ICT304 Enterprise Systems And Architecture Design Project Assessment 3 Answer

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Assessment 3

Assessment type: Group Project and Written Report Assessment (2,500 words)

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to provide students with practical experience in working in teams to write a research report to outline the rationale, challenges and benefits provided to different businesses by developing enterprise architecture for the specified system. This assessment contributes to learning outcomes c and d.

Value: 30% (Report 25%; Group Work Activity Report 5%)Due date: Week 12

Submission requirements details: All work must be submitted on Moodle by the due date. Reference sources must be cited in the text of the report, and listed appropriately at the end in a reference list using Harvard Anglia referencing style.

Assessment topic: Enterprise Systems and Architecture (ESA) design project

Task Details: Students are required to identify core processes and design a suitable ESA “blueprint” for a specified industry.

You will work in a small group of 2-3 students in a group. Every group should select/prepare their case study on a different business type such as:

  • Health Organizations
  • Academic Institutions
  • Public Relations Agency

Students should consult with their lecturer or tutor (either in person or via email) to get their topic approved, and to make sure that there is no direct overlap between groups. Once the topic has been approved, students should begin the preliminary work for the assignment. The assignment has two deliverables:

Deliverable 1: Write a report of minimum 2,500 words 

Deliverable 2: Group Work Activity report

To design a suitable ESA structure for the chosen industry, students are required to identify core business processes and support functions; front office and back office systems, core information entities; transactions and information flows; material and financial systems, and support systems for running the business and management; and external and internal integration

Each group will provide a group work report on how the group has worked together to produce the final report. It should not contain the main deliverable itself in the final report. Each group documents on how members discuss and the division of responsibilities and describe how the individual efforts capitalized on strengths of each group member. It will be used an evidence of individual contributions in the group.

Each group is expected to have at least five group meetings. The meetings minutes documented and attached as Appendix of the group work report, clearly indicating who was present, issues and actions, agreed timelines. The group work must indicate that a fair and reasonable distribution of work among the group members have been achieved. Periodic information such as emails or diary entries must be inserted into the correct section in chronological order

If the submitted work suggests that not all contributions were of equivalent standard and effort, differential marks will be awarded to individuals within the same group. It must also document what individual group members understood as their allocated task, that individual group members submitted allocated work of acceptable standard and quality by the date that was agreed upon.

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