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Assessment description 

For this assessment task, the candidate will identify their own emotional strengths and weaknesses, reflect on actual workplace behaviour and use self-reflection and others’ feedback to improve emotional intelligence. Candidates will submit a written reflection and supporting documentation (outlined in specifications) as evidence of competence

Assessment Criteria

Gather content for, plan, write and submit a reflection on your own emotional intelligence in accordance with quality specifications:

  • Use at least one appropriate tool or methods to identify your own emotional strengths and weaknesses. Options include, for example: 

o Personal SWOT analysis

o Workplace 360° evaluation o Online emotional intelligence test (Gallup recommended: 

Note: Keep evidence (for example, worksheets and screenshots) to submit with your reflection as evidence. 

  •  Identify at least three instances where you have felt stressed or experienced a negative emotional state at work. For each instance, consider the precise context, causes and your response. 
  • Identify at least two causes or triggers of your own personal emotional states at work. Identify how you can use awareness of such triggers to control your responses and achieve positive outcomes, especially with respect to your impact on others and their work performance. 
  • Identify at least one instance of modelling workplace behaviours that demonstrate management of emotions as an example for others to follow.
  • Identify three actions you will take to improve your own emotional intelligence on the basis of self-reflection or feedback from others. Reflect on emotional intelligence principles and strategies to justify your proposed actions.
  • Submit your written reflection and supporting documentation in accordance with specifications set out below.

Submission Guidelines

You must provide:

  • A written reflection of 500 words 
  • Supporting documentation, such as worksheets, emails or screenshots to provide evidence of measures used to gather information on your own emotional intelligence. 
  • Your assessor will be looking for the following quality specifications as demonstrated in your written reflection: 
  • Your reflection on personal attributes, consideration of the impact on others and modification of your approach to support your development.
  • Identification of the impact of your own emotions on others by identifying your emotional strengths and weaknesses, stressors, emotional states and triggers and gathering feedback from others.
  • Description and examples of your modelling behaviours that demonstrate management of emotions.
  • Knowledge of emotional intelligence principles and strategies.
  • Knowledge of the relationship between emotionally effective people and the attainment of business objectives.
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Answer :

Emotional Intelligence Assessments

Assessment-1: Self-Assessment/Reflection

It is important for any employee in the organization to have a desired working place so that he can contribute as per the expectations of the organization. For this to happen, it is the responsibility of the Human Resources (HR) management to develop a better workplace in the organization (Tweedie et al., 2013). They also need to motivate the employees so that they can continue working as per the needs of the organization. 

Amid this, it might happen that there will be different circumstances during when the employee will feel low at the workplace. There are several examples during when I find myself caught in a negative emotional state at work and not able to perform as per my personal expectations. For example, in certain cases of work my Manager changes the deadlines and the reference work at the last moment; the majority of the work is complete and to restart the work from the scratch will demotivate any employee in the organization. 

Second, it also happens that my Manager does not communicate effectively me and he wants me to hear only his instructions. It thereby implies that my personal feedback and opinions are not counted and I have to strictly follow the rules and instructions of the organization. The matrix structure followed by the organization seems to be only on the paper and there is not actual implementation of this organizational structure in a given organization.

It is important to conduct my SWOT analysis that will determine my emotional attachment at the work, will identify my challenges, and will even prove my weaknesses in some cases at a given workplace. First, considering the strengths, I am very specific and detail-oriented employee. I do not start the work as soon as it is assigned to me. I first collect all the required instructions and then prepare the work schedule for me. 

I also inform my Manager about it and subsequently keep informing him about the project progress. He intervenes whenever he feels that I am getting diverted off the track. His guidance in such cases is highly appreciated and it thereby helps me complete the given assignments within given time and also as per the expectations of the organization. 

There are no major weaknesses associated with me however there are certain areas of improvement that I need to focus upon to improve my overall efficiency in the organization. I am always in hurry when I start the work; also, I expect the same from other employees of my team. Hence, when they fail to collaborate with me and do not submit their work on time, I feel frustrated and low in a given work environment. It always makes me realize that I am dependent on other's work and hence will not be able to submit the work within the given timeframe. 

I thereby need to make these changes and instead improve my communication with them so that the other team members can submit their work on time. Further, the opportunities available in the organization are many, specifically at the senior level but it seems I need to gain sufficient work experience before I climb my career ladder.

I need to learn several other aspects of the workplace and also learn about the concepts of management in the near future. My threats are none in the organization; the staff and other members of the organization are cooperative and hence there is no such factor that can have a defect impact on my performance in the organization. However, I feel that there is a need of my performance evaluation by the HR team so that they can guide me on specific contexts and instances that I need to improved. 

The triggers of my personal emotional states at work include - work pressure and work culture of the organization. These two factors in some cases have a direct impact on my performance in the organization. However, I have even noticed that the top-level management provides sufficient directions and leads the team from the front. I thereby get motivated by following their leadership approach in the organization. I can improve my emotional intelligence on the basis of self-reflection as discussed, through feedback from the peers, and also through performance appraisal from the HR department of the organization.