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DBN507 Team Management and Cooperation

Assessment Instructions

  1. Using the organisation that you have selected for study in DBN507 Assessment 1 (Individual Assignment), answer the following questions using specified instructions and formats in Task 1, below. 
  2. Based on the research of your selected organisation, answer the questions Task 1, below, using a report format, below. Your report should: 
  •  Follow the word limits suggested in the given format, below, with a total 1100-1300 words including executive summary, but excluding supplementary sections such as cover page, table of content, reference list. Please state the word count on the cover page of your report.

Demonstrate the evidence of applying concepts/theories learned from a wide range of materials, including a total of at least 6 reputed, academic/ research based, and updated sources (e.g., textbooks, journals, newspapers, company or government’s documents such as reports and official websites)

  • Be typed (font size 11, Calibri, 1.5 spacing) and label with question numbers, staple/bind, and put your name and I/D on each page in footer.
  •  Be written clearly and concisely using complete sentences. 
  •  Be proof-read for grammatical accuracy. 

Be arranged in a logical order

Contain factual information analysed and grouped under sub-headings and a decimal numbering system.

be evidenced with in-text citations where needed and list them in the reference list at the end of this report. 

  1. Please submit your paper: 
  2. A soft copy to Turnitin, and 
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  1. Read Task 1 questions and marking rubric, below, in order to understand the expectations. 

DBN507 Assessment 2 (Task 1- Project Report - 30%) due in Week 9

Questions and Marking Schedule

Based on the secondary research on your selected organisation and with the support of facts and relevant theories/ concepts, analyse the way the selected organisation engaged and developed individual staff for efficient and effective performance of the organisation from the following perspectives: Performance appraisal and training. These HRM functions are important for developing a positive workplace culture and team engagement for efficient and effective performance of the organisation.

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Answer :

Team Management and Co-operation


The paper aims to provide an effective view of the human resource management of the firm, and for that Mercury Energy has been selected. It is the electricity generational and electricity Retailing Company of New Zealand which was founded in the year 1999 (Energy Made Wonderful, 2018). The organisation is having more than 800 employees and the proper HR management process in the firm. 

Question and Answers

Question 1 

HRM roles 

Strategic Partner: This is the first role that has been played by the human resource management of the firm where they are responsible for the identification and formulation of the best organisational architecture (Jamali, El Dirani, & Harwood, 2015). Mercury Energy maintains their strategic partnership in the most effective way to get the best out of their employees. The organisation has implemented the team working process then the performance-based-payment system and much more in the firm.

Administrative expert: This is another effective role that has been played by the human resource management to maintain their staff most suitably and effectively. The HR management of Mercury Energy has effectively utilised advanced technology to manage their business and their operational activities within the firm (Albrecht et al., 2015). They have also implemented the technology which helps them in term of hiring the right candidates for the business. 

Employee Champion: This is another best role played by the HR management to improve the employee engagement within the business process. Mercury Energy encourages their employees to take part in the decision-making process and also other activities for the improvement of business operational activities (Albrecht et al., 2015). The organisation effectively maintain their employees with the help of suitable HR role. 

HRM function 

Job Analysis: The human resource management of the firm effectively maintain the process of job analysis where they retain the job description along with the job specification and the job design (Brewster, 2017). Mercury Energy HR department maintains the process of job analysis in the most suitable way where they provide a clear description regarding the availability of job in the firm.

Staffing: This is another function that is being played by the human resource management of the firm to effectively recruit and select their staff members in the firm (Jackson, Schuler, & Jiang, 2014). The Mercury Energy follows the suitable policy of hiring the candidates for the improvement process of the firm. It can be seen that the company effectively maintain their staff by the suitable selection process. 

Employee health and safety: The human resource management eventually maintains the health as well as safety process of the workforce for the development of working function (Brewster, 2017). Mercury energy dwell in the electric power generation industry where employee health and safety is the vital factor. The organisation maintains the policy effectively for providing a safe working environment to the staff. 

Labour relation: The labour relation function is the vital activity that has been maintained by the firm for the development of working function within the field (Jackson, Schuler, & Jiang, 2014). The labour relation has the effective value within the field for enhancing the effective working function in the management field within the field. The relationship has to maintain the activity in the business for the improvement of the valuable process.

Compensation and reward system: This function is also performed by the HR management to maintain the employees and the staff members for the working function within the field. Mercury Energy maintains the performance-based-payment system for the employees to develop their encouragement in the working process of the firm. The reward system is also provided regarding the work activity and the process.

Question 2

Moral and Practical issues relevant to HR planning 

Moral issues

Employee discrimination: The organisation faces the issues regarding the fact of employment discrimination in their operational activities (Angrave et al., 2016). Mercury Energy has to maintain the anti-discrimination law to prevent the immoral activities within the business, and this needs to be maintained by the HR department of the firm. The HR manager monitors the entire activities of the employees in the firm.

Privacy: The HR management has complete access to the sensitive and the crucial information of the employees. This is highly essential for the HR department to maintain privacy with the workforce information. Mercury Energy has numerous health test on their staff like fitness test, and the result has to be kept confidential by the HR planning process.

Practical issues

Recruitment and selection: The HR planning has to effectively maintain the recruitment and the selection process for hiring the best candidates in the firm (Angrave et al., 2016). Mercury Energy has to look for the qualification along with the experience within the employees while selecting them for the operational activity in the firm.

Training and development: It is one of the crucial activity that has to be effectively planned by the HR managers for getting the best out of the workforce. Suitable in-house, as well as the external training, needs to be provided to the employees, and this should be effectively done by the human resource manager of the firm. 

Ethical and Regulatory issues relevant to job analysis

Ethical issues

Lack of employee support: The job analysis is the process where the support of the employees is highly essential for the firm. The data needs to be maintained for performing the job analysis most effectively and suitably.

Biased nature of job analyst: It is essential for the HR department to have the balanced as well as the unbiased approach regarding the process of job analysis within the firm (Sugarman, & Califf, 2014). It is essential for the Mercury Energy HR department to collect information from the various sources to perform effective and suitable job analysis working function in the firm.

Regulatory issues

Job analysis needs to be in writing: It is highly essential for the HR department to maintain their activity and provide suitable information to the field that also in writing. The written document allow the business to have legal application for the process.

The entry-level job needs to be specified: It is essential for the HR management to specify the entry-level job so that it becomes much easier for the new employees to have a clear view regarding the job (Sugarman, & Califf, 2014). This needs to be done by maintaining the legal factor while providing job security to the employees within the firm.  

Question 3

Moral and Practical issues relevant to the recruitment process

Moral Issues

Respect for the employee: It is essential for the management to have respect for the employees and maintain their activities in the field (Robinson, 2014). It is the fact that providing respect to the new employees needs to be maintained valuable process in term of the recruitment and the working function. 

Discrimination: It is also essential for the HR manager to maintain anti-discrimination activity while hiring the candidates for the firm (Ağan, Kuzey, Acar, & Açıkgöz, 2016). Mercury Energy is the electric power generation industry where qualification and experience are highly essential and for that discrimination needs to be avoided. Providing a chance to all the employees are highly essential for the HR department to maintain their activity.

Practical Issues

Failure to attract talented candidates: The HR management get failed to attract talented candidates for the firm to maintain their activity in the field (Califf, & Sugarman, 2015). Mercury Energy needs to get the suitable hiring managers so that it is essential for the development of the business process in the organisation.

Lack of understanding among the hiring manager and recruiter: The communication is highly essential for the development of the business process in the firm. Lack of understanding creates numerous issue for hiring the best candidate within the business. It is essential for the firm to have a suitable communication among the recruiter and the hiring managers. 

Ethical and Regulatory issues relevant to the selection process

Ethical Issues

Altering the job description: It is essential within the selection process to maintain the job description because the people came within the business after looking forward with the job description. 

Advertising the non-existing job: It is vital for the HR management to advertising the relevant job within the market to get the effective information within the firm (Ağan, Kuzey, Acar, & Açıkgöz, 2016). Mercury Energy has to deal with the numerous activity and the development process for the improvement of working function and the activity within the market.

Regulatory Issues

Disability: It is essential for the HR management to look for the qualification ability of the employees. The discrimination regarding the physical disability needs to be maintained especially for some of the department within the business (Ağan, Kuzey, Acar, & Açıkgöz, 2016). It also prohibits employers to exclude the qualified person due to their physical disability and other function. 

Pregnancy discrimination: The management has to deal with the situation where they perform discrimination with the pregnant candidate during the selection process. Mercury Energy has a suitable and effective understanding regarding the pregnancy discrimination act which prevents them from performing any discrimination with the pregnant candidates.


The paper eventually concludes the fact that HR managers have to deal with the numerous working function and activity within the field for dealing with the situation in the recruitment and selection process. It is also concluded that the HR planning is vital for the development o0f the business in the market.