HLTH 3061: UO Supporting Dignity Through Enablement Assignment Answer

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UO Supporting Dignity through Enablement: HLTH 3061


Assessment description

For this assessment, you're required to write a 1500 word report thatanalyses the principles and application of Consumer Directed Care (CDC) in relationto one of the following populations:

  • Older people
  • People with a disability
  • People who experience mental health issues
  • People who experience homelessness

Your report must respond to the following question: 

Howcan health care workers help patients and clients to navigate health care settingsin ways that support their dignity and enable self-determination?

Aims of this assessment

Health care workers are required to demonstrate empathic and non-judgemental behaviour and responses to their patients and clients.

Also, as a future health care worker, you need to be aware of your own values and biases, to make sure that your values don’t negatively influence your decision-making, nor the advice you provide to patients and clients. If you're not aware of your own values, the clients' dignity and their ability to make informed choices could be compromised.

This report will help you to understand and develop appropriate and logical responses to situations in which you must support patients' or clients' dignity and autonomy.

This assessment is linked to the following learning objectives. Please make sure that you address these in your analysis.
Discuss theories related to enablement and choice.
Explore the complex role of the consumer in navigating their healthcare.
Compare and contrast the rights of privacy and dignity in community healthcare settings.

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