ICT101 Introduction To Internet And Web Development Assessment 2 Answer

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ICT101 Introduction to Internet and Web Development Assessment 2 – Individual project work


In this assessment, you will first read and understand a case study on the development of a website that serves as a marketplace for second-hand products. In this assessment, you will focus on the backend development. In particular, you will be applying the knowledge of JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL to implement interactive web designs.

Important information

Please include SISTC’s assessment cover page at the beginning of the assessment This assessment weighs 25% of your final grade

There are two tasks in this assessment, you need to zip your answers for the two tasks and submit the zipped file.

Submitting your work late will attract a 10% reduction of mark for each day beyond the due date. A delay of more than 5 days will result in being granted a 0.

It is recommended that you plan your time appropriately and that you start your assessment early which will give you time to gain feedback from your lecturer and do well.

Please note that both tasks in this assessment should be built on your programming work in the assessment 1.

Learning Outcomes Assessed

The following course learning outcomes are assessed by completing this assessment task: LO3. develop simple web pages using and demonstrating basic aspects of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript;

LO4. design effective and user-friendly simple web pages, embracing usability principles and adhering to style guides;

LO5. understand, and be able to modify, very simple interactive web systems using PHP and MySQL on the server side;

Assessment Tasks

Task 1:

Your manager has asked you to implement a functionality called “magic advertisement”. That is, consumers will see a special selection of normal advertisements (at least 6 advertisements). Consumers will also see a button besides the advertisement area called “magic advertisement”. Once consumers click on it, they will see the advertisements in the special section to be changed into special offers (e.g. reduced price) – while the normal advertisements in their previous website design remain unchanged. Please note that you need to use Javascript to implement this functionality.

Your task is to

  • Design a special area with HTML/CSS codes to display at least 6 advertisements. Place a button at the bottom of this area.
  • Once the button is clicked, the existing advertisements will be replaced with new advertisements:
    • The new product description should include the old product description and starts

with “[Special offer!]”.

  • “[Special offer!]” needs to be bold and in red colour.
  • The product price will be dropped by 30%.
  • Other advertisement information as well as advertisements outside the special new area should remain unchanged.

Task 2:

Your manager also gives you another task which is to implement a user registration functionality. You need to use a form to collect user registration information including a username and a password. Once submitted, the registration information will be sent to the server and stored in a special MySQL database (This database needs to be created in a separate php file, named “ database.php ”, at first. The


 “ICT101_password”). There are three possible outcomes of the registration process:

  • If the username is a used one (i.e. you already have a same username data in the database), you need to output an error message – “Sorry! This username has been taken!”;
  • If the password is too short (less than 10 characters), the web systems will also not accept this new user. You need to output this error message - “Sorry! The password is too short!”
    • Please note that you may have the first and the second situation happening at the same time.
  • If both username and password are okay, you will insert the user information into the MySQL database and record its information. After it is done, a successful registration message needs to be displayed on the user’s webpage - “Thanks! The registration process has been successful!”

Please note that you need to use Javascript, PHP, and MySQL in a combination to implement these functionalities.

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