ICT380 The Need For Information Security Management For SMEs: Assignment 1 Solution

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The Need for Information Security Management for Small to Medium Size Enterprises

ICT380 Assignment 1 Instructions 

Murdoch University

Due Date: Saturday, 29th February 2020 

Research the topic of Information Security Management from quality sources and write research essay on the topic of: The Need for Information Security Management for Small to Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs) 

The research essay is an individual assignment. It is not part of the group’s work for the unit. The essay should not exceed 3500 words, including references. The essay should not be below 2900 words or exceed 3500 words (5% penalty will apply). 

Your research essay should explore four (4) topics among the ones listed below, focusing on the major relevant issues of the chosen topics. The research essay should describe and discuss the challenges in the introduction and implementation of information security regimes in small to medium enterprises (SMEs) compared against implementation in much larger organizations. 

Student must discuss the following:- 

1. Introduction, and 

2. Justifying the need for sound Information Security Management in SMEs, include 

o Statistics of cyber-security threats targeting large originations vs 

o Statistics of cyber-security threats targeting SMEs originations

Then, choose four (4) topics among the following:-

Implementation of Information Security Frameworks 

 Implementation of AI and Machine Learning in Cyber Security 

 Data Privacy issues in Information Security Management 

 Disaster Recovery Planning in Information Security Management 

 Regulatory Compliance in Information Security Management 

 Smartphone Security Management

NOTE: This is NOT an essay about what SMEs should do, but rather it’s a research based analysis of challenges they face in implementing ISM regimes in the security areas—topics— you will be discussing. You will therefore be marked as follows: For each topic, (i) describe the topic; (ii) discuss the major relevant issues relating to its implementation in SMEs with supporting evidence/references; (iii) against larger organization with supporting evidence/references. You must base your discussion on the work of credible and relevant authors – that means in-text citation and references must be provided. See next page, for acceptable references and a referencing guide.

You must produce a research essay based on the work of credible and relevant authors (not your opinion or gut-feeling about information security management). The research essay should be fully referenced. The essay is marked purely on content, so essays that simply try to make up the word limit but provide limited information will receive poor marks. Please format your document in font size 12, double line spacing and single column.

You must submit the essay in WORD format to the unit coordinator through the LMS assignment submission system. So that your work doesn't get mixed up with others', use a filename that follows the convention: Unit code, trimester, year, assignment name, your last name, e.g., ICT380_TJA_2020_Research_Essay_Lastname.docx.

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