HLTH 3061: Task 2 Advanced Care Directive Answer

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Task 2: Advanced Care Directive

You'll complete this task at the end of Week 5. 

During Week 5, Learning activity 5.4 asks you to create an Advanced Care Directive (ACD) or plan, according to which state or territory you live in. This portfolio task draws on your experience in creating that directive. 

In this task, you'll answerseveral reflective questions which relate to your considerations and responses when you completed the ACD, and to the skills, knowledge and language that would be needed to introduce this concept to a client or patient.  

Your total word count for all of the questions together should be 800 words (+/- 10% to account for in-text referencing)

Your answers should be succinct, clearly and logically structured, and contain no grammatical or other errors of expression. You must correctly reference any sources which you used to help with your answers (see the Referencing section below).

You'll find more details on the actual questions at the end of the Week 5 content section.

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