Health And Well-being Of Employees: Research Proposal Assessment Answer

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Question :

My assignment is about a research proposal 

Research Question of my research project is - What types of strategy have been implemented by hospitals of Brisbane to improve the health and wellbeing of their employees?

Things should be mentioned 


- Introduction of the topic i.e. health and well-being

-finding of topic 

- justification (at least 3)

- what are gaps

- research question


- research design

- theoretical framework

- population and sampling

- data collection method

-data collection procedure

- data analysis method

-ethic and quality consideration

- timeline (of 12 weeks)

-significant of research (at least three)

-project outcome


-Appendix (just listing a name is good for now, like sanity table (relating question development),  informed consent This is a few materials related to the task. It includes a

- research proposal plan, the topic is changed from the mental health of employees to health and wellbeing of employees

- guideline for task 

- marking criteria

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Answer :


1.0 Background

1.1 Introduction

Employees constitute an integral part of an enterprise as well as the major component of the Human Resources of an organisation. Hence, it is to be noted that the well-being of employees, both in terms of mental as well as physical health, may be attributed as one of the most essential concerns of an organisation. Being happy and healthy has been proven to enhance the productivity of an employee, thereby leading to better profitability of the company. In addition, workplace wellness may also be categorised as an effective workplace strategy implemented by several organisations to promote health and wellbeing of the employees. Work-related health issues have been found to be prevalent in organisations showing a lack of concern about the health and wellbeing of its employees. Additionally, the major symptoms can be attributed to stress at the workplace. 

1.2 Findings

According to a study, it has been evident that employees, who are psychologically well, constitute to lower turnover rates of the company1. Researchers state that the prevalence of psychosomatic as well as physical disorders, have been established to be quite common among the employees dealing actively with stress at work2. Furthermore, it may be stated that the maintenance of work-life balance may constitute an important part of the health and wellbeing of the employees at the hospitals. According to studies, employees or staff employed at hospitals work round and clock, considering emergencies for patients3. Hence, an increase in stress may be noted, which thereby leads to certain psychosocial disorders, such as irritability, behavioural issues and more3. Furthermore, insomnia or sleep deprivation may be found associated with an increase in stress. In addition, it is to be stated that the overall employee engagement in the business may be improved through active promotion of the health and wellbeing of the employees.

 Importance of Wellness programs for employees

Figure 1: Importance of Wellness programs for employees

(Source: 4)

Lower turnover rates have been found associated with the attention to health and well-being of employees. Hospital employees are more susceptible to suffer from stress and other health disorders due to long hours at work. Additionally, research mentions that about 26% decrease in the rate of turnover among employees at the hospitals in Brisbane has been reported among employees who have been subjected to promotions related to health and wellbeing of the individuals5. Moreover, it has been established that employees at these hospitals have been found to be more hard-working than the average population of employees, as well as demonstrate enhanced productivity at workplace5. Furthermore, more efficiency is illustrated through the reduction in stress and by laying emphasis on the mental, physical and social wellbeing of the employees6. In addition to that, it has been established that employees subject to the promotion of health and wellbeing, are likely to have happier lifestyles and maintain an effective work-life balance. Throwing Fitness challenges have also proven to be beneficial in this regards, for the workers at Brisbane hospitals. 

1.3 Justification

It is to be noted that the cost-related activities related to economy and human resource are fulfilled through the increase in the pressure of work. The research aids in the development of an insight into the significance of caring and promoting for the health and wellbeing of employees and the positive impact it has on the organisation.

  1. The enhanced stress and pressure from work may be acquainted with the impact on mental as well as physical and psychosocial aspects of an individual. 
  2. CBT or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy have been implemented and noted to prove effective addressing issues and certain challenges in the health and wellbeing of the hospital employees at Brisbane7
  3. Additionally, key factors such as self-control, positive appraisal, and support from peers have also been found to be quite effective in this regards7
  4. Furthermore, evidence suggests that the implementation of stress reduction initiatives at the workplace or hospitals have a profound positive impact on the wellbeing and the health of employees and enhance their productivity further8
  5. Throwing Fitness challenges may help in gathering endorsements for the hospital, as well as create awareness and a positive reputation of the hospital and its healthcare facilities

1.4 Gaps in the literature

It may be stated that relevant literature on the subject of CBT, which is commonly known as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Several types of research have been conducted in order to evaluate the effectiveness of CBT in reducing and relieving stress, thereby maintaining the health and well-being of the employees at the hospitals in Brisbane. Regardless, it is to be noted that the mental health issues and the potential solutions for addressing the challenges are not highlighted thoroughly through the application of CBT9. In addition to that, it is to be taken into account that the improvement of the well being of the employees and the effectiveness of the strategies are not thoroughly assessed. 

1.5 Research questions

The research questions established for this research project have been identified as:

  1. What are the strategies have been implemented by hospitals in Brisbane to reduce work-related stress among their worker?

2.0 Method

2.1 Research design

Epistemology has been identified as a suitable research design and is noted to yield beneficial research outcomes for this particular research project. Epistemology has been primarily considered in this regard as this particular approach has been noted to be significant in deriving knowledge for the researcher out of the research study. Furthermore, a descriptive design will be implemented as a part of the epistemology to comprehend and extensively identify the impact and the role of health and wellbeing of an employee in improving the overall organizational outcome10. In addition, a deductive approach and a interpretivism philosophy will be considered for implementation in this research project. Since this research aims at identifying the various strategies and their effectiveness in improving the health and wellbeing of the hospital workers at Brisbane, a deductive approach remains on par with the scientific methodology to the implemented. The development of hypotheses and concepts, theories may be related or equated with the findings of the research, which is on par with the identified deductive approach and the interpretivism philosophy, which is consistent with the scientific aspects of quantitative research11.

Research onion

Figure 2: Research onion

(Source: 12)

2.2 Theoretical framework

The theoretical framework identified in this study regard may be thoroughly attributed to the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion undertaken and introduced by the World Health Organisation13It may be stated that the prerequisites for the health conditions of an employee are established by WHO, along with the formulation of health promotion programs, initiatives and strategies, regardless of the various social, economic and cultural systems the employees of the organization may conform to. 

2.3 Population and sampling

The research will focus on two sampling criteria-exclusion and inclusion. Based on include criteria, the researcher will apply convenience sampling to select hospitals at Brisbane, namely Mater Private Hospital Brisbane, Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital and St. Vincent’s Private Hospital Brisbane, among the major hospitals to deduce data from their websites. The data collected from the websites will work as case study material to conduct the analysis. However, based on exclusion criteria, hospitals that are out of Brisbane will be rejected for deducing any kind of data. Therefore, it can be said that the main sample for the task is the web pages of different hospitals at Brisbane.  

The selection of hospital web pages to deduce data will depend on few factors namely the relevance of the data, how old is the data, how much data is available and media coverage regarding the data presented in the websites of the hospitals. 

2.4 Data collection method

There are mainly two types of data collection method namely Primary and secondary data collection14. Collecting primary data is time consuming process and at the same time brings inconsistent information as a result of haphazard answers from respondents. On the other hand, secondary data takes less time to accumulate though relevant information are difficult to find in many instances. Keeping in mind the topic which is about health and wellbeing of employees and its overall impact on employees, the researcher would opt for a case study approach deducing data from web pages of different hospitals at Brisbane. This means, the researcher will collect secondary qualitative data. The main reason for choosing this method is that case study approach allows to answer the research questions based on recent experiences on the same issue investigated. For example, when the web pages will be surveyed and data will be deduced, the researcher will be able to accumulate information on the employees from top to low level and their perceptions. This means without collecting any primary data, the researcher will be able to collect relevant information. 

2.5 Data collection procedure

Mainly secondary data collection will be collected. The main method followed will be qualitative study whereas the main data collection instrument will be case study analysis where web pages of hospitals at Brisbane will be selected15.

2.6 Data analysis method

The researcher will focus on coding the data by making use of Axial coding which is a part of grounded theory.  After opening coding of the data and re-organizing the into different sub categories, the researcher will develop the final themes by making use of a mix of deductive and inductive approach. Therefore, the main analysis here will be thematic where the data accumulated will be coded, broke down to themes and then will be analyzed thematically. 

2.7 Ethics and quality consideration

The quality and integrity of the research project constitute the primary concerns for the researcher. It may be stated that the validation of the sources may be addressed through the use of published, appropriate and reviewed secondary data sources18. it has to be established in the report that the research conducted had not been biased in nature, in terms of gender, race, religion and more19. The researcher will ensure to follow these aspects. Along with that, it is will be important to ensure that all data accumulated from the web pages are properly cited and interpreted. Falsification of data creates misconduct issues whereas not giving credit to actual author creates intellectual property right issues16. The author will ensure that whichever information is obtained is properly cited to the actual author or web page. Moreover, the researcher will ensure that no falsification of data is done while interpreting information from the web pages.

2.8 Timeline

The expected timeline for the research has been established to be approximately 12 weeks or 3 months until the overall submission of the project.

TasksWeek 1Week 2 Week 3Week 4Week 5Week  6Week  7Week  8Week  9Week  10Week  11Week  12
Topic selection and approval of proposal

Cost breakdown planning and time schedule

Literature review

Identification of the research methodology

Obtaining appointments for interview

Sample size selection for  interview

Primary data collection

Primary data analysis (Qualitative)


Conclusion and Recommendations 

Final submission 

Figure 3: Timeframe or Gantt chart for a research project

(Source: Author’s creation)

2.9 Significant of research

The significance of the research has been identified and established as follows:

  • The research may aid in the development of awareness among firms which have extremely stressful jobs.
  • The impact of CBT and other forms of therapy for the maintenance of the health and wellbeing of employees may be undertaken by organisations suffering from major employee turnover rates20
  • The key outcomes of the research may provide an insight into the development of the knowledge for the researcher regarding the kinds of activities that the healthcare workers are subjected to
  • The major strategies and their usefulness may be evaluated through undertaking this particular research project on the health and wellbeing of employees

2.10 Project outcome

The project outcomes are likely to indicate the percentage of employees in the healthcare segment who are susceptible to stress at the workplace. Furthermore, the research would indicate the impact and effectiveness of the identified strategies for the improvement of the health and wellbeing of the employees at the hospitals at Brisbane21. The web page analysis of the Hospitals would help in the identification and evaluation of the strategies implemented by the organisations for bringing about a change in the health and wellbeing of their employees22. Furthermore, the active involvement of the organisations with their employees may also be identified. Moreover, the performance of the organisation with the performance of the employees may be evaluated through the research project as well.