How To Maintain The Generator

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Q: Discuss the topic 'How to maintain a generator' in terms of health and safety at workplace.

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Generator refers to a device that is capable of converting motive power into electrical power and it is converted chiefly for using in an external circuit. Electromagnetic generators can be classified into two broad categories which are Dynamos and Alternators (Cosoroaba, 2015). Dynamos are primarily used to generate direct current through a commutator and Alternators are used in order to generate alternating current.


For the first time users it is important to read all the instructions and safety guidelines to use the generator safely and properly.

  • It is important to set the generator in a proper place preferably in a dry location as it is possible for the generator to get hot and noisy.
  • Check the fuel level as it needs to have some sort of fuel gauge and the fuel tank needs to be adequately filled before starting the machine.
  • Check generator’s oil level in order to properly lubricate the running pats (Schlünz, 2013).
  • Inspect the air filter of the generator as it consumes air in the combustion process in order to generate power.
  • It is important to flip the circuit breaker off, turn on the fuel valve and then start the generator.

Health and safety

  • Select a right generator that supplies the right amount of power which is necessary.
  • Do not use a portable generator indoors as it can produce deadly fumes and carbon monoxide (Cosoroaba,  2015).
  • Do not operate generator in wet or rainy conditions.
  • Do not plug a portable generator directly into a wall outlet.
  • Using approved fuel containers store the generator’s fuel properly.