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Tourism Australia 


With the changes in time, tours and travel business has been gaining momentum and performing the imperative role in strengthen the economic and increasing the GDP rate in country. This report reveals the roles, responsibilities in planning, marketing, managing tourism in Australia. This report envisages upon the understanding the contribution of tourism business entity, and roles, responsibilities and activities introduced by governmental tourism entity to strengthen the tourism in Australia. It is considered that tourism Australia is one of the governmental travel and tourism entity operating in the country. However, it is found that Australian tourism industry has made contrition of AU$ 44.6 million in the economic development of the country. After the roles and responsibilities of the Australia, brief discussion regarding the marketing and promotion of Australian tourism has been given. Afterward, management and support of the tourism infrastructure has been analyzed. in the end, Stakeholder’s analysis for Australian tourism and Strategic Planning and provisions has been considered for evaluating the implemented functions in the tourism of the Australia. 

Brief discussion of the Australian tourism 

It has been found that Australia has been one of the attractive tourism destinations that attract visitors from all around the world. It is one of the important aspects of developing the economic growth of the country and made contrition of AU$ 44.6 million in the economic development of the country.  In the year 2018, about 8.6 million tourists visited Australia, which has been increased by 4.7% in comparison to 8.1 million tourists counted in the year of 2017.  The tourism sector in Australia employs about 580000 peoples (Kourtzidis et al. 2018). The famous and attractive places of the country include Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Queensland. Among them, the Great Barrier Reef and the Gold Coast are the prime destinations, which increase the attraction of tourists from all around the world. Tourism Australia is the national agency which has been making its efforts to strengthen the outcomes of the Australian tourism throughout the time. 

Roles and responsibilities of tourism Australia (National tourism agency)

There are several role and responsibilities of the tourism Australian which are given as below.

  • Drafting policies and its implementation- It has been found that the process to initiate different policies and ensuring the performance of these formulated policies is done by the tourism Australia in Australia (Tourism Australia., 2019a).
  • Keeping the transparency and data privacy for the tourist- It is the prime responsibilities and role of the tourism Australia being the national tourism agency to provide detailed information about the sits, attractions, transportation, keeping the data confidential of the tourist and providing other important information to international visitors (Divisekera, & Nguyen, 2018).

Preparing budget and tourism development plan- The satisfaction and experience of international visitors are the sole responsibility of the tourism Industry. Therefore, it is required to make the consistent development in the tourism sector by developing infrastructure and maintain the other services for the increased tourist’s satisfaction. Therefore, most of the capital is managed, budged and invested in maintaining and managing tourism sites in Australia (Tourism Australia. 2019b).

Arrangement of other tourism support program for the tourist- It is analyzed that to learn and understand the customer needs and requirement. Tourism Australia is responsible for the arrangement of transportation, the introduction of security concerns and creating communication with hotels, ground transports and airport (Tourism Australia., 2019).

  • To foster the tourism in Australia- The main role of the tourism Australia is to foster the tourism and sustain the tourism in the Australian economic. It also makes efforts to develop more customized tourism plans and policies for the tourist so that they could be attracted in Australia and results to strengthen the economic benefits to Australia (Basu, 2017).

Strategies articulating and implementing the tourism in Australia 

Developing the customized tourism packages- The main area of the attracting the tourism in Australia is that all the tourism companies and agency needs to develop their tourism packages on the basis of the information gathered through the online survey from the target tourist respondents. The customized tourism packages will attract the tourist in Australia and also increase their satisfaction level (Huveneers, et al. 2017).

 Aligning the domestic tourism with the International tourism- The tourism Australia needs to develop the international tourism policies and program in its domestic tourism plans. The budget and formulated strategies should be more inclined and aligned with the articulating and implementing the tourism in Australia (Vila, Darcy, & González, 2015).

Evaluating the client’s needs and fostering the trust- The tourism Australia is indulged in fostering the tourist’s trust and strengthen the overall outcomes in effective manner. It helps in increasing the overall outcomes and attracting the tourist in the country. In the process, the tourist service providers share the value of Australian tour with their stakeholders to create an understanding and support. This helps the entity to increase the confidence of the stakeholders and focus on the growth of the entity to provide quality Australia tour experiences to the international divisors (Mason, 2015).

Giving training and setting alliance for the tour operators- The process of managing these tour operators and eliminating their potentially conflicting objectives is to understand the desires and interests of the stakeholders. It has stated that the management of Tourism Australia increases their skills and abilities in regards to meet the expectations of these stakeholders. The increase in quality and effectiveness of Australia tour, the company is focused on engaging their stakeholders. In the process, the management of Tourism Australia makes constant communication with their stakeholders and takes feedback in regards to making improvements (McLennan, Becken, & Moyle, 2017).

Marketing and promotion of Australian tourism

It is considered that management and support for increased attention of international tourists, the principles of tourism guide are introduced by the business entities operating in the industry. There are following marketing and promotions plans of the Australian tourism has been given as below (Altman, & Finlayson, 2018).

Developing standard guidelines

Tourism Australia also engages standard guiding principles to increase customer experiences. Communication is an important principle, in which the conversation between tourists and tourism guides increase an understanding and coordination to increase experience and satisfaction (Australia, 2019).

Understanding and coordination to increase experience and satisfaction

There is made proper coordination for the safety and security which is needed to be complied with by tours and travel operator’s in Australia for the better satisfaction of the tourist.  The presentations of rules and regulations of the tourism sites increase proper tourism journey for the international vistas in the market. There is another principle is promoted to provide quality leisure, accommodation and comfortable transportation services that add value for the international tourists (Ruhanen, Whitford, & McLennan, 2015).

Developing policies related to the environmental issues

The key environmental issues include climatic changes; the change in the climatic conditions changes the perception nod decision making of the international tourists to visit Australia. The natural calamities and increasing rate of accidents also create an impact on the safety and security perception of the tourists in the marketplace (Tourism Australia 2019c). In the case of sustainable issues, carbon emissions are one of the concerns for Tourism Australia, which impacts on international tourists. All the tourism companies are bound to make the investment in these sustainable concerns which impact on the financial expenditures to create values for the tourists in the market (Higgins-Desbiolles, 2018).

Strategic Planning and provisions  

There are several promotional campaign and strategic planning have been introduced by the tourism Australia to strengthen the tourism in Australian economic.  However, following strategic planning and provisions are given as below.

Customized tourism services- All the tour operators and agency are bound to follow the strict tourism policies and deliver the best quality tourism services to clients in Australia.  There is need to deliver high-quality experience for the international tourists for Australia tour services.

Delivering the tax rebate and exemptions-Tourism Australia is focused on limiting tax implications and reducing regulatory burdens such as red tape for the income of the tourism. However, this is done to promote the people for the tourism welfare and development in economic (McLennan, Becken, & Moyle, 2017).

Promotional campaign and advertisement activities- There are several posters and customization of the tourist attractive activities have been promoted to strengthen the tourist such as integration of the digital marketing modes with the traditional one and offering the customized offers through the prepared info graphics (Australia, 2019).

Provision for coordination with the stakeholders- The provision for coordination with the stakeholders includes communication, stakeholder’s workshop, meeting with the stakeholders (Ruhanen, & Whitford, 2017).


After assessing all the details and given information on the Australian tourism, it could be inferred that there is need to strengthen the IT communication set up to strengthen the communication with the tourists helps Tourism Australia to understand their needs and effetely meeting them by creating valued-added tourism services. Tourism Australia is engaged in promoting its services through different online and offline promotional tools to increase winners and attract more visitors to use Australian tour service