HLSC641 Reflection On Learning From Introduction To Health Sciences Research Assessment 3 Answer

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FACULTY OF HEALTH SCIENCES Behavioural and Health Sciences Melbourne (Mixed-mode) or Online Semester 1 2019 


Assessment task 3: Practice Reflection

UNIT RATIONALE, DESCRIPTION and AIM Health sciences research is the generation and translation of new knowledge into health policy and practice. It is a key activity within public health. This unit addresses the scope of health-related research and the range of research methods available to undertake research in the health professions. As an introductory level unit, it will outline the diverse approaches that can be taken in qualitative and quantitative research. The steps in developing health-related research questions, selecting appropriate research methods for those questions and identifying, appraising and synthesising existing research findings underpinning those questions will be examined.

Written task will enable students to apply their knowledge by writing personal reflections of new concepts learned and how they extend their practice.

To complete the unit, a brief practice reflection task must be completed. Students will reflect upon PUBH641 content in terms of: (a) how it relates to and extends their existing knowledge and skills; and (b) the extent to which it is congruent with existing frameworks within the scientific literature and will support future work as a public health practitioner.

Weighting: 10%

Length and/or format: 800 - 1,000 words

Purpose: To enable students to reflect upon their learning within the unit, and how it relates to the scientific literature

Learning outcomes assessed: 1

How to submit: Turnitin (via the PUBH631 LEO page)

Return of assignment: Marks and feedback will be provided via LEO

Assessment criteria: See Appendix III for marking rubric

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Answer :

Assessment task 3: Practice reflection


The current assignment is about critically reflecting on the learning obtained from the modules of the unit ‘Introduction to Health Sciences Research'. The main focus of the assignment is to show the way I can make use of the learning as a health practitioner and the way previous knowledge amalgamated with the knowledge obtained from the unit to develop a comprehensive understanding of different research methodologies, leading to evidence-based practice in health care practice.

Analysis of the learning from the unit:

The Unit ‘Introduction to Health Sciences Research' introduces mainly concepts related to research design and research approaches. In a total of 12 modules, the unit teaches an understanding of different research methodologies like quantitative and qualitative methodology, their strengths and weaknesses and critique and application of this two methodology regarding different health sciences research. Being exposed to the methodological tools, I have been able to understand the way research needs to be carried out and the appropriateness of quantitative and qualitative methodology in different contexts.

I have learned that for proper research, there is a requirement of organising, analysing, evaluating and synthesising. Biggerstaff  & Thompson (2008) remarked that the outcome of research depends on the identification of the variables, their relationship between each other and the way one variable impact on another factor. The unit also includes teaching regarding this aspect which has helped me to develop not only understanding variables, but also to develop in-depth critical analysis skill without which understanding of the variables and their interconnection is possible to identify. It provides not only brief learning about a research topic but also theorizes different models and concepts, which supports the research. In the near future, I have to go through such proposals and research reports to gain obtain a critical understanding of a specific health intervention related topic. 

The unit requires me to identify health sciences related topics and develop a literature review and proposal on them as well. This has allowed me to understand that the process of research proposal includes analysing the research topic, preparation of literature based on it, selection of research methods and development of further research either through a quantitative or qualitative methodology based on the nature of the topic.  This thus allows drawing a valid conclusion from the synthesis of the data accumulated in research (Holloway & Galvin, 2016). In future, I will make use of this learning obtained from this unit to search for plausible solutions to any issues that I face. Even while working as a health worker in any hospital or care home in the upcoming years, I will make use of all these stages to ensure I identify  required solutions regarding any practical issue I face.

Boyack, Smith & Klavans (2018)  remarked that any type of research leads to improvement in communication-both verbal and non-verbal. The current unit has exposed me to learn about research reports, which are also a form of written communication, which allows presenting any information to the audience in a subtle manner. I believe these tactics will help me in my professional career, while I could learn to present and deliver my speech during several project presentation. I believe the arch projects help me to increase my communication skill and the way of conversations, which will help me to communicate in clear language and proper tone when conversing with different stakeholders of the healthcare sector. 

The module includes brief learning on human diversity, healthcare environment and society, ethical perspective of decision making and components of communication and usage of knowledge, skills and abilities in the profession of healthcare. I have learned that there is a requirement of proper communication and information in regards improves my role as a public health practitioner.

In this context, it is important to mention that my knowledge regarding scientific research has changed as a result of the learning obtained from this unit. I have not only experienced new concepts in scientific research design but also changed my viewpoint regarding the way methodological elements influence the conclusion of a research. I have come to understand that for research to be successful, the full understanding of the quantitative and qualitative methodology and its application is required where own communication, critical thinking skill and comprehensive plays a vital role.  


From the above analysis, it can be said that the present unit has had a very long lasting impact on my research skill, which I will be apply as a health practitioner in the upcoming years. I will be able to apply my knowledge on specific case scenarios, whereas I can make use of the communication skill to develop good relations with other stakeholders.  As a concluding note, I can say that as a health care practitioner, the current unit has helped me to understand the basics of evidence-based practice.