ICT 272 Create Basic C Sharp Console Application Assessment 2 Answer

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Assessment 2

Assessment type: Practical C# programming project - Individual Assignment

Assessment purpose: To develop a basic C# console application. It is designed to assess your understanding of variables, constants, types, operators, input/output, loops, if statements, classes, objects and functions. This assessment contributes to learning outcomes a and b.

Value: 10%

Assessment topic: Create a basic C# console application

Task details: Australian coffee roasters are wholesalers selling coffee beans to wholesalers and retailers. Currently the company sells only one type of beans called “Organic espresso blend”. Coffee beans are packaged in a 1kg bag. If the quantity of the coffee bags purchased are higher, then the price is lower.

Resellers attract a 10% discount on the total price.

Create a basic C# console application to calculate and display coffee beans sales for N customers who purchased coffee beans from Australian roasters. The prices of coffee beans bags are shown below

Price (including tax)
1-3 bags (each bag is 1kg)
$38 per bag
3-10 bags
$35.5 per bag
More than 10 bags
$33.7 per bag

Specific requirements:

  • The application should ask the user to enter the customer name, the number of coffee bags, and yes or no to indicate whether the customer is a reseller. The reseller customers receive a 10% discount on their orders no matter how many coffee bags they purchase.
  • Assume that the quantity (number of coffee bags) is an integer type with the range between 1 and 100. An error message should be issued if a user enters a value beyond this range and the re-entering is required.
  • The program makes a calculation of the order and displays the result of customer details and the total price as shown below. The program should be kept running with entering the next set of input data.
  • After all N sets of input data are entered from the keyboard, your program will also display the information that includes the customer spending most, the customer spending least as shown in the below figure

  • The application should be user-friendly by displaying appropriate welcome, exit and error messages.

Submission requirements details: All files must be uploaded on Moodle as a zipped File. Create a user manual to show how the program works. Also, you need to provide screenshots for test case when the user enters a quantity less than 1 or greater than 100. Assignment cover, user manual, and test cases should be submitted in one word format report.

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