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Maximum credit for analysis is 25 points.  There are 5 themes in analysis 1.  Each theme is worth 2 points (for a possible 10 points).  There are 5 sections.  Each section is given a maximum of 2 points (for a possible 10 points).  Two points are given for meeting the research requirement, 2 points for a well written document, and 1 point for adequate length. 

Requirements for analysis 1: 

The analysis is a minimum of 4 pages.

A minimum of 4 sources must be used in the response.

Each source must be cited within the body of the response.

The response must be typewritten and double spaced.

The format must be used. The format includes:


Problem Identification




Format Description:

Introduction:  Establish the foundation for the analysis. Set the stage for the sections to follow.  Be concise; highlight the issues.

Problem Identification:Identify the major issues or problems to be solved in the analysis.  List the steps in your investigation.

Analysis:  Analyze the major issues and discuss the implications.Discuss the outcome should you decide the issue isn't critical and you will make no changes and the outcome should you decide to make changes. 

Recommendations: State and support your recommendations for solving the major problems identified in the analysis.  Apply the background given in your analysis to justify your recommendations.Consider personnel behavior changes expected.

Implementation: Develop a plan to implement your recommendations, provide explanations for timing, responsibilities, and potential pitfalls, and how to avoid these problems.  A consideration of costs, and organizational structure should be used to help support recommendations.  Take each of your recommendations through the implementation process.  Be sure to address each implementation topic: potential barriers, plan to address barriers, potential costs, responsible person, and the target date for completion for EACH recommendation. 

Students may submit their analysis for feedback prior to submitting the document.  To be assured of obtaining feedback in ample time to make revisions, submit the draft 3 days prior to the due date. 

Analysis 1:  HIPAA Compliance 

You are the Director for Operations at a general hospital.  You are responsible for the Health Information Management Department (HIM) [the department formally known as Medical Records]).  The supervisor of the HIM Department calls for an immediate appointment. The supervisor states that she received a complaint and doesn’t know how to handle the issue.


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Answer :


From the above case study analysis, it has seen that the major problem occurs from disclosing the confidential statement of the patient Jane Doe. The clinical records of the patient including the prognosis treatment, diagnosis structure needs to be confidential. The record must maintain in a proper manner, in order to progress in the future diagnostic process. The shared consent of the patient is prior to keep confidential to the higher management of the hospital (Brotherton et al. 2016). One of an employee of the HIM department has shared the information related to Jane Doe that he is admitted to the hospital in a psychiatric unit for depression. 

The main issues that generate in the entire process including-

  • In order to deliver the quality healthcare service, it is necessary to keep the records proper and confidential 
  • The clinical records need to update but the information about the patient needs to keep in a proper manner 
  • As the clinical records are the valuable documents so it is essential to consider the seriousness of the applicable investigation and focus towards patient’s information 
  • Keeping good clinical record will focus towards the proper overview of the legal aspects that linked with different information of the patient. 

Problem identification 

It is the benefit of the patient to keep all the information confidential so that the specification regarding the good health care practices can able to maintain. The investigation follows the different sets of rules and regulations so that the authority can get to know where they need to work first in order to take out the information. The medical history and good clinical notes will help to build the appropriate way that can use as a future reference to serving the best quality healthcare statement (Elger et al. 2015). The continuity process in the medical notes will ensure better follow up criteria for the patient’s current and future medical assistance. 

Form the case study, it has seen that Ms. Smith has provided the information that she gets to know about the patient's current state and health-related problem from another source. It has been argued that Ms. Smith texted the patient related information to other friends. On the other hand, it has stated that Ms. Smith wants to know each information and further follow up the information. In this case, they suspected that the information was taken out from the patient’s boyfriend. The patient’s mother is also accused to spread the information around town, but after talking with his mom when they get to know that she is not the source of information. Following the HIPAA guidelines and confidentiality, Ms. Smith has stated that she has not provided any kind of information to anyone and she knows about the patient’s record keeping confidentiality (Michalowski, 2017)


The overall investigation process that stated in the case study will help to take out different significant information that provides better guidelines for the later medical support. Making sure that the clinical reports are properly handled and maintain the confidentiality purpose will help to consider the future better assistance for the particular patient as well as the other patients. The completed and accurate information providence will help to justify the different states that can create the relevant health care adjustment. In order to take the future potential decision, it is necessary to consider better informational aid related to the patient (Brotherton et al. 2016)

HIPAA guidelines shares that the benefit of the healthcare organization is to facilitate better decision making by creating the appropriate information structure. Any kind of poor clinical records and not maintaining confidentiality can put a profound impact on the patient’s lifelong health. The Caldicott report’s seventh information helps to formulate that the duty of sharing information related to the patient is as important as protecting the information in a perfect manner (Alahmad et al. 2015). The proper health-related structure will maintain by creating better clinical record maintenance and timely work adjustment. The healthcare professionals need to ensure the different care related process and it assists to structure the improvement of the ability to consider better data processing. Improvement of the availability of the data routes and consider the better assessment of information can create an applicable statement in a better manner. The health and well-being of the patient consider the proper and applicable statement regarding different medical conditions. The following statement from the case study will help to consider the security-based processes within the medical set up. The Health Information Management Department has considered the different species that can help to generate the better Medical Records for the patient. Any kind of immediate appointment needs to manage and consider in a better manner with the processing of confidential information of the patient (Tavaokkoli et al. 2015). The hospital receives information based on the current and future patient's assistance along with the supply of proper care and treatment. They keep this kind of information together so that the care related details can allow continuity of quality service providence. Personal data of the patient helps to identify the patient’s name, date of birth, previous medical statement, and current health-related issues and family related information. The personal data of the patient further focus on special categories like ethnic origin, race, genetics, sexual orientation and health-related purposes (Hajbaghery and Chi, 2015). Provide a good basis for managing the health care decisions consider the better partnership with the healthcare professionals along with the patient.


The major problem identified in the case study is not able to maintain the confidentiality purposes for the patient. Marinating privacy is essential and it encourages the development and growth of the quality healthcare processing. Ensure the patient’s confidentiality will assure the national standard based on the electronic transmission of certain health information (Gillon, 2015). Furthermore, ensuring the patient’s confidentiality will consider-

  • Building loyalty and trust 
  • Providence of exceptional customer service 
  • Protect the patient’s privacy 

The right to access information that contains the appropriate billing and medical records will focus on the better treatment of the patient. The individuals have proper right to access they are own medical and health-related records in limited circumstances. This kind of briefing focus on the proper requirements and information sharing rules that can address safe medical inclusion. Under the different legislation, the right to access patient’s information will help to consider data protection structure and request the different data in a specific manner (Dheensa et al. 2016). The Information Governance Alliance (IGA) further controls the different sharing of different information that can focus on the commitment and assisted specification. Under the Data Protection Act the reasonable administration and their specified medical consideration help to generate a better suggestion for the patient.


It has seen that the information of the patient has shared to others and it is a major fault by the hospital. The effectual narrative related to marinating the data and information about the patient needs to be appropriate so that the deliberate and quality health care processing can able to consider in a proper manner. The significant and the planning based medical support falls under the category of marinating confidentiality so that the approach can generate in a proper way. The pitfalls related to the narrative of medical knowledge and considering the confidentiality purposes will help to structure the overall quality of medical assistance. Managing the timing is another significant criteria that focus on the overall patient related service and considering the proper medical integration (Blais and White, 2015). It is the responsibility of the hospital authority that they take care of the patient’s data and consider the better and encouraging situation within hospital set up. The overall process actually encourages the personal growth of the patient along with the caregivers.