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Task Instructions - Assessment Item 1

HPO Case Study Analysis

Description of the task

The definition of a high performance organisation is contested. However, high performance organisations often display some similar characteristics. Choosing one of the two case studies provided, you will develop a set of criteria against which you will assess the organisation to determine the extent to which it could be considered high performing and areas for improvement.

There is no set structure for this assignment but you will be assessed on your content, analysis and written expression. You are expected to draw on a range of academic texts and to provide a complete and accurate reference list. It is important that you justify your chosen criteria and provide examples from the case study to support your analysis.

What needs to be covered in the assignment

  1. Define and describe the notion of a high performance organisation. This should include consideration of the internal and external factors that shape its performance and ensure that organisation is able to maximise its position within its total operating environment (people, planet, profit).
  2. Develop a set of key criteria that could be used to assess if an organisation could be considered a high performance organisation. You should present 8-10 key criteria. These key criteria should be described and their selection justified using relevant academic literature.
  3. Apply these key criteria to your case study organisation. You should provide examples from the case study to support your analysis.
  4. Based on this analysis summarise your findings to identify areas of strength and areas requiring development within the organisation to consolidate its progress towards being or maintaining their position as a high performance organisation. This summary should use some form of assessment tool to compare achievement against your criteria and prioritise areas for attention. 
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