House Keeping Services By Innovation In Meriton Serviced Apartment Assessment Answer

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  1. How do you define innovation? Something different that has impact.
  2. Why is innovation so important? The “new normal” of constant change requires mastering perpetual transformation.
  3. How do you spot opportunities for innovation? Go to the source: the customer you hope to target.
  4. How do you know if your idea is good? Let patterns guide and actions decide; remember Scott Cook’s advice that “for every failure we had, we had spreadsheets that looked awesome.”
  5. Which customers should we target the innovation? Look beyond your best customers to those who face a constraint that inhibits their ability to solve the problems they face in their life
  6. Why is innovation so hard? Most organizations are designed to execute, not to innovate.
  7. How do you encourage innovation in your organization? Stop punishing anything that smells like failure, recognizing that failure is often a critical part of the innovation process.
  8. How should you form and manage innovation teams? Keep deadlines tight and decision makers focused.
  9. What is in a good innovation strategy? Overall goals, a target portfolio for innovation efforts, a mechanism to allocate resources to achieve that portfolio, and clearly defined goals and boundaries for innovation.
  10. What is the best way to manage an innovation portfolio? Make sure you correctly capture current activities and measure and manage different kinds of innovations in different ways.
  11. What role should senior executives play in innovation? A big one.
  12. How can I personally become a better innovator? Practice – innovation is a skill that can be mastered.
  13. How can I find more resources for innovation? Shut down “zombie projects” that are a drain on corporate resources.
  14. How can we more quickly turn good ideas into good businesses? Remember what Edison said – genius is “1% inspiration and 99% perspiration;” get ready to sweat.
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Background of the Research 

With the ramified economic growth, innovation and creation in the business process have been gaining momentum throughout the time (Nadkarni, S. and Morris, S. 2019). This research focuses on the implication of the innovation in the multi-stage process and whereby an organization is transforming the offered goods and services to the client's best experience in the Meriton serviced Apartment in Sydney/AustraliaIn the hospitality industry, by using the innovative work process and implication of the advanced technologies, the hotel industry has been gaining momentum and most of the hospitality services offered to clients are being customized in the best interest of the clients and their better experience (K&ully,  Bilgihan, & Zhang, 2016). This research has revealed that the hospitality industry is a service-oriented industry that needs to strengthen the customer value by aligning the advance technologies and automation in the system process for the guest room design, functional services, and food and beverage related services. In this research, the discussion has been made on the house keeping services offered by innovation in Meriton serviced Apartment, and its implication with the advanced technologies and system process. However, the answers to research questions are based on the interview conducted for the selected sample (questionnaire from Appendix 7.1). The results of the interview as obtained through using a pre-defined set of questions are presented in section 5.2 leading to the analysis and conclusion in the following sections of the report.

1.1 Problem Statement

The main problem statement of this research is to assess the imperative of innovation and its implication in innovation in Meriton serviced Apartment.  The research undertaken will be focused on the hotel industry in Sydney and the implication of the advanced technologies in their system process. It reveals that the employee's acceptance of the advanced technologies, undertaken training program and how the deployment of the technologies in the inbound and outbound activities of the hotel will strengthen the client's experience. It also assesses the work culture, employee's perception, values and belief after adopting the innovative technologies and system process in the hotel work process (Gomezelj, 2016).  The main problem statement is based on how the innovation and implication of the advance technologies will strengthen the performance of the house keeping services in innovation in housekeeping of Meriton serviced Apartment. Unfortunately, there is little research that concerned with the impacts of innovation in maximising customers’ experiences (Ivanov, Gretzel, Berezina, Sigala, & Webster, 2019). Therefore, the current research will try to fill the gap in literature by gathering data using empirical research methods. 

1.2 Research Objective

  1. To analysis the implication of the latest technological advancement in housekeeping services in Meriton serviced Apartment 
  2. To evaluate and assess the alignment of the business of the Meriton Serviced Apartment for the offered services and products to the client for their better satisfaction.
  3. To examine the effect of innovation on the enactment of workforces and hotel groups stimulating, exciting and execution in the offered housekeeping services of Meriton serviced Apartment, mascot Coward Street.

1.3 Research Questions 

  1. Is Meriton not being updated with the latest technological advancement because financial resources are limited? 
  2. How can innovation be handy and convenient for all the employees as well as customers?
  3. Simply planning innovation seems stimulating, exciting and easy-going, is the implementation and execution part as simple as expected?

Literature Review

With the changes in the economic, technologies advancement has been gaining momentum throughout time. The hospitality industry needs to strengthen its work process by aligning its hospitality work with the advanced technologies and system process for better client satisfaction (Fraj. Matute, &Melero, 2015). It has been suggested that in this fast-moving competition if hotels want to compete and survive in the market then they will have to come with the advance system technologies to align the work in the best interest of the client's experience and their satisfaction (Del Vecchio, Mele, Ndou, Secundo, 2019). Innovation is known as major sources of competitive benefit and economic growth of any sector. In every business, it is important to analyze innovative ideas that have aimed at increasing goodwill for the hospitality industry (Kandampully, Bilgihan, and Zhang, 2016). There is an opportunity to research innovation in this sector which is being characterized by intangible as well as experiential aspects of their product and services. It provides a narrative review that consists of knowledge with substantive outcomes (Peters, 2012). With the growing demand in hospitality, workers can be transforming into a growing requirement of hospitality educational campaign to adequately develop the workforce to fulfill current and future demand in this particular industry (Fraj, Matute, & Melero, 2015) This research provides a complete review of services or innovation done in housekeeping service department of hotel so that objectives can be attained more effectively. Hospitality researchers have often been criticized for having an unrealistic expectation of essential types of responsibilities that can be given and consequently specific types of skills required to exercise on moving into the hospitality industry (Gomezelj, 2016).

To examine the effect of innovation on the enactment of workforce and hotel groups

Technological change tends to affect more than productivity, workforce, and employment in the hospitality sectors (Nieves & Segarra-Cipro’s, 2015). It has been seen that because of having innovative changes in the hotel industry most numbers of staff and managers are getting more advanced as they are easily able to manage their customers. The recession has forever transformed the makeup of its workforce base. Both commercial and government bodies are now operating with a lean workforce, where staffs must have the suitable capability to guide and perform work across the well-designed team (Peters, 2012). Top hotels have identified their workforce as their essential investment that can deliver huge returns and maximum quality results with limited spending. To invest in their workforce, Meriton Serviced Apartment has analyzed its team strength as the primary objective that can help to provide a remarkable return and quality of results in terms of customer services while their visit to this hotel. To satisfy the need of various types of customers and to sustain the market competitiveness hotel, Meriton Serviced Apartment needs to provide innovative experiential activities as well as draw the attention of new visitors by designing the latest services based on exclusivity of local culture and creative resources. The tactical and methodical "Know-how" is justifiable economic growth that has been seen in hospitality sectors concerning innovation (Hall, & Gössling, 2013). It can be argued that employees are extremely familiar regarding their business and incorporation into untimely stages of an innovation process that used to provide creativity during mitigating guest problems. The hotel industry needs to know their guest requirements and make available to them as per their requirements (Gomezelj, 2016). Because of having innovative features provided by the offered housekeeping services of Meriton serviced Apartment, to their customers they can easily able to know the ways facilities, as well as other accommodation services, can be profitably reached to them. Hotels can incorporate local-based natural as well as cultural tourism resources into their innovative services so that clients can retain for a long time with this hotel soon. Job satisfaction helps in increasing employees' morale and tends to understand the working of hotels (Del Vecchio, Mele, Ndou, & Secundo, 2019).).

 Possible ways through which service apartment can improve client experience 

It is divulged that human resources of housekeeping services of Meriton serviced Apartment are one of the areas which would not quite make their ways to improve better facilities within the business but also help to maintain long time dependability of hotels (Hoque, 2013). It is analyzed that sometimes through certain technology the way it impacts the world in which people used to live. For example, housekeeping service department of Meriton serviced Apartment, mascot Coward Street being so successful in making changes in hotel facilities that can assist customers to stay connected with the hotel for a long time. It is a major concern among the public as well as policymakers regarding present and future staff scrutiny is increasing. Using innovative technology for booking facilities, providing services by using online options and report workforce information often tends to be a potential solution to such a problem (Hall & Gössling, 2013).  There is always a great exchange of knowledge regarding certain ways through which change work effectively at any project level. In order to increase guest experience, offered housekeeping services of Meriton serviced Apartment, mascot Coward Street is advancing in tech-side to enable them collecting valuable customer data. Using personalized marketing strategy, service apartment can draw the attention of users on more regular basis (Kumar, 2019).

In accordance with (Hall & Gössling, 2013), it is stated that travel tripper aimed together with their regular continue dedication in order to provide hotels to attain more direct booking in the entire hospitality industry. This technology will deliver hotels to incurred demand, increase earnings and optimize conversion in entire worldwide (Iorgulescu & Răvar, 2013). It used to provide a comprehensive solution through which hotels from search to stay consists of distribution, booking and digital marketing services at the same time.

 Aims to encourage leaders/hotel industry players/future investigators in Meriton serviced Apartment, mascot Coward Street

The primary objective of the offered housekeeping services of Meriton serviced Apartment, mascot Coward Street is to give maximum focus on enhancing leaders as well as industry players in hospitality industry to make use of innovation for economic development. From their perspective (Fraj, Matute & Melero 2015), suggest that innovation strategy is an essential plan that can help in growing market share as well as profitability by providing innovative products and services to their regular guest in hotels. In order to provide the right solution, an innovation planning must also show whether a product modification is suitable for upcoming growth for the hospitality industry. For Service apartment, it could mean formulating new ideas, improving services in their available services so that maximum opportunities can be attain.

Brooker et. al., (2012), illustrated that leaders can create visionaries that have big ideas and most important they can motivate people around them to turn those ideas into reality. All these ideas can lead to better utilization of resources and increase ability to form a vision around hotels' performance. On the other hand, these sectors are directly associated with economic that plays vital role in taking stable and better running development. Offered housekeeping services of Meriton serviced Apartment needs to reduce some services cost those are creating negative impact on performance of hotel in the domestic market. They need to think about creating innovative opportunities that can help them to sustain for longer period at the international level. Hotel industry is one sector that plays an innovative role in incurring foreign revenue for the country (Iorgulescu, & Răvar,  2013). Thus, this industry tends to reflect specific nature and culture beauty of the nation. Hospitality used to provide necessary services such as food, lodging for travelers, whether they travel for any cause of requirement or comfort. It a major factor in every vacation as well as business plan for the business, guest or any other person (Hoque, 2013). Before taking any decision, it is important for hotel managers to analyze both internal and external environmental factors those are affecting their business performance. Innovation tends to develop an idea among company to transform its operation according to customer demand so that maximum productivity can be attaining in near future (Nieves, Quintana, & Osorio, 2016).  

Research Design 

The selection of the research design for this research method has been made by studying the behavior of the clients for the offered services in the hospitality industry.  In this research design quantitative information has been gathered.  This research would provide clear ideas about certain changes that can be beneficial for the services apartment in drawing the attention of both local as well as international guests towards their own hotel.

3.1 Type of the research 

In this research, quantitative information has been used for this research. The research is quantitative, there is a need for different tools and techniques for producing an errorless result. As the analytical approach requires the use of a different statistical tool which gives a more accurate result. This project proposal includes the Hospitality Industry of Meriton Serviced Apartment where 15 members/staffs of Housekeeping Department including Manager and Supervisor are taken as sample group. Similarly, for the collection of necessary facts and figures to support this research and Google Scholar has been referred. 

Part 4: Procedure of data collection

4.1 Population sample and sampling technique

The conducted survey in Meriton serviced Apartment, Sydney/Australia consists of a review of the question based on the improvement of technique in offered housekeeping hospitality service. The population sample considered in the studied and number of people surveyed to get the review of the research question is 15 including /staffs of Housekeeping Department including Manager and Supervisor are taken as sample group. The sampling technique used in the collection of data includes random sampling as it the process of sampling does not give the results being biased (Ivanov, Gretzel, Berezina, Sigala, & Webster, 2019).     

4.2 4.2 Data collection tool

The data collection tool used for the present report is survey using a pre-designed questionnaire (Appendix 1 ). It refers to a method of collecting data from different people to gather relevant information from the people of working in the house keeping department of Meriton serviced Apartment, mascot Coward Street. The advantages of using this type of data collection tool include more accuracy of the result and collecting large amounts of data in a very short period (Iorgulescu, & Răvar,  2013).


The present research uses the survey as the primary data collection tool because for improvement in technique in working in the house keeping department of Meriton serviced Apartment, and the collected information need to be accurate and need to be produced in a short period as it may lead to harm the business of the Meriton service apartment (Nadkarni, & Morris, 2019)

Part 5: Analysis and Findings

5.1 5.1 Analytic approach

For finding the people’s opinion on the implication of the innovation and advancement in the technologies in working in the house keeping department of Meriton serviced Apartment, Sydney/Australia, the researcher conducted the survey, which is a form of quantitative analysis. Since the research is quantitative, there is a need for different tools and techniques for producing an errorless result. As the analytical approach requires the use of a different statistical tool which gives a more accurate result and statistical test. It helps in assessing the offered housekeeping services of Meriton serviced Apartment, to identify the factors affection the services and assess the maximum focus on enhancing leaders as well as industry players in hospitality industry to make use of innovation for economic development. For example, if the value of certain factor such as leadership and management in the offered housekeeping services of Meriton serviced Apartment, with the expected results of the department. Another advantage of using a statistical test is it helps to understand the pattern of review obtained from the clients related to the offered housekeeping services of the department of Meriton serviced Apartment, It is a quick method to analyse the whole result with more accuracy and shows the better implication of the innovation and technologies advancement in the house keeping department of Meriton serviced Apartment, the more effective client’s satisfaction, hotel will have from the offered housekeeping services (Del Vecchio, Mele, Ndou, & Secundo, 2019). It is important for manager of hotel to analyse essential aspects of innovation by using survey method using a questionnaire ( Appendix 1). 

Results / Summary of main findings

    Is Meriton not being updated with the latest technological advancement because financial resources are limited?

Interpretation: From the above chart, it has been clearly seen that 40 % of total respondent think that because of not having innovative ideas Meriton is not able to use latest technology as also have not sufficient amount of financial support. Whereas, only 10 % of peoples are against this particular question. 

How can innovation be handy and convenient for all the employees as well as customers?


Interpretation: According to above mentioned data, it has been analysed that innovation provide various option to customers as per their requirement. 15 % of customer thinks it is reliable, 10 % seems to have convenience with services, the performance level is satisfied percentage and overall functionality is marked with 13 percent. 

Simply planning innovation seems stimulating, exciting and easy-going, is the implementation and execution part as simple as expected?
Can’t say

frequency of planned innovation

Interpretation: From the above chart, it is clear that simple planned innovation is having more remarkable opportunities for company. As 25 percent respondent agree with this information, whereas 15 percent does not think that this particular reason is affecting hotel planning. While 10 percent of the total respondents is not able to provide any response to this particular issue. 

According to above mentioned questionnaire, it has been analysed that the determination of absolute or relative abundance of one or more substance in a sample size, statistical research analyses various aspects of innovation. It will help to improve understanding and provide benefits as well as correct solution to present business problems. In case company develop new product or offer services on new areas of research, a well capable team can develop novel statistical approaches to suite their specific needs. With existing analytic tools often depend on data meeting a standard set of underlying set of assumptions. Innovative team of analysts offers a wealth of experience in designing bespoke new tools to resolve specific issues. Whatever your research requirement, innovative statistical solution is vital to make sure that company can again get most from given data. The above analysis is having unique combination of research and experience that will assist company to deliver innovative solution from its competitors.

  1. Researches

Q1: Innovation is basically known as new ideas or creative thoughts that are being used in any business operation (Bilgihan, & Nejad, 2015). It is often viewed as application of better solution that can fulfil specific new requirements as per existing market need. It has been seen that innovation is crucial for every business because it give companies an edge in penetrating market more drastically and deliver a better link to develop market that can lead to wide opportunities in global nation.

Q2: Innovative opportunities are based on several components within processes in which people act upon and realize new combination of resource and market needs. As innovator, it is important to identify customers that are struggling to resolve problem or attain a goal through cobbling together workaround to perform more efficiently in near future. Goal setting is primary stage in achieving opportunities that can lead to become more successful. Everyone tends to recognize innovation value because it creates powerful outcome in quick manner. Henceforth, people need to work on emerging trend that could be helpful in scenario planning. 

Q3: Innovation generally begin with targeting right customers so that chances of getting more valuable results can be attain in near future. As Meriton serviced apartment need to look for high class people because of their services that can lead to generate maximum revenue for company. It experiences that tends to make every interaction which is useful and easy for attaining future targets.  It is entirely based on actual customer demand those are primary target for companies to fulfil in more effective manner. 

Q4: Innovation is considered hard because various things that can make a company thrive as exactly similar which make tough for them to embrace the new. However, attaining advantage of these inherent capabilities would need a company to challenge many of their basic fundamental aspects. Majority of companies tends to find innovation hard (Kampully, Bilgihan and Zhang, 2016). In fact, Meriton services are actually not able to satisfy their executives with their innovative performance. In spite of actively searching for new venture models as well as product innovation a lot of industries are aiming on making constant incremental improvement in various parts of business. Team innovation is considered backbone of every profitable company. Getting employees to think creatively is not always easy task. If people are not feeling linked to their company, there is little incentive for them to be innovative. Employees that are associated early on this process will have lot of opportunities that lead to motivate them to perform more effectively.

Q5: After company and other manager have decided to establish an innovative team then real challenge begin. One primary reason for an innovative team is that there is hard to do anything of complexity on their own. The growth of innovative team entirely relies on whether capable people are associated with planning process. Company wants to develop knowledge into same areas that require more efforts to attain their future goals. It has been seen that maximum company will tend to appoint a team leader those are responsible in planning process. It can assist in attaining overall aims that are set by organisation.

Q6: A good innovation strategy is used to support a clear vision within an organisation growth and success. It is said to be combination of understanding of actual need of innovation within company. Strategy is all about positioning for sustainable competitive benefits by making choice regarding product and service that are offered by company to their customers. It is a plan that helps in growing market share by service industry. In case of analysing solution, innovation strategy needs to indicate whether a product improvement is helpful for future growth in company.  The objective of managing an innovative portfolio helps to create favourable situation to formulate actual innovation (Wang and Zhang, 2016). Effectively managing an innovative portfolio assist in optimizing R&D budgets, production and sales timescales. 

Q7: It has been seen that in large business, senior executives are important person for innovative success, thus they have ability to direct funds as well as manage resource to good innovation planning. The primary duties involve scheduling meetings, travel arrangements and organize regular calendars. They are also responsible for examining specific need of senior managers and performing management activities to ensure company workflow would run in efficient manner. Use of open innovation will need a shift in culture. It needs individual to be open for external ideas and share their specific knowledge with other employees so that they get motivated while performing jobs effectively within organisation.

Q8: It has been examined that being innovative means doing things another way as never done before by anyone. An innovator is person that embraces ideas and develop environment in which employees are given tools as well as other resource to deal with challenges that are affecting in achieving growth for company. With personal experience, it is important to have creative mind so that problems could easily identified. Passion as well as constant lookout for better experience is another valuable aspect that could be crucial to become more successful innovator. 

Q9: It has been analysed that resource are more valuable concern for any successful business development. Having right resource to innovate is crucial to link ideas with right people. A firm that prioritize innovation would form time for its valuable personnel to create, develop and think positively. Another resources which is important is time, instead of dedicating time for innovation, business need to mentality prepare for success of their big projects (Nieves, Quintana and Osorio, 2016). People are greatest asset for innovation and in respect to become more sustainable performance of employees is major factors that are taken into account. With the help of creative mind and solution they can easily overcome future problems which are associated in business.

Q10: It has been seen that everyone has ideas that can further be useful for business success. In case of starting a new venture, these ideas plays an important role in turning things in favour of company. The next step is associated with validating ideas so that it could be executed in proper manner as per the requirement of business. Another important aspect is to search for large market so that maximum people can get to know about the products which company is going to offer them. 

6. Conclusion, Recommendations, and Suggestions 

From the above project report, it has been concluded that innovation is important aspects for every business organization. Innovation will lead to increase motivation among employees so that they can perform their best role at right point of time. However, it has been articulated from above questionnaire that innovative ideas can help industries to attain its future goals in best and reliable ways. In case of increase employee performance, training plays an eminent role in the hotel industry, it would assist in putting their responsibility to better use in the right direction. It is analyzed that high level of innovative thinking, as well as the ability to perform multitasks at the same time, can help staffs member of housekeeping of Meriton serviced Apartment to increase their performance. In fact, to become more successful with innovative ability employees as well as company can both attain better opportunities that will lead to accomplish its desire objectives. To grow, they need to be more sensitive and understanding of various cultures, religions, and nationalities in housekeeping of Meriton serviced Apartment. With creative mind they can assist the company to embrace customer around other members and because of which guests can feel more comfortable. 

Almost in every field, innovative strategies help companies to grow with much strong pace as per desired competitive market. The above questions would be reliable aspect for analyzing current and future trends that are affecting business more badly.  Innovation in hotel industry is essential to sustain longer period in competition by using online line mode, faster check-in and out time as well as providing better ambience as per customer need. Company can improve customer experience by offering them a great chance to control their rooms by using creative voice control features in housekeeping of Meriton serviced Apartment.  It allows to communicate with employees of the housekeeping of Meriton serviced Apartment as well as number of guests could also be get benefited (Niilola, 2018). Within hotel rooms they can fix to automatically adjust room temperature or light levels as per the requirement of guest. The employees of housekeeping of Meriton serviced Apartment has started direct housekeeping option through their one step tab for their client’s better satisfaction. Henceforth, innovation plays an eminent role in handling key resources of hotel industry with proper time and safety. It would assist to make appreciation of creative changes that are done by hotel staffs for their customers. Overall analysis draws the attention towards using innovative features in hotels so that chance of attaining maximum profitability can be attained in the coming time.