HOSP 2200- Cultural Diversity In The Hospitality Industry Assessment 4 Solution

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HOSP 2200- Cultural Diversity in the Hospitality Industry 

All questions are to be answered clearly and concisely in number bullet format and submitted in hard copy. 

Please use Calibri body or Arial narrow 12 pt. font with 1.5 spacing, number answers, and 

  1. Using bullets, please list and describe 5 things from the movie that resonated with you and why. (ie caused you ahha or moments that cause you to reflect on behaviors or conversations)
  2. List and describe 3 values and subsequent behaviors that you saw in the movie that offended you.
  3. For you, who was the worst character and give 3 reasons why?
  4. For you who was the best character and give 3 reasons why?
  5. Did this movie do anything to change your perceptions on racial bias? Why or why not

For classroom discussion only, reflected on some of your own behaviors that may be considered bias, how did you come to have these biases? 

TOPIC:Cultural   Differences – College Movie
Assignment 4
Written   & oral. 
Reflection   paper - demonstrate what you have learned about values, perceptions, biases   and group dynamics. 
Class   discussion – demonstrates your ability to listen and response to different   cultural values as well as express understand and express your own.
VALUE:   10%
Includes   written submission and demonstration of learning in the discussion class after   the movie.


Objective links to the outcome and   competency on course outline.
2.1 Identify   characteristics of various cultures.
2.2 Describe how the   differences in non-verbal behaviors, context, and attitude affect   cross-cultural communication.
2.3   Explain how managerial approaches are affected by cultural diversity.
3.2 Identify   potential challenges as a result of different cultures.
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