HLTH 3061: Task 3 Statement Of Actions And Strategies To Support Dignity

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Task 3: Statement of actions and strategies to support dignity

You'll complete this task by the Friday of Week 10.

This assessment is designed to help you to further develop your understanding of the skills health workers use to support a person’s dignity. 

Look through the content from the whole course, especially Week 10, and develop a statement of 700 words (+/- 10% to account for in-text referencing) which discusses strategies or actions you think are critical for care workers to adopt, in order to support the dignity of clients and patients. 

  • Your introduction must include an explanation of your understanding of enablement and how it supports dignity. 
  • You can either use a specific health care setting, or keep your discussion more general, but make sure that you explain that context in your introduction. 
  • In the body of your statement, focus on the following four perspectives:

    • The importance of language: what type of language does the health care worker need to use to ensure that dignity is not harmed?
    • The importance of understanding that the personal values and beliefs of health care workers should not be imposed on clients or patients
    • How to support and enable clients and patients to make informed decisions
    • How to advocate for clients or patients if their rights are being denied
  • For each perspective, select and explain in detail at least one strategy or action which could could improve the capacity of a health care worker to enable dignity or autonomy in that context. You can include policy strategies, practical workplace actions, training programs, or even discuss approaches to encourage the adoption of certain attitudes - whatever you think would be effective 'on the ground.'

Your answer should be succinct, clearly and logically structured, and contain no grammatical or other errors of expression.

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