ICT 203 Human Computer Interaction T120: Designing Website Prototype Assessment 4 Answer

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Assessment 4 

Assessment type: Group assessment 

Purpose: This assessment will allow students to develop a website. This assessment contributes to learning outcomes c and d. 

Value: 50% (Project plan 10%; Group report 25%; Group presentation 15%) 

Assessment topic: Group Project (3-5 members in a group): project plan (500 words — will be discussed in class), report with working prototype (2,500 words) and presentation (15 minutes). 

Task Details: This assessment requires students to design a website of their choice in their area of interest Students are required to develop a prototype of the website. The prototype will be used to test the applicability of interface design. Students are allowed to use any software tools of their choice to develop the prototype. A group report needs to be completed and students must present the outcome of their project. Students will be expected to answer the questions during the presentation about their project 

The project plan must include: 

1) Title and description of the website 

2) Design Plan (preliminary sketches of the website) 

3) Members role and responsibilities 

4) Project Plan (Gantt Chart and other related information) 

The Report must contain following sections: 

1) Introduction of the report 

2) Detailed design of the webpages and all interfaces 

3) Prototype development with teasing and screenshots 

4) Conclusion and Recommendations 5) References 

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