HAT203 Problem Solving Matrix: Hospitality And Tourism Management Assessment 1 Answer

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Assessment 1 Information

Subject Code:HAT203
Subject Name:Hospitality and Tourism Management
Assessment Title:Problem-solving Matrix
Assessment Type: Length:Individual, written analysis 2 pages (no more)

Your task

Individually, you are required to create a problem-solving matrix that interprets and investigates the interrelationship of the human resource, financial, and product and markets contexts.

Assessment Description

This individual assessment aims to develop students skills in analysing the structure and functions of hospitality and tourism management. This will enable students to understand the different types of business management issues that can arise in the hospitality and tourism operational contexts.

Assessment Instructions

Your first task in this assessment is to read the following hypothetical problems:

Problem 1: A recent quarterly statement of the housekeeping department indicates a rapid increase in wages despite having consistently low occupancy levels.

Problem 2: A hotel website does not indicate any restrictions to amenities access due to COVID- 19 pandemic.

Problem 3: A hotel’s front office department received a low rating in the recent customer satisfaction survey.

Your next task is to identify the central issue in each of the problems by allocating a tick and a brief explanation in the relevant quadrant of the problem-solving matrix. You are then required to consider how each of the problems interrelates with other hospitality and tourism contexts by listing the potential implications of the identified issue in the remaining of quadrants. Your final task is to propose appropriate frameworks or concepts that we’ve covered in weeks 2 to 5 to address each of the contexts’ identified implications.

In creating the problem-solving matrix, you are to use the following format:

Problem Solving MatrixProblem 1Problem 2Problem 3
The human resource context

The financial context

The product and markets context

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