Health Promotion Plan To Manage The Issues Related With Heart Attack

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Question :

Develop a health promotion plan for a recognized health issue relating to one of the ten WHO social determinants of health.

Your essay should discuss the following key areas:

Q1: What are the Dimensions of the health Issue

- A specific target group

- Risk factors

- Protective factors

Q2: How would the Health promotion plan address particular risk and protective factors associated with the health issue? Make reference to

- SMART goals for the plan

- How the plan relates to one or more aspects of the Ottawa charter

Q3: How to implementation strategies correspond to the program's SMART goals, community or population level?

Q4: What evaluation methods will be used to assess how well the program a achieved its goals?

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Answer :



Nowadays, the health issue is a common factor mostly in all the country. In all the developing country, health care has many different challenges and issues need to be faced. It includes with the determinants of the health and the diseases causing this factor.  Main problems of the health issue lie with the factors such as diseases and injury (Wright & Halse, 2014). Health can be well defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a condition in which a person is fit from all the diseases. In this essay, the focus is made on the health system factors related to the health issue and its causes. The proper risk factors need to made for the health issues by taking the proper decision and planning related to health has been taken into consideration of the diseases heart attack. A promotional health activity can help to carry out the heart attack problem taking in mind about the determinants of health system factor.

Dimensions related to health Issue

While carrying out the proper health promotional plan related to heart attack taking consideration of the determinants made by the WHO i.e. health system factors. There are six problems related to the health issues. These include with physical, social, intellectual, emotional, environmental and spiritual health. 

Specified target group

Proper health promotion plan will include the specific group people that are most affected by the diseases of a heart attack. Diseases heart attack is affected in all the people of society. Moreover, it is a non-communicable disease affects the people for both men and women. It happens to the people above 65 years or older person. While the health promotional plan will aware among the older people from the heart attack (Castillo, Myers, Mocko & Beck, 2016). The health issue includes the specified targets groups that effect from the health problem. As the health, problems relate to the every specific group such as in aged people, child etc. This health promotional plan will be based on all the people excluding inequality of caste. A proper curing could be made from these health promotional activities among the people (Polhemus et al. 2013). Moreover, taking into consideration about the determinants followed by WHO at the health system factors. Proper factors in the health system include to promotes the services related to a health problem. 

Risk Factors

Heart attack or the heart diseases have many risk factors that can be or cannot be controlled. The risk factors that can be controlled include the extra fat or obesity, excess cholesterol storage, smoking etc. In order to control for this factor, a proper cure needs to make to tackle the risk related to heart attack (Clark et al. 2013). Mostly these risk factors include more with men having an age of 45 years and women at approximately at a higher age of about 54 years. These risk factors include an increase of blood pressure as it automatically increases the rate of blood pressure (Jokela,  Pulkki-Råback, Elovainio & Kivimäki, 2014). Moreover, the stress is another factor that increases the rate of heart attack among people. High accumulation of the cholesterol in the blood can be for an overweight factor that includes the risk factor for heart attack. Hence, a proper health planning will automatically reduce the risk factors for causing a large scale of a heart attack. 

Protective factors

A proper health promotional activity will reduce the non-communicative diseases i.e. heart attack. The awareness campaign in the society will include the bad effects of smoking that help to aware among the people (Chalabaev et al. 2016). This will help the people to get aware of the ill effects of smoking thus causing a heart attack. Moreover, a proper physical activity will reduce the rate of heart attack. Health promotional plan will help to increase the awareness among the member about the bad effect (Tehrani et al. 2013). The awareness campaign will help the people to be more health conscious and reduce the excess fat. Health promotion plan will include about the disadvantage of drugs consuming. Health promotional plan will be much more effective when the society will take the proper usage of the health program. Moreover, the society must be more conscious about the bad effects of smoking and this will automatically reduce the rate of heart attack.

Health promotion plan addressing associated risk and protective factors regarding health issue

SMART goals for plan

SMART helps in proper engaging of the plan related to the health problem

In the specific type program, creates   awareness among the people by carrying out health promotional activity (Eyler et al.   2014)

While the measurable things can be understood   by the successful outcome related to the health promotional campaign. 

A proper promotional activity can aware the   people about the bad effects of smoking. A proper commitment from the health   promotion plan helps to reach the society. A proper motivational activity   will help to cure the diseases in the society
A proper awareness program will help to cure   the heart attack. As in the realistic stage, the proper campaigning will help   to achieve the long-term curing process in the society.

In the time, the health promotional activity   needs to be carried out for 5 to 6 months. A long month time will create a   proper awareness among the people. 

Plan related to the aspect of Ottawa Charter

Ottawa Charter has some set planning related to the problems of health. The World Health Organization (WHO) for the proper implementation of the healthy problems organizes Ottawa Charter. There are several actions taken by the Ottawa Charter for the proper carrying out the health problems (Flynn, 2015). It includes the making of proper health policy and supporting the environment. It also includes taking the special action for proper supporting of the society. While working in the health areas, a proper development increases the skill. Proper services toward the problems on the health must be taken more care (Sibbald,  Graham & Gilliland, 2015). In the Ottawa Charter also follows some strategy towards the proper health promotional activity. In this strategy, health is the first priority among the entire individual. Health promotion activity must focus as the determinant of health system factors (Habersack & Luschin, 2013). An exact health promotion can only be achieved by a combination of all the sectors including government as well as private sector. 

Implementation strategy making smart goals on community or group

A proper strategy can implement on the SMART set goals along the group, community or individual. As the SMART goals help to create awareness among the group or community about the main causes of heart attack. The proper health promotion activity must carry strategic goals and this can be further carried out successfully. In order to carry the smart goal based on specific, measurement, achievable, realistic and time. As all these factors, help in achieving the proper success rate of the health campaign (Epstein & Buhovac, 2014). The specific things states with the awareness among the community or group. By targeting on the specified area of the group, helps in achieving the success of health promotion activity. It can be measured by the success outcome that comes after proper execution of the activity. This health promotional activity can be easily achieved while taking some time into consideration.  While carrying out the promotional activity success only comes by watching people’s activity towards the heart problem. There are determinants that states about the factors related to the health system as recognized by the World Health Organization. In the health system factors states about promoting the services excluding the injustice among the community. Moreover, for the improving of health care, the primary health care is the main issues (Vanolo, 2014). 

A proper strategic planning among the community or the individual can encourage to carry out the promotional plan activity. The planning involves about the issue or the problem i.e heart attack that is spreading at a rapid pace. Moreover, a proper vision can help to introduce the problems regarding the heart problem. The proper health promotional activity must clearly state about the main mission that is to be carried out in the society. All the members of promotional activity understand and can clear deliver programs that can cure the heart problem. A proper set objective can help to overcome and to achieve the goals regarding the health problem (Shaikh, Nor, Nallagownden, Elamvazuthi & Ibrahim, 2014). The objectives and mission of the activity depend upon the population of the community and results in carrying out the health programs approximately for 6 to 8 months. The awareness health programs must be carried among all the members, especially on the teenagers. Health promotional activity must state about the ill effects such as smoking that is the main cause of heart problem. In order to achieve this set goal regarding heart problems, a proper communication among the people or in the groups will rise up the problem if present (Henfridsson & Lind, 2014). Moreover, a member of health promotional activity must set a medical camping for checking of health problems especially the heart. 

Proper evaluation method for achieving goals

A proper evaluation method helps to carry out the health promotion activity. In order to carry out the evaluation on the health promotion due to get a framework for properly carrying it for aperiod of time. This framework carries many approaches on the health problem and remedy to solve the problem (Posavac, 2015).There are many evaluation methods such as formative, process, outcome etc for the proper prevention of the diseases related to the heart. Moreover, this framework is mainly done for health promotion in the rural areas. In this topic, the formative evaluation must be carried out for promoting health activity. The formative evaluation is carried out for the proper implementation and the ideas to get out from the heart problem. In this evaluation gives exact information and the key areas of carrying out the program. The proper design of the health promotional activity by the members helps in achieving the set goals regarding heart problems (Tones, Robinson & Tilford, 2013). While carrying out the health promotional activity, a proper policy or program must ensure to complete the working on the health problems. A proper consistency is highly required on the principles of the health promotion (Fritz, Huang,  Murphy & Zimmermann, (2014, April)

Health promotional activity must carry out both on the individual and as well as in a group. The health promotional members can change the problems or circumstances depending upon the activity planning. It is used to carry all the stages regarding the proper set of goals and results that outcomes from the health problem. The evaluation can be two types both external and internal depending upon the health promotional activity (Naz, Vallejo, García & Barbas, 2014). A proper evaluation helps to carry out the health promotional activity successfully for a long period. Evaluation initiated to focus on the approach as well as the measurement required for achieving the health promotional activity (Karim & Arif-Uz-Zaman, 2013). The proper evaluation can also reduce the cost regarding carrying out the health promotional activity. As the heart problem is a high rise for all over the country and it is increasing rapidly. The process evaluation states about the proper implementation of the carried program i.e. heart attack. In order to carry out the health promotional activity, an exact evaluation helps to carry the program more easily.


A high rise of health problem regarding the heart diseases is increasing at a high rate. So, a proper health promotional plan can get rid of from the heart attack. From the World Health Organization (WHO) has made some determinants for the health and taken into consideration about the factors on the health system. The health activity increases the improvement on the heart diseases especially heart attack. Proper strategy and the planning helps in achieving this health problem. Evaluation makes the health promotion in a proper framework for achieving the target. Moreover, this health activity is done to aware the community or group about the cause and the remedy for the heart diseases i.e heart attack.