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The topic is 'How can Australian service jobs have good customers attitude.' 

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How can Australian service jobs have good attitudes from customers?


 As times change and the quality of life increases, so does the quality of service has to improve as well. That is why employers in the company will need more employees to meet it, and also most people have easy access to opportunities to generate their profits through the service industry, employers, employees and guests, and play a part in their hopes of succeeding in the service sector. Thus, interaction with customers is essential in the service sector. This is because the customer and employee are working together to achieve organizational profitability. This essay is intended to describe how Australian service jobs can get good attitude from the customers.

Problem statement: 

In this present era, customers have the mentality that they are providing money to get an excellent service from a service organization so that they have the right to get personalized and excellent services. In that contexts, when customers observe that they are not receiving an excellent service from employees or employees are providing attention to other customers but not them, then they become agree on the service providers (Tsaur, Luoh & Syue, 2015). After that, they become rude to the employees who are associated with providing services to them. People often forget the command chain in the retail and blame employees for any issues in service delivery. After that, they show rude behaviours to the staffs of a service organization.

The necessity to resolve the issues:

True characters of a person can be revealed during encountering customer’s services, for example, standing on a long supermarket queue or receiving meals that are arriving late. According to a recent survey conducted by the distributive allied union, it has been found that 44% of the retail staff is exposed to verbal or physical abuse. Sometimes, staffs of a service organization become busy in offering services to other staff, which causes a late to provide services to a particular customer (Yoo & Arnold, 2016). This fact cannot be sufficient reason to abuse staffs who works in a service organization. For offering excellent services to every customer, employees always become very tired. In those consequences, shouting on the employees can destroy their confidence to provide excellent services to customers, which reduces the quality of customer services (Yagil & Luria, 2016). Moreover, employees of service organization are a human being. Therefore, it is not acceptable to shout on them in little reason. Due to this reason, it is always necessary to resolve the particular issues so that it cannot create a long term negative impact on the mind of employees working in a service-based company.


Therefore, to succeed in the repetitive business, they must listen to their customers. Customers can have the right to express dissatisfaction with the quality of the goods received from the staff. Most people who work in terms of customer service encounter rude customers at some point. Sometimes customers lose patience with their employees, some are frustrated by situational inconvenience, and some are simply rude. However, because that is also their job, they have to accept it and try to understand them humbly. (Chuang, Liu & Kao, 2016).)

For achieving success in the service business, the most effective strategy is offering service with a smile. For making a sufficient level of profitability, an organization cannot avoid rude customers. For handling rude customers, it is always necessary to maintain neutral and polite behavior so that it can help customers in identifying their rude behavior and rectifying it (Alola et al. 2019). Along with that, it is also necessary for the employees in stating the actual reason for inefficiencies in services so that customers can understand the proper reason for service inefficiencies and control their anger. For handling the rude customers, it is necessary for the staffs to let the customers talk. It is essential for the employees in asking some leading question to gather more facts about them so that delivery of services could be improved as per the need of the customers. Rude customers are always acting like they are cheated or mistreated, or they have received unsatisfactory service. In that context, rude customers can be handled by letting them talk unless they become verbally abusive (Zhu, Lam & Lai, 2019). Moreover, it is necessary for the employees to apologize to the customers and then it is required to validate their concerns. Raising the voice on anger can only result losing valuable customers. Therefore, maintaining a neutral voice tone is highly essential to resolve the issue.

Solution of the problem

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Alternative solution:

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From the above discussion, it can be concluded that for achieving success in business, it is highly important to listen to the customers as they are one of the main stakeholders of a business to maintain business sustainability.  As customers are paying money for receiving services, therefore, they have the rights to ask service providers about the delay in receiving services. For maintaining a profitable business, it is always necessary for showing concerns to the need of the customers and showing respect to them so that the customers can understand the reason behind the delay and visit the organization repetitively. On the other hand, showing attitude to the customers can create a negative perception of the organization in the mind of the customers, which makes them avoid the service organization.