HI6008 Business Research Project: Reflective Journal Assessment 4 Answer

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Assessment Details and Submission Guidelines
TrimesterT1 2019
Unit CodeHI6008
Unit TitleBusiness Research Project
Assessment Type4. Reflective Journal (Individual)
Assessment TitleReflective Journal
Purpose of the assessment (with ULO Mapping)The purpose of this assessment is to ensure each student is able to document a critical reflection of their personal learning process, as experienced during this unit.
Matches to Unit Learning Outcomes 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7
Weight20 % of the total assessments
Total Marks20
Submission Guidelines
  • All work must be submitted on Blackboard by the due date along with a completed Assignment Cover Page.
  • The assignment must be in MS Word format, single spacing, 12-pt Arial font and 2 cm margins on all four sides of your page with appropriate section headings and page numbers.
  • Reference sources must be cited in the text of the report, and listed appropriately at the end in a reference list using Harvard referencing style.

Assignment 4 Specifications


This unit aims to give you an opportunity to combine many facets of your acquired MBA skills into the production of a high-quality research project.

Assignment 4 - the Individual Reflective Journal - is to ensure each student is able to contribute to document a critical reflection of their personal learning process, as experienced during this unit. It will be best to build your journal progressively, by making notes each week, starting at week 1 and going through to week 12. Your notes will serve as a reminder of what you learnt and how you experienced the learning process.

A significant aspect of the learning journal will be your reflections on how well your team co-operated in the various phases of the Business research Project, i.e. Topic Approval, Literature Review, Methodology sections, Project Report.

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Answer :



A reflective journal is considered as a process of thinking critically and rationally about the work going on. It represents the way various parts of the work are interrelated. It helps to identify critical learning phenomenon and the most important events within them (ITEE, 2015). 

Reflection on the identification of topic, the definition of the problem, research question and approval of the topic 

The introduction section of the assignment was done in the 1st week, and group formation was discussed too. In this week, there was confusion regarding the topic to be selected. However, the problem was defined based on which the topic needs to be finalised. In this week, I felt a bit hesitated to communicate with the others, as no team was formed yet. Finally, in the third week, a topic was, and approval from the teacher was gained. We came to know about the research question in the sixth week when the tutor told us to include this in the assignment. In these weeks, I learnt about the way a research topic is selected by the problem and the way a research question is developed related to the research topic. In my next research, this learning will help me formulate a research topic, and relevant research question myself without asking for anyone's help.  

Reflection about literature review

In the third week, a literature review on the topic was developed, and a bit on team-character was discussed. However, no team was formed until the sixth week. The stress about group formation kept continuing in the fourth week, and the fifth week was a public holiday. In the fourth week, the teacher wanted us to narrow down the topic. In the sixth week, the teacher told us to incorporate the research gap in the literature review. In the seventh week, we gave a presentation on the research project to the teacher and teacher told us that the topic requires, even more, funnelling down. Considering the feedback, we submitted the literature review on the 8th week. In week 9, the teacher said that the literature review had some language problems, and the research gap was missing. Hence, we decided to go through several journals and make the literature more critical and solve the language issue. We learned about the research gap, included it in the assignment, and submitted the modified assignment on week 10. I learned a lot about literature review throughout these weeks. I had no idea about the critical feature of writing a literature review that I learned throughout the semester. I can apply my knowledge while writing a literature review in future, and I am not going to forget to insert the research gap at the end of the section.

Reflection about research methods

Lecture on research methods was provided in the second week. Here, the teacher taught us about qualitative research and quantitative research. We were suggested to use qualitative research as fitted with our research topic. According to Rahman (2017), qualitative research produces a detailed description of the experience, feelings and opinions of participants and construe the significances of their activities. The outcome of qualitative research offers the link of data processing with performance profoundly and correctly.  

Therefore, we were asked to use qualitative research. Before this, I used to think quantitative research is more helpful, as it provides analytical data. However, after receiving knowledge of a qualitative study, I found its significance too.  Thus, in the 2nd week, I learned about the qualitative technique and its importance in the research. As this technique provides a better insight into the information, I will like to use qualitative research in my future projects too. Then in the 8th week, we developed a questionnaire for collecting qualitative data and also learned about case studies. Initially, I had little knowledge of designing a questionnaire for qualitative data. However, after the eighth week, I understood the way questionnaire is developed, keeping the research objectives in mind. Now, I can create a questionnaire for qualitative study myself for future researches.  

Reflection on analysis of findings 

In the 10th week, we started analysing the data for obtaining the research outcome. While investigating, I came to know about the different types of data analysis techniques used for examining different types of data. As we followed the qualitative research technique, the tutor asked to use the coding method for data analysis.  

Coding is defined as the process of recognising a way in the data items, seeking and notifying concepts and discovering the connection between them. The codes that are used allow a researcher to organising the data and analyse them in a planned way (CESSDA TRAINING, 2019). Thus, I gained understating about the coding process and the way it helps analysing qualitative data in an organised manner. I can apply coding in my further researches for producing quality research result. 

Reflection on creating the project report

On the 11th week, I wrote the project report. Initially, it was challenging to me making the report attractive and precise for the targeted audience, as I was not experienced. However, the tutor guided in writing the project report effectively. He told me the importance of making the report correctly, as it communicates the entire research work to the targeted people. Therefore, structuring and presenting it logically is crucial for making the audience understand the purpose of research and its outcome.  

I learned it well from my teacher, and in future, I can write a better project report.  

Reflection on experience, teamwork and insight gained 

I experienced every aspect of research work and the way each of them should be carried out and completed successfully on time. I learned how to work cohesively and collaboratively within a team. Communication is at the centre of teamwork that enables team members discussing their worries and opinions clearly and thus, avoiding conflicts, confusions and taking useful decisions that make the research completed fruitfully. I have also gained insight on different types of research method and how to make a reflective journal on the activities that I made on the 11th week