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ICMS is a career-focused leader offering quality education through undergraduate and postgraduate courses well recognized across Australia. There are a wide variety of courses offered by ICMS across a number of disciplines covered not only through basic undergraduate and postgraduate programs but also through special programs and pathways. 

These programs and pathways include diplomas (Aspire Institute), Diploma (ISCA), English Programs, Exchange Programs, Study Abroad programs and many more. It is the industrial training offered during postgraduate courses that is the key to success of ICMS students, with work placements built into every course of study. There are over 1000 industry partners that offers a consistent support to students of ICMS making it the best choice among those looking for a rewarding career or enhancing their skills in current positions. 

Important Course at ICMS

Some of the unique and most specialized programs offered by ICMS comprise of its Masters program in the field of Management with tourism and hospitality as the specialization. The course is focused on hospitality management simulations providing a simulation experience thereby reinforcing critical thinking as well as contemporary management decision-making skills. The students are challenged to exercise judgement and optimize the outcomes for the organization by responsibility to different scenarios related to hospitality scenarios. Similarly the course focus on developing an advanced understanding of sustainable tourism development, visitor behavior and management acting as a comprehensive program for students.

Similarly, the specialized masters program in strategic intelligence and analytics focus on a combination of training and theoretical concepts to demonstrate the use of internal and external information for reaching to better decisions. The course is also focused on developing highest level of proficiency in understanding entrepreneurship and innovation and offers study in the subject of responsible leadership where students learn to better understanding themselves, others, teams and maintaining a balanced approach towards leading the organization. 

Another key course is master of Even Management where the holistic study comprise of the subjects related to impact of strategic planning of international events, sustainable best practice for events and innovation in event concept and design. These courses through a 4-semester system maintain a balance of theoretical learning as well as practical implementation of such concepts through regular assignments and project work. 

Talking about the certifications offered by the institute, ICMS provides short-term course opportunities in the form of Graduate Certificate of Business and Graduate Certificate in Event Management providing foundational knowledge needed to start or further a career in these fields. This comes as an opportunity for professionals who have already received a Bachelor’s degree and want to upgrade their qualifications as well as for the study abroad students seeking a formal qualification after completing their ICMS semester at a postgraduate level. 

Assignment Help Service for ICMS Students

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Hire native Aussie tutors to get customized ICMS assignment help and raise your grades with every assignment solution. Some of the important courses where our experienced tutors offer assignment help are:

  • ICMS CMED729 Research Methodology
  • MKT600 Principles of Marketing
  • TOU800 International Tourism
  • ECO600 Economics and Finance for Business
  • RES800 Research Methods
  • HOS801 Strategic Management in Tourism and Hospitality
  • IND801 
  • ECO803 International trade and Logistics
  • HOS802 Hospitality Management Simulations
  • MGT808 Responsible Leadership

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