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Human Resource Planning, Recruitment and Selection

University: Open University Malaysia

Code: BMPR5103


The purpose of this assignment is to develop the learner’s ability to :

  1. apply the processes, techniques, practices, theories, models and discuss current issues related to external influences on staffing process (HRP, Recruitment and selection process).
  2. evaluate role of staffing system in various contexts and key activities associated with staffing system and job placement


Choose two that are well written and attractive to you as an applicant. Discuss what makes these particular advertisement interesting? Similarly, look for some other advertisements that are not well written or seem to discriminate and evaluate how these advertisement can be rewritten. 


Critically review research-based articles related to effective recruitment and selection strategies in an organisation. Identify and discuss the common issue among the three chosen articles. Review the articles based on the following format; 

a.    Introduction                      

b.    Background                                                                       

c.     Summary                                                                                                         

d.    Analysis                                                       

e.    Evaluation                                                                                                

f.     Conclusion                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


Question 1


The study is dependent on the identification of two advertisements at the initial stage. The two advertisements should be attractive, well written and convincible. The details regarding the two of the advertisements has to be studied and analyzed and the qualities that have formed up the basis of their being attractive has to be recognized and mentioned in various parts of this study. 

Further, the other kind of ads that can be termed to be discriminating and not well written has also t6o be identified in order to continue with the essence of the study. The points of shortcomings in the ad has to be identified and detailed discussion has to be conducted on the ad. A detailed comparison also have to be made with the two effective and well ads that have been identified on a pre hand basis. Then the shortcomings of the ad has to be discussed and different solutions have to be proposed by following which, the ad can be better, more informative, more presentable and more well written. 

Identification and discussion regarding the first advertisement that can be termed to be attractive:

The recurring advertisement that this segment of the entire study is going to discuss about is looking for a intern mainly focused on the marketing sectors while having the business development and communicational skills.

In this regard, it appear imperative to admit that the quotient of attractiveness has been shaped by the ability to perceive the requisites of the concerned section of applicants. In terms of Job satisfaction, the advertisement needs to address the amenities that the respective applicant is allowed to avail in order to ensure the sustainability of interest of the respective job applicant. In accordance with the recurring job advertisement, it appear substantially attractive since it is fecund and informative. Furthermore, the most attractive quality that it pertains is it intends to appreciate the perception of the applicant which will consolidate the interest of the respective job aspirant. 

Figure 1: Advertisement

(Source: , 2017)

The advertisement, on the other hand, is quite specific in terms of the requisites and eligibility criteria that might cater the interest of the aspirant. The evident absence of any proportion of ambivalence enhances the interest of the respective applicant since in most of the cases, aspirants hesitate to apply perceiving the presence of any hidden reason or a substantial proportion of nepotism that will inherently restrict them from availing the respective job. Furthermore, the corresponding advertisement appear potent since it pertains an embedded intent to segment the applicants in accordance with merits which can be served as a paramount quality that the job advertisement possess and that is something that caters the interest of the applicant the most. This note can be further elaborated on the aspect of market segmentation that endows the advertisement with an added element that can literally allure the aspirant or the applicant simply by convincing that the seeker is looking for someone precise and strictly compliant with the requisite eligibility criteria.      

Identification and discussion regarding the second advertisement that can be termed to be attractive:

The second advertisement is related to the appointment of a sales executive in the company of Gloco. The ad can be termed to be much informative and well detailed. The details regarding the salary as well requirements for the job are well described in the advertisement. The company requires those staffs those who are well comfortable in three languages, that is Bahasa Malaysia, English and Chinese. Even the company has specified the qualifications that shall be required in order to make the application for the job. The applicant need to be holding a certificate of Diploma in any stream of education and any kind of degree certificate. The applicant can also be holding a professional degree or graduation degree or postgraduate diploma. 

Figure 2: Advertisement

(Source: , 2017)

The applicants should have any kind of higher or advanced academic degree that shall help them to gain proper success in the overall line for the job. The advertisement also specifies need of different things such as good and effective communication skill so that the applicant can communicate easily with other staffs as well clients of the company because the job is mainly related to marketing and sales aspect. The process for making the application is also provided in a detailed manner in the ad and the other contact details have also been provided. The overall range of the salary structure for the job has also been provided in the classified. Thus these things reflect that the advertisement is well detailed and informative and contains every other necessary data. Further, the ad is very attractive and well structured as well informative. It can be said that the ad is enough and much effective to be able to easily attract the attention of the applicants. 

Thus, it can be effectively stated that this advertisement is effective, well written, informative and well structured and has been pointed as per the needed and the demands of the company. It shall also be able to serve the purpose and needs of the job seekers and the applicants. 

Identification of some other advertisements that are not well written or seem to be discriminating:

Figure 3: Advertisement

(Source: , 2017)

This particular job advertisement by Green gold technologies seeks employees for the marketing executive job. This advertisement does not shed light on any specification except for the designation that the aspirants are applying for. It does not disclose any specifications regarding the company except for the fact that it is an online training company. This advertisement can be considered as to be an eminent example of an advertisement which is not well written. This is not a well written advertisement as it is not much informative in nature. 

It is important for any job advertisement to be informative and attractive so that it can attract the aspirants towards the particular company. The details of the job designation and the job role are not disclosed properly. Even the qualifications required for the post are not mentioned. The job advertisement does not shed light on the specific requirements of the company. If diploma students qualify for the job or not is not mentioned.

It is evident from analysis of the advertisement that it is unable to apprehend the spirit of appreciation of the expected applicants. The job advertisement is not competent enough to draw the proper applicants towards the advertisements. The nature of the advertisement under study is quite ambivalent and it does not address specific aspects of the recurring job that the aspirants will to apply for. 

Evaluation of ways and manner through which these advertisement can be rewritten:

In this regard, the governing traits that any job advertisement need to possess needs to be illustrated in order to identify the potential drawback that the respective advertisement need to mend. The traits can be categorized as-

  • The spirit of appreciating the perception of the expected aspirants
  • The competence of segment the proper applicant simply by setting the criteria with prudence
  • Reduce the proportion of ambivalence
  • Address every aspect of the recurring job in order to be informative and fecund

Relying on the above-mentioned apprehensions, the respective job application can be recommended to be a little bit more informative while illustrating the requisites with some more amount of precision. This will endow the respective organization with the mandatory fecundity that might ensure its reliability, Moreover, the flagrant presence of ambivalence can cater the cause of hesitation of the expected aspirant since it indicates the presence of debauch elements or several other ingredients that might pave the entire suspiscion towards nepotism will endow the applicant with a complex of refraining to apply for the job. Furthermore, it is evident from the attached adverstisement that the developer intends to undermine the ability of the aspirant to perceive. This may appear intolerable to the potential aspirant since the immediate sense of humiliation will restrict the respective aspirant to apply for the underlying job.  


The whole study has been done based upon the essence of identification and carrying detailed discussion regarding three advertisements. In the initial stage, two good and efficient ads have been chosen in order to continue the study. The ads have been studied and it has been overbed that the ads are effective, attractive and well written. They are much efficient in seeking the attention of the applicants and can also serve the purpose of the company as well as the applicants. Further, another ad has been also identified which can be termed to be much less attractive and effective and poorly written as compared to the previous two ads. The gaps in the ads have been studied and compared and different kind of advices have been prescribed which shall overall help in developing and bringing in proper development of the ads and make it more well written and well organized. 

Question 2:


Effective recruitment and selection is the process that mainly derives the way through which the organisations regardless of their size selects the people who are suitable for their organisation. It is considered as a crucial part of the human resource management of the organisation (O'Meara & Petzall, 2013). Therefore, the organisations need to be very careful while selecting the proper human workforce. In order to select the proper human workforce, the organisations also need to maintain some theories and models that can help them in this particular aspect. However, Al-Sarayrah, Obeidat, Al-Salti & Kattoua (2016) said that, it is not necessary for the organisations to select the same theories and models for their effective recruitment and selection strategies. There are different kind of theories and models that the organisations may use in order to incorporate the process of effective recruitment and selection process. 

In order to gather an ample amount of knowledge regarding this particular aspect there are three different articles that has been taken into consideration. These are “Human Resource Management Roles & Skills Shortages in Malaysian Organisations”, “The Effectiveness of the Strategic planning Of the Human Resources”, “Improving Employee Outcome through Human Resource Management Practices and Public Service Motivation: A Study of Malaysia Public Sector”. In addition to that, the organisation that has been chosen for this study is Celcom that belongs to the telecommunication industry of Malaysia. The organisation was established in 1988 and has their headquarters in Kuala Lumpur. 


Employing the proper person for the small business organisations such as Celcom is considered as the most vital and important aspect for the organisation. According to Ahsan, Fie, Foong & Alam (2013), an effective process of recruitment and selection can easily reduce the rate of employee turnover. As the entire process includes the right person with the right job skills, therefore it helps the business organisations to understand their strength and weakness. In addition to that, the proper interview and verification of the background of the employee also ensures the organisations with the reliability of the candidate and the quality of service that the person may provide to the organisation. Along with that it is also necessary for the business organisations to list down the skills based on which they would hire the new employees. The job advertisements need to be clear and specific. That can help the business organisations to find out the perfect candidate for the vacancy (Juhdi, Pa'wan & Hansaram, 2013). In addition to that, the process of selection also needs to be transparent enough so that all the candidates have at least one chance to present themselves before the board of interviewees. Celcom needs to be very much aware of these kinds of situations while hiring new employees to their organisational structure.

As different organisations has their own hiring needs, therefore depending on the different factors there are different models that has been described in the articles that has been chosen. One of them is the contingency hiring model. According to Manafi & Subramaniam (2015), in this particular model whenever the organisations come across with any kind of requirements, it asks their consultants for the resumes of the suitable candidates. Then the consultants charge fees from the candidate and therefore the risk factor is relatively high in this particular model. However, it is considered as the most prevalent way of recruiting employees to the organisation. In addition to that, the organisations may also use the retained search process for the recruitment phase. In this particular process, a consultant works for the effective recruitment for the organisation. However, this approach is not suitable for all kind of recruitments. This approach is suitable for the recruitment of CEO along with the different departmental heads (Miller & Bird, 2014). Along with that, there is another model that is related to the process of recruitment and selection. That is the exclusive requirements. The organisations sometimes provide their recruiters with some specific set of requirements and based on those requirements the consultants need to select the new employees.

Another model is very much famous is the recruitment process outsourcing model. In this particular process, the organisations outsource their entire recruitment process to other consultants. However, the amount of risk factor is relatively high than the other process because of the fact that the consultants are unknown of the organisation’s culture and the hiring process (Galang & Osman, 2013). Therefore, the organisations need to be careful enough while selecting the consultants. In addition to that, another model that can be taken into consideration is the outplacement. This particular process comes under consideration in the recession period. In this process if the business organisation needs to reduce some employees in order to cut down the cost, there are consultants who can make alternative arrangement for those employees in any other business organisation. However, this particular process is not all popular like the other processes (Fok-Yew & Ahmad, 2017). In addition to that, executive search is another process that has been taken under consideration by the studies. These teams mainly focus on the senior level selection of the employees such as the CEO along with the other departmental heads.  


            The first article mainly deals with the different kind of issues those are related to the different human resource factors. In addition to that, this article also provides an ample amount of knowledge regarding the process of recruitment and selection for the different business organisations. Moreover, the study also derives the importance of the effective recruitment and selection process along with the fact that how these processes can help the business organisations to have a proper growth in the competitive business sector. The study derives the advantage and the different issues that are related to the process of selection and recruitment for the business organisations. According to Salleh, Rosline & Budin (2015), the different advantageous factors can also help the business organisations to give a tough fight to the other business organisations those belongs to the same sector.

            The next article mainly derives the effectiveness of the strategic planning regarding the different human resource factors that are helpful for the business organisations to carry on their business functions. The strategic planning mainly brings out the strength and weakness of the business organisations and based on those areas the management of the organisation decides their next step in order to maintain the different organisational functions such as the process of recruitment and selection (Mohammed, Rahman & Al-Yaaqoubi, 2015). The organisations these days are upgraded to such extent that they can utilise the different models that are suitable for the process of recruitment and selection. However, they need to choose the models based on their working functionalities and the different strength factors based on which they sustain in the competitive world of business environment.

            Implementation of the HRM functions is not at all enough for the business organisations. They need to divide the proper roles and responsibilities to the employees that can help the business organisation to have a proper amount of growth in the business sector. Along with that, according to Kassim & Mokhberb (2015), the proper clarification of the job roles and responsibilities make the employees courageous enough to perform their allocated tasks. Therefore, it has a little amount of chance of error. Therefore, it can be said that the organizations need to maintain an effective process of recruitment and selection so that they can define the job roles to the proper and skilled employees.     


            When it comes to the proper analysis of the three different articles the first thing that needs to be taken into consideration is the fact that currently what are the different processes that the Malaysian business organisations are adopting in order to hire the skilled employees. The Malaysian business organisations these days are giving tough competition to the other countries in the Asian subcontinent. However, according to O'Meara & Petzall (2013), there are some sorts of issues in the process of recruitment of the Malaysian business organisations. One of them is the maintenance of the proper balance in between the speed and quality of hiring process. The recruiters need to maintain a proper balance in between the speed of hiring skilled employees and quality employees (Al-Sarayrah, Obeidat, Al-Salti & Kattoua, 2016). Sometimes it has been seen that the organisations lags behind in terms of quality selection as they are much focused on the quick selection process.

            In addition to that, it has also been found that the organisations are suffering from the out dated recruitment strategies. The business organisations therefore need to improve the process of hiring the new employees as the level of competition is getting much tough for them (Ahsan, Fie, Foong & Alam, 2013). If they miss a chance to get a skilled employee, the other organisations can easily get hold of that employee. In addition to that, as Malaysia is still developing, therefore it is tough for the business organisations to retain the employees. The employee are getting hike in their salary and immediately quits the job for better opportunity. This is considered as a major issue in the Malaysian system. In addition to that, amount of resources is limited for the recruiters therefore it is tough for them to recruit skilled employees. According to Simet al. (2016), that is why the effective process of recruitment and selection needs to be adopted by the Malaysian business organisations in order to provide a tough competition to the other countries belong to the Asian subcontinent.


            There are different processes that the organisations can undertake in order to make the effective recruitment and selection process. The organisations need to make sure the fact that they are going with their strengths. Based on the strength of the organisations they can recruit and select the skilled employees. However Yusoffet al. (2015) argued that, it is not always possible for the Malaysian business organisations. As the country is developing rapidly, therefore they need to make parity in between the culture of the organisation and the process of recruitment and selection. In addition to that, the models also need to be adopted based on the strengths and current scenario in which the organisation is. Along with that, the articles ale derives the fact the effective process of recruitment cuts down the cost of human resource functions. However, Juhdi, Pa'wan & Hansaram (2013) argued that, only the implementation would not be effective. It needs to be evaluated and monitored properly. Therefore, it can provide the business organisations in Malaysia with a positive set of results. The issue that has been found after going through the articles also needs to be mitigated and therefore the Malaysian industry needs to make a balance in between the speed of the selection and the quality of the selection. Along with that, they also need to update their recruitment strategy so that they can gather an ample amount of advantage from the recruitment and selection process.

General Comparison:

A fecund advertisement is also a reliable index of the Human Resources competence of the respective farm. The outline of the cumulative intent pertaining to the advertisement also displays the sincerity and compassion of the respective unit. An advertisement is informative only when it has courtesy to appreciate the vulnerable enquiries of the applicant. The quotient of ambivalence has been simultaneously reduced. Actually, the applicant wish to expect the organizational demeanour that he/she is going to experience from the respective organization.


            After summing up the entire study it can be concluded that the business organisations need to maintain and effective and efficient human resource policy in order to select proper and skilled employees. The management of the organisation also needs to be aware of the different requirements of the organisation and based on those requirements they can select the skilled employees. In addition to that, it has also been found that the proper job advertisement is also necessary for the business organisations in order to select the employees based on their requirements. Along with that, the study also derives the importance of the recruitment and selection process.

The proper process of recruitment and selection can help the business organisations to sustain in the competitive world and they can enjoy the different kind of benefits from their skilled employees. The different models those are described for the recruitment process also needs to be taken under considerations. It is not necessary for the business organisations to follow the same model. The management need to choose the model based on their requirements and the strengths. Therefore, it can help the business organisation to have a skilled set of employees those would be accountable towards the business organisation.

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