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Hbase Assignment Help

What is HBase?

  1. HBase is the Hadoop Database. 
  2. HBase is an open source, non relational, distributed database modeled and HBase written in java programming language.
  3. HBase is invented by facebook
  4. HBase runs on top of HDFS
  5. HBase data model is the key or value data store, schema-less
  6. It has no data type only byte offset
  7. It is append but not update stores a versions
  8. A columnar NoSQL data store for Hadoop
  9. It is supported big table with many rows and columns
  10. There are many query follow i.e consistent inserts, select, updates, merge and deletes of rows
  11. Optimized for random reads
  12. Data partitioning by row key values
  13. It has bloom filter
  14. Index query are on row key values
  15. Column store
  16. HBase supported server operating system are Linux and Unix

Hbase Supported many programming languages i.e, C, C#, C++, Groovy, Java, PHP, Python, Scala languages

Finding the Features of HBase online service to HBase Assignment Help:

  1. Linear and modular scalability
  2. Strictly consistent reads and writes
  3. Filters, counters
  4. It stores null values for free
  5. Scalable and Distributed
  6. Column oriented
  7. Multi-dimensional
  8. High availability, high performance
  9. Storage system
  10. Sparse
  11. Consistent
  12. HDFS based
  13. Secondary Indexes
  14. Jruby Based (JIRB) shell

1.    Column oriented
2.    Flexible schema, add column on the   fly
3.    Good with sparse tables,
4.    Joins using MR -not optimized
5.    Horizontal scalability-just add   hardware
6.  Good for semi structured data as well as structures data.
1.    Row oriented
2.    Fixed schema
3.    Not optimized for sparse tables
4.    Optimized for joins
5.    Hard to shard and scale
6.    Good for structured data

Uses of HBase:

  1. Unstructured data 
  2. High scalability
  3. High volume data to be stored
  4. Column oriented data
  5. Generating data from an MR work flow
  6. Versioned data
  7. High scalability

What HBase is not?

  1. Nnot a relational database
  2. Transactions are not ACID
  3. Index available only on a row key
  4. Weak for sequential data scanning
  5. When you need to query masses of data fast
  6. DWH solution

When to use?

  1. In general:for data too big to store on some central storage
  2. For random data access: quick lookup of individual records
  3. The data can be represented by key value sets
  4. Database of binary records.
  5. When data set: has to be updated, is sparse:records have cariable number of attributes
  6. It has custom data types