ICT 272 Web Design And Development T120: Assessment 2 Creating And Testing A Dynamic Website Answer

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ICT 272 Web Design and Development T120

Assessment 2 

Assessment type: Individual assignment. 

Purpose: This assessment will allow students to demonstrate that they can develop dynamic website. Students are also required to install jQuery mobile; create bundles for mobile views; design layout for mobile views; design products page for mobile; and design category wise products page for mobile. Students are required to develop, test and maintain a dynamic Internet application for business using an integrated suite of software tools. This assessment contributes to learning outcomes a, b, c and d. 

Value: 40% 

Part A — Create and test a Responsive design website using JQuery Mobile 25% 

Part B — Document the concept and implementation in a report 15% 

Topic: Create and test a dynamic website 

Task Details: Website Part A — Create and test a Responsive design website using JQuery Mobile 

o Create a web application similar to Assignment 1, but using JQuery Mobile as the framework o Use JQuery by referring to Microsoft CDN or Google Code o Design layout for Mobile views

o The design should follow the Responsive Design context 

o Use Master Page to keep Menu and Footer same for all pages o Use data-role(page) and content pages to create different pages 

o Website should be responsive when accessed on different devices 

The website should use JQuery mobile and ASP.NET controls 

Submission requirements details: AU files must be uploaded on Moodie as a zipped File. 

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