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Unit(s) of Competency and Code(s): 

SITXWHS004 Establish and maintain a work health and safety system

Performance Evidence

The purpose of this assessment is to assess your ability to complete tasks outlined in elements and 
performance criteria of this unit in the context of the job role, and:

  • establish and implement a complete work health and safety (WHS) system that covers the following components:
  • adequate facilities for the welfare of employees
  • appropriate management of incidents or accidents and notification to WHS government regulators
  • availability of information, instructions, training and supervision that ensure employees’ health and safety
  • safe:
  • machinery, equipment and materials
  • premises
  • provision of entrances and exits that are safe
  • systems of work
  • work environment
  • develop comprehensive WHS system documents to support above system
  • demonstrate management practices that must be established and maintained for compliance of above system with state or territory occupational health and safety (OHS) or WHS legislation.
Knowledge Evidence
The purpose of this assessment is to assess your underpinning knowledge required to complete the tasks outlined in elements and performance criteria of this unit, and:

  • structure, characteristics and needs of the organisation that the WHS system must address
  • objectives, components and comprehensive details of relevant state or territory OHS or WHS legislation:
  • actions that must be taken for legal compliance
  • employer responsibilities to provide a safe workplace
  • requirement to consult, designated times for consultation and acceptable consultation mechanisms
  • requirements for the use of WHS representatives and committees, and their roles and responsibilities
  • designated times for hazard identification and categories of hazards that must be identified
  • acceptable mechanisms for hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control
  • requirements for record keeping and acceptable record keeping mechanisms
  • requirement to provide information and training
  • employee responsibilities to ensure safety of self, other workers and other people in the workplace
  • employee responsibility to participate in WHS practices
  • objectives, components and comprehensive details of WHS codes of practice and standards developed by industry or regulatory bodies
  • ramifications of failure to observe OHS or WHS laws and codes of practice
  • methods of receiving updated information on OHS or WHS laws and codes of practice
  • components of WHS management systems
  • considerations in the formulation of WHS policies and procedures:
  • consultation
  • emergencies
  • evacuation of staff and customers
  • handling chemicals and hazardous substances
  • hazard identification and reporting
  • incident and accident management and notification to WHS regulatory authorities
  • incident and accident reporting by staff
  • ongoing monitoring of risk control
  • overall organisational approach to WHS
  • participation of personnel in WHS management practices
  • responsibilities of employees to ensure safety
  • risk assessments and reporting
  • safe work practices
  • secure management of: 
  • cash 
  • documents 
  • equipment 
  • keys
  • people 
  • consultative processes:
  • diary, whiteboard or suggestion box used by staff to report issues of concern 
  • fact sheets to fully inform personnel about WHS rights and responsibilities
  • formal WHS representatives and committees
  • formal meetings with agendas, minutes and action plans 
  • informal meetings with notes
  • WHS discussions with employees during the course of each business day
  • recording issues in a management diary
  • regular staff meetings that involve WHS discussions
  • seeking staff suggestions for content of WHS policies and procedures
  • special staff meetings or workshops to specifically address WHS issues
  • staff handbook containing WHS information
  • surveys or questionnaires that invite staff feedback on WHS issues
  • time requirements for hazard identification:
  • when changes to the workplace are implemented:
  • before the premises are used for the first time
  • before and during the installation or alteration of any plant
  • before changes to work practices are introduced
  • when any new information relating to health and safety risks becomes available
  • approaches to assessing the effectiveness of WHS management systems:
  • monitoring the ongoing effectiveness of risk control methods
  • reviewing:
  • incidents, accidents or near misses
  • WHS reports
  • WHS statistics
  • methods used by the specific industry sector and organisation to:
  • conduct consultation when developing policies and procedures
  • communicate WHS policies, procedures and safe working practices
  • conduct ongoing WHS consultation
  • evaluate the effectiveness of WHS management practices
  • sources of assessment criteria for assessing risks:
  • developed by external consultancy services
  • outlined in Australian standards
  • self-determined for the organisation as part of a WHS management system
  • suggested by industry associations for use by member businesses
  • WHS information:
  • consultative arrangements for WHS
  • employee roles and responsibilities in WHS management practices
  • legal obligations and ramifications of failure to comply
  • location of first aid kit and emergency evacuation plan
  • WHS training information and updates
  • policies:
  • overall approach of organisation to WHS
  • participation of personnel in WHS management practices
  • responsibilities of employees to ensure safety
  • procedures
  • specific risk control measures relevant to the workplace
  • specific regulations and codes of practice
  • use of:
  • hazard identification reporting documents
  • risk assessment template documents
  • formats for and inclusions of:
  • policies and procedures
  • WHS templates for hazard identification and risk assessment
  • incident, accidents, or near miss reports
  • reports that document the evaluation of systems and required changes
  • WHS record keeping systems
  • WHS record requirements:
  • consultation:
  • diaries of meetings
  • agendas for and minutes of meetings
  • committee members
  • consultation decisions and follow up actions
  • hazard identification
  • incident or accident notifications to WHS regulatory authorities
  • incident, accident, and near miss reports and related statistics
  • policies and procedures
  • risk assessments
  • risk control actions
  • training plans
  • training undertaken.
Place/Location where assessment will be conducted including timeframes
Resource Requirements
Refer to the Assessment conditions attached to the Futura Group Mapping Document located in the teacher support tools folder or the “Assessment Conditions” for this unit in the SIT 1.0 Training Package.
For this assessment access to the following resources are essential:
  • access to a computer
  • internet access
  • relevant state or territory WHS legislation
  • current plain English regulatory documents distributed by the local WHS government regulator
  • codes of practice and standards issued by regulatory authorities or industry groups
  • WHS information and business management manuals issued by industry associations or commercial publishers 
  • current commercial policies and procedures, and hazard identification and risk assessment template documents 
  • a team in a workplace or simulated environment for which the WHS system is developed.
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1. Overview of the activities carried out by the O bar and dinning.  Effective statement for the structure, characteristics and needs of the organisation

A huge number of serious and costly workplace injuries and illness gets reported during a year in restaurants in Australia. O Bar and Dining has different range of workplace safety systems for its employees just like it has a wide range of delicious foods for the customers. The administration of the organisation has taken a serious note in preventing the workplace health and safety issues. The administration knows that the safest workplaces are the important part of the organization’s culture, and not a simple word in the safety standards checklist. A strong workplace and a safety culture is important for the employees of the organisation since the along with the customers preference and taste, the safety of the employees are also important. O Bar and Dining has taken these steps for its organisation to create a suitable and healthy workplace for its employees ( , 2019).

In this regards, concern organisation works to protect the profession and staffs employees of the firm. This also works to integrate the relationship of the patients with the staffs of the firm.  O Bar and Dinning preserves the legal policies of the organisation with the industrial interest for staffs. However, the organisation has some requirements in order to continue this purpose over service. Concern organisation needs an improved code of ethics that represents the effective fundamental principles to guide the staffs’ responsibilities for a better service. The organisation also needs to have decreased limitation during conduction of the researches regarding the effective solutions within the workplace.

2. Access of the state legislation of training and the Safe work website and identify the legislation that is applied to restaurant

The WHS Act of Australia holds a number of regulations in order to manage the safe work with safe workplaces and training for the quality service in Australia. As mentioned by Kukkonen, E. (2016), the legislation holds the different regulations in order to protect the health of the workers from the effective harm that is required by the workers in order to minimize the risk issues. The Act is also effective in order to provide a quality and loyal representation and cooperation for the organisation. On the other hand, this also holds regulation for the improvement of the WHS practices and the educational training for the practice. This also ensures the effective scrutiny of the step chosen by the position holders under the Act. As suggested by Kamat et al. (2017), the legislation also provides an effective framework got increased improvement provided by the organisation within the services.

The WHS law effectively holds the objectives in order to better outcomes for improved safety outcomes of the organisation. This is effective in order to reduce the compliance costs for the business. The organisation maintains the legislation Act of the nation that holds the regulation that protects the health workers from the harms that required by them to reduce the risk issues within the workplace.  The organisation also maintains the law that holds the regulation for better safety outcomes within the workplace of O Bar and Dining. The organisation maintains the regulation regarding the WHS practices and training practices for the quality restaurant services of the nation.

3. Identification of the relevant model Codes of Practice that can be applied for the organisation

The model Codes of Practice of O Bar and Dining guides the organisation in order to achieve quality medical and safety requirements for the WHS Act, regarding the legal outcomes for jurisdiction, the code of practices helps to determine that the regulation is checked by the organisation. There are approved code for the practices regarding healthcare issues that are applied to the organisation regarding the safety provided by the organisation. This is useful for the organisation in order to manage the workplace environment of O Bar and Dining. On the other hand, this also helps the organisation for better handling of its activities. This is also useful for the organisation in order to provide better services by the organisation.

The model for Codes of Practices is effective for the organisation in order to face reduced hazards and risks that are faced by the organisation within the workplace. This effectively provides the organisation with a safer environment for services. However, proper consultation has required the risks that are incorporated within the services. As mentioned by Francis, Procter & Robinson (2016), the practices within the workplace require more consideration by the management and the government in order to face decrease risk issues that are to be faced by the organisation. This consideration within the workplace is also effective for the organisation regarding better facilities provided to the customers. The model for the Codes of Practices that can be applied within the organisation is effective in order to manage the manual handling, work environment and quality facility that is provided by the O Bar and Dining.

4. Consult with your colleagues and identification of the following issues

Facilities for employees

The employees of O Bar and Dinning are provided with a number of facilities. There are numbers of varieties within the working professional. The workers are guided by strong leadership that is effective to redirect them towards the quality performance for the staffs and employee within the workplace. Moreover, the job profile is challenging for the employees that are useful to provide the employees with a huge interest in their duties. A lot of flexibility offer is provided to the employees within the workplace (Smith,  Ross & Whiley, 2016). On the other hand, the employees are provided with reasonable wages and increased annual increment by concern organisation. The employees are also provided with efficient holidays for social events. 

Issues with a work environment

Numbers of issues are faced by the employees during working in concern restaurant. The workers have to face sudden hazards by the service while dealing with old and back dated equipments within the workplace. As suggested by Burt, Volel & Finkel (2015), this type of hazards might affects organisation to large extent. Moreover, some modification within the workplace is required that considerable regarding the cleanliness of the organisation and equipment used in kitchen.  

Existing arrangements for consulting

The issues that are faced by the worker within the workplace can be arranged for making an effective consultation with the head authority of management bodies. Therefore, an effective solution can be achieved by the workers within the workplace. 

Issues with machinery, equipment or materials

The organisation has a competitive image within the country regarding its quality equipment as well as technologies within workplace. However, some of the equipment used in kitchen specially need modification with quality and technology for better services and maintain employee safety (Francis, Procter & Robinson, 2017)

5. Incidents or accidents which have occurred

A number of unwanted issues are faced by O Bar and Dinning during handling the management. These include customer dissatisfaction and the customer’s health conditions. Hence, more consideration from the management is necessary to avoid such issues within the workplace. 

6. Known or identified issues with training

The O Bar and dinning provides quality training to the practitioners and this is also followed by the Acts and regulations for the WHS systems of the country. However, more experienced employees and more awareness within the staffs regarding the risk management and cleanliness within the workplace is necessary during the training period. 

7. Provisions for security emergency procedures in place

A number of emergency cases are handled by the staff or management of O Bar and Dinning in providing the healthy and safe care services within the workplace. Modified security service regarding such kitchen safety or workplace harassment service may be helpful for the organisation. The state law should be followed by the concern firm is effective for the organisation to avoid such issues.

5.  Based on the information you that is identified relevant within the organisation in Questions 1 and 4, development of a complete WHS system that includes all the required policies and procedures and relevant templates for all activities and legal requirements for O bar and dinning

Regarding the information identified relevant to O Bar and Dinning in Question 1 and Question 4, the WHS system required some modified policies and procedures for all the activities and legal requirements for the concerned firm. More consideration regarding the safety environment in the workplace, the organisation requires more safety advice during the training period of employees in order to reduce the risk issues faced by staffs of concern firm. The organisation has some issues regarding the more cleanliness within the ground for better consumer services by the organisation. The organisation requires more modification over kitchen and entire surface of the restaurant.  The organisation also requires more awareness in the legal legislation within the workplace in order to avoid the legal issues. 

Templates for all activities and legal requirements for the organisation O Bar and dinning 

ActivityLegal requirements of the organisationRisk ratingControl measureRisk rating after controlResponsible person 
Conduction of research over different issues within the restaurant  Effective consideration over the Act of country for the WHS systemWithout effective consideration over the government legislation the organisation may face legal issuesEffective awareness of state legislation for WHS in Australia. After consideration over the issue there are lower chances of such legal hazards within the workplaceThe management head is the responsible person regarding such risks management
The organisation works to protect the integrity within the employee and customer service Effective consideration over the state legislation for WHS system. Without the consideration there may be effective communication problem between employee and customer service More consideration for the customer service regarding the employees within the workplace requirement and  regulations of the state After effective consideration over the issues the organisation my face reduced issues regarding the satisfaction of the staffs The management team of the organisation.

6. Development of the hazard identification and risk assessment template and attach instructions with examples with the effective uses

Hazard identification template

Identified hazardsInstruction with example
Using knife and other electrical appliances within the kitchen   More consideration by the management over the state legislation of Australia for a safer training and safety workplaces in the health care services provided by the organisation. For example, providing manual safety board’s around the appliances. 

Risk assessment template

Identified riskInstruction with example
Risks are mainly identified in case of the sudden issues in providing fire or burning in kitchen or within restaurantHave fire extinguisher and other appliances such as disaster management numbers within the firm  

7.  Selection of 3 job roles (1 must be for a manager or supervisor) relevant to the area of work in the organisation with job description that clearly defines the health and safety responsibilities for each job role.  

Three job roles that are relevant with the topic may be Manager, Chefs and customer service. The job description of the manager is to handle to total WHS system manually and making the strategic decisions regarding each issues of organisation ( , 2018) The effective consideration regarding the law of the nation for the WHS system is also important factor in this profession. Moreover, arrangement of the quality training by the manager is useful to make the employees more potential and a modified WHS system. The job description of the customers service have to hold the more consideration over the safety issues during the health care services provided to the customer service and staff within the restaurant. As suggested Joseph (2018), the employees also required to maintain the effective relationship within the customers regarding integrity in the relationship. O bar and dinning, chef needs to handle the equipments and other machineries careful are instructing other to handle with care. It is important for concern to maintain such role and follow the WHS system of an organisation. Furthermore, staff‘s safety need to be handled and operate the entire working position in effective way. Hence, this safety helps the concern restaurant with better way.    

8. Master Register of O Bar and Dining

  • Opting for an atmosphere that helps in supporting mainly the physical and psychological welfare of the employees of O Bar and Dining.
  • Proper communication with the staff that are connected to initiatives of WHS which supports a proper workplace safe culture.
  • Providing a method of constant betterment of safety management structure, systems and methods making sure that safe practices are continued.
  • Checking the performance of WHS by examining the O Bar and Dining’s data of extraordinary practice.
  • Making sure that the staffs of O Bar and Dining are properly trained, especially in the WHS area relating to the accountabilities and responsibilities.
  • Giving importance to to the requirements of WHS inside the department to make sure that safety culture is promoted throughout. 
  • Providing a report on the performance of WHS targets in the organisation, division and the department level.
  • Taking part in the trainings and education of WHS and and making sure that the representatives of WHS are able to participate as per the requirement.
  • Finding out all the hazards that threatens the employees of O Bar and Dining.
  • Examining the risks and threats related to those threats and hazards.
  • Commanding over the threats.
  • Detect and analyze the hazards and then correcting those controls.
  • Consultation forms for the purpose of committee of WHS, managing group of WHS.
  • Fieldwork form is for the purpose of doing a fieldwork and managing of the related risks to any issues.
  • First Aid forms are important for the risk examination for the First Aid purpose, for the initiation of the first aider.
  • Risk Management forms for the purpose of the identification of all the resources, examination, revising and controlling of the threats and hazards related to WHS.

9. Evaluation and effectiveness of WHS system 

Safety Plan
  • This is a part of the organisations plan.
  • Creating a safety plan for the organisation to avoid any kind of mishaps regarding safeties of an employee inside the organisation.
  • The plan will make sure of a presence of a proper administration structure within the organisation which clearly explains everything to the workers to about their questions regarding safety.
  • Six to seven months.
Policies, Methods and Procedures
  • Includes all the policies, methods, and the procedures that includes all the important safety framework papers within the organisation. (Lay et al, 2016). 
  • Important for the employees of the organisation to follow a proper method of working, in order to keep  track of what and how the plans are being implemented
  • Necessary to avoid so that the decisions made by the organisation cannot make any illegal or irrational decisions. This gives a negative effect by not following the organisation’s rules and regulation. (Faruq et al. , 2018). 
  • Three to four months.
  • Monitoring is required to keep a track of all the implemented plans.
  • Provides the integrated source of information showing the progress of any plans or projects.
  • Opens up any mistakes and gives proper direction for learning and better performance.
  • Roughly about one and half month.
  • Instruction, proper guidance and keeping an eye on the employees while doing any particular job in the organisation.
  • Propagating all the decided instructions to every employee in the organisation.
  • Since it involves the supervisors and subordinates, so they give feedbacks to the subordinates, reports on the performance of every employee It involves feedbacks on complaints, any injustice and so on.

  • Gives motivation to the employees to work in peacefully inside the organisation.
  • One month.

10. Overview of HR and Physical cost for managing WHS system.

Equipment requirementsRanges and ovensFryersGrills and GriddlesGlovesVolume Preparation Equipment



PPEChef UniformFace MaskApronsChef Hats


Staff attendance for consultation and risk assessmentPlannersRegistersLog Books
Pens, Pencils, Notebooks


11. Presentation and Implementation of WHS System

It is important for a restaurant to maintain work safety within the organisation while handling the system of the firm. In order to make sure to obey with WHS system, a planned and coordinated method is necessary to carry out the methods of this system in O bar and dinning. Chalking out the plans and identifying the related hazards is necessary. As stated by Lyons et al.  (2017), in order to avoid the emergency situations, early planning is necessary which can result in future safety. Proper identification of the health and safety requirements by the WHS team of concern organisation is applicable. It also maintains proper access to data sheets t6o determine the situation on safety measures of the firm. As mentioned by Ariza-Montes et al. (2017), other requirements are needed to keep up to date by reviewing the legislation in organisations regularly. Main goals and aims are necessary to keep the success of the organisation in track and giving the customers best service in concern firm. As opined by Rasoolimanesh & Ali (2018), the WHS management plan gives the base for the work units. Proper implementations of the plans are necessary to keep the plans working in a best way to achieve the benefits for the organisation. WHS system clearly communicates the responsibilities and duties of the Executive members, Heads chefs working units, supervisors as well as managers, employees and so on. Necessary consultation between concern organisation and its employees is an important part of properly handling the health and safety in the workplace. O bar and dinning should consults with its workers in order to contribute to all the requirements and decisions need for safety practice and systems which are made to promise health and welfare of the employees. Concern firm also promises to its employees their opportunity to share their views and contribute to the health resolutions and safety issues in the workplace. 

The organisations WHS policy, documentations related to the safety and health and other important and relevant information is being provided. As stated by Einarsen et al. (2018), it is being provided to the staffs, visitors and others through various kinds of media such as WHS website, emails to the employees, online programs for the health and safety of the employees, safety manuals and so on. O bar and dinning has a wide range of documentation on WHS which are always available to the employees on the website. Documents on policy and methods are made when needed by the legislation or the procedural changes. Reports on accidents and other threats are required to be checked at frequent intervals to make sure that they remain updated.