted on the website page of the Company. The job profiles and the Curriculum vitae will be considered. The candidates shall be sent to the centres of assessment of their skills and abilities, which will help them to execute the business operations accordingly. The individuals who will be able to prove their skills of communication, attitude and commitment to the management will be selected within the organization to serve the police force. According to Oatley (2018), the fitness of the individuals will be considered as a vital cog in working for the police force because the emergence of sudden moments of action might affect the mental state of individuals, which will prove to be disadvantageous to the prestigious police department.

The mental condition of the candidates being selected has to be sound and they have to be honest and dedicated to their services. The different elements about the cultural diversity of Australia and its provinces will be provided to the police officers who will be executing their duties by knowing about their country. According to De Janasz & Crossman (2018), the different online education programmes and the workshops conducted by the management will help the New South Wales police department to recruit people who have a sense of belonging for the organization by aligning with the cultural diversities of the various communities of Australia and its provinces. The management because of the pressure and the demands of the job they will enter will look upon the work-life balance of the newer employees. The performance appraisal will be done by the management, which is necessary in order to boost the morale of the police officers, and will help them to deliver their duties responsibly. This will bring about efficiency within the operational activities of the organization. The performance appraisal within the organization will provide promotions to the different officers within the organization based on their performance. 


As the following assignment came to its end, it was found out that the new recruitment campaign carried out by the New South Wales Police Department in Australia helped in bringing about the different elements which helped it in achieving success. Those elements shall be integrated within the work setup of the organization to improve its recruitment skills so that the organization can boast of a strong and responsible workforce within Australia and in the world. The following assignment highlighted the different methods of recruitment processes and implementation of the skills with the help of following modern and advanced training within the organization. The new recruitment campaign thus helps the organization to select a strong and stable workforce within the organization by adopting suitable policies.


The new recruitment process followed by the New South Wales Company is beneficial. It will give rise to employing responsible individuals within the organization. The different methods and strategies to be adopted by the organization will also help it to execute the operations smoothly. Moreover, the organization can follow the concept of taking feedbacks from its employees regarding their feelings about the work pressure and demands of the work, which they face regularly. The management must also provide motivation to their employees and indulge them in motivational talks to inspire them to work for the organization.