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Human Resource Practices are the practice by which members of the organization are developed. This practice happens with the proper involvement of training programs, motivational programs that can directly helps in increasing the performance of the company. The good human Resource Practice helps in the proper achieving of given objectives and increasing productivity.  The human resource practice is formed with the help of groups formed in the firm to properly carry out the practice for the betterment of the company. In this essay, the company Centre linkin Australia has carried out human resource practice. In order to maintain proper productivity all the company has to keep the practice of human resources. In this essay, the focus is made on the selected domain that is working with families and partnership. In the human resource practice, there is an involvement to recognize the human service organizations help the workers from the Centre link in the field of domain that is working with family and partnership. Analyzing the role of human service professional that is used in the retail company of Australia that is Centre link.  The properly identifying, values and knowledge based on the culturally diverse client in the given company. Moreover, the problems that are raised from the culturally diverse clients while carrying in human resource practices. In order to maintain the practice of human resource management, the company has to follow on the certain professional code of practices. In this regard, this study attempts to illustrate the various aspect of the human service organization, the role of the human service professional and the ethics and practices adopted by such organizations. 

1) Recognize a human service organization and properly select domain field and practice

Centre link is the largest human service company that properly practices the human resource. Moreover, the selected domain involves in the working with family and partnership. There is a huge important factors lie while working with family and partnership. In order to establish the relationship with family, a proper involvement of communication is highly required with the members of family. The family provides opportunity in the service by their involvement and also helps in taking tough decision (Baldwin, 2016). This tough decision helps the company to overcome from the tough situations. Family provides supporting role in creating beliefs and values on the service. Centre link provide a huge role in the involvement of family and partnership by providing better service across Australia and New Zealand. 

The firm has nearly 27 million customers and having a working family of about 180,000 members serves for the betterment of the company. Centre link has made a huge partnership with the other groups for spreading the service among the customers. Moreover, this helps in the company growth in production and earning of profits (Bowen, 2016). Centre link has involved with three main ideas, in order to make the partners works for long terms. These ideas are fairness, collaboration and involvement of local sources. In order to maintain properly about building up good relationship, the firms has built up mutual trust. The company has focused on the preferences of the customers, producers, members and manufactures. Organization has suppliers of about 79% involved in the better working to develop the products and services for the customers. The firm also provides the freedom to speak about the service that are involved with customers and partner. This is the main reason for which the company has managed to make involvement of third party to manage the complaints (Kong, Chadee & Raman, 2013). Companies’ products and service are served properly among the customers due to involvement of good family members and better partnership in Australia and New Zealand.   

2) Analysis role of human service professional and knowledge

Human service professional has driven to focus on helping of citizen and company performs in an optimal level. In the human service professional must conduct with proper knowledge and skills arranged to understand with citizen, group and in individual. This knowledge depends on the human behavior in individual or in group (Carnochan, Samples, Myers & Austin, 2014). Human service is based on the human development by depending on the behavior of society and culture. The staff member of human service professional plays many roles by properly designing optimal patterns for the society. 

Human service professional shows the capabilities on the areas such as :-

a)  A proper getting the knowledge on the firm and human system

b) The knowledge are conducted on the high level of human system. 

c) Recognizing many interventions for making the human system at a highest level.

The main roles of human service professional are to guide the individual and groups to function quickly and effectively on the main domains of practice.  The main purpose of the human service staffs is to help other people or groups.

Centre link perform a high social and human service practices for the betterment of the society. The social works involves in the gaining knowledge and creating high values in the society. Moreover, the company involves in the human service practice among the employees. Social works helps in running the awareness campaign program in the society based on the health or other issues. The proper human service practice helps in increasing the welfare of group, member and individuals in the society of Australia. The proper outcome of human service practice and social work helps the development of the society. The social work and human service practice creates a framework on the proper values and ethics among the society as well as to the members of the firm. Moreover, organization practices proper human service in the company, in order to communicate properly with customers. The involvement of social work and practice is highly required for the company's growth.  

3) Analysis knowledge, values and social human service practices with culturally diverse clientele:

There is a huge rise of competence between specific culture and diversity. In the competence of culture depends on the language and culture of the society. The new immigrants brings with different culture, religion, languages in the society. There lies with the involvement of internal displacement in the country with torture, extreme poverty involves with immigrant community. The professionals and society helps to gain a huge cultural competence based on good values. Social worker helps to provide good service in the society and also imparts the social injustice. Nowadays, social workers play cultural competence to properly strengthen the high ethical values. The social practices are performed in the company, schools for properly equipped with the cultural values among different members in the society (Sue, Rasheed & Rasheed, 2015)

In the Centre link, there are different members involved in the better working of the company. Moreover, the members have come from different culture, languages and religion. The company has kept the cultural differences of the members separately for the better working of the company. Organizations need the involvement of different cultural members due to daily visit of many customers from other country. The cultural competence helps in the development of the social workers and helps in properly perform services on the increasing diverse clientele. The social workers are trained properly based on the cultural competence to help the parents while adopting child on the cultural heritage. The workers also help in creating new planning of much activity that helps the child to be more active on culture (Rubin & Babbie, 2016). A good social worker having enough competent on culture can easily provide task based on culture and help to achieve the goals on the cultural divergent. A proper service helps on the cultural competent helps in gaining more culture on the society. The social workers based on cultural competence can properly address with different genders present in the society.  A person culture can be known based on knowledge and understand the background.         


4) Analyzing the potential ethical dilemmas while working with culturally diverse clients:

There are certain problems involved by the company while working with the culturally diverse clients. The problems belong with value systems and much cultural background. It involves with the involvement of ethical dilemmas on the cultural diversity. 

1) The properly understand the cultural values, rituals and belief caused in the cultural diversity.

2) There are differences on the values and the ethics while facing with different cultures (Martin, 2016)

3) While there is an involvement of making ethical decision based on cultures of non-majority. 

4) Moreover, the involvement of ethical decision helps in minimizing the conflicts. 

Moreover, the proper solving of ethical decisions helps in solving the ethical dilemmas in the culturally diverse clients.  In the Woolworths there is a huge involvement of culturally diverse clients as many customers visit daily (Sridharan, 2014). There is a cultural influence that makes the customers to make their full freedom in the choice. The company follows properly about the ethical and moral responsibility for the better working of the company. Centre link has performed human service practices for a long period of time for the betterment of society (Martin, 2016). Moreover, the company has involved in the supply of brands in the retails market. In order to have a huge customer and huge members working, involves in the cultural diversity. The company has made proper framework based on the cultural strategy, not creating any harm to the members of the Woolworth. Moreover, the company helps the member to enrich their cultural field and helps for not creating any diversity.  

5) Professional codes of ethics and practice: 

The professional codes of ethics and practice are conducted based on ethical benchmarks. The codes of ethics are set in four parts. These are Part A, Part B, Part C and Part D. Part A is set by the professional accountant. Part B is made by professional accountant while working in public. Part C is also set by executive accountant while working in business. Part D is set by professional accountants on the incomplete practices of business. There are basically five main principles made by ACCA book. These are objectivity, integrity, professional behavior, confidentiality and competence on the professional level. The Codes are applied based on the ethical principles and values for exact specific areas of practices (Woodside & McClam, 2016). The proper applicable of codes are deemed to all the groups. The Code of Ethics is to develop and properly maintain the professional competence. 

There are mainly three professional Codes of practice that are applicable in the daily practice. These are proper responsibility planned based on public interest. The groups or members have prime responsibility on the public interest. These are based on proper planning of techniques and skills for properly understand the interest on public (Bromley & Meyer, 2014). These are practices are made on the proper values and need that helps to encourage the working on public. In the proper planning, a right decision helps to execute the work properly. It is evident from the statement of corporate governance of Centre link that the organization is focused at enhancement of the shareholders value and in safeguarding their needs and interests. The management of the organization  is aimed carrying on with the operations in compliance with the ethical codes of conduct and adopt such practices that that meets high degree of disclosures and compliance (Bryan & Brown, 2015). While going through the annual report of the company it is noted that the management of the organization ensures that the various policies and the practices adopted by the organization in certain critical areas like financial reporting of the organization and the reporting of remuneration of the Board of Directors are all in compliance with the market standards and the ethical codes of conducts (Jackson, Schuler & Jiang, 2014)


In light of the above study, it can be established that the proper involvement of the human service practice helps in the development of the company that is Centre link. Moreover, it enhances the cultural diversity of the members as well as the customers. The company has worked with the family and partnership in order to get the proper planning and decision on the tough condition. It has been concluded that the proper role of human service organization helps in development of the company. Moreover, this helps to enhance the member's skill and knowledge on the working field. The culturally diverse clientele also involves with the social workers. The company has performed properly for gaining a proper position by the involvement in the cultural activity.