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What is HUE?

  1.  HUE is a web UI for Hadoop.
  2.  Platform for building custom applications with a nice UI library.
  3.  Open source project started as Cloudera


  1. User Admin- Account management for HUE users
  2. File Browser- browse HDFS; change permissions and ownership; upload, download, view and edit files.
  3. Job Designer-create MapReduce jobs, which can be templates that prompt for parameters when they are submitted
  4. Job browser- view jobs, tasks, counters, logs etc.
  5. Beeswax- Wizards to help create Hive tables, load data, run and manage Hive queries, and download results in Excel format.  


  1. Open source data storage and processing API.
  2. Hadoop is reliable and fault tolerant with no rely on hardware for these properties.
  3. It is made by apache software foundation in 2011. written in JAVA

Features :

1.    Velocity: Velocity signifies speed. So, to use big data as a tool of data analytics, the unprocessed data must be streamed in the fastest possible speed.

2.    Volume: Volume definitely points towards the size of data. Organisations that have huge data that is derived from years of storage and unstructured streaming, big data is the only solution.

3.    Variety: Big Data analytics files can be stored in a variety of formats. It can be kept and viewed as an audio file, video file, text file and email file etc.

4.    Complexity: Big Data Analytics is the big name in the field of data analytics in the current scenario. It is best suited to perform complex analysis of data. It is mandatory for the organisation implementing big data in their system for analysis of unprocessed data to also use the suitable application to deal with big data and its complexity.

5.    Variability: Big data flows through variable formats like an audio file, video file, text file and email file etc it may also result in changeability of the data.