ICT60115 Advanced Diploma Of Information Technology: Research On Amazon Assessment Answer

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ICT60115 - Advanced Diploma of Information Technology

Submission Details

This assessment task is to be submitted online by the due date specified by your Trainer/Assessor which is labelled on Moodle. Your assessor must approve any variations to this arrangement in writing.

Submit a file with the required evidence attached as per 

  • Specifications below
  • Acknowledgement of original work, free from plagiarism
  • Special needs (considerations if required see Access & Equity Policy)
  • Naming document files when submitting assessments
  • Identifying the Unit, Assessment Number, student name, student number, date and page number (preferably) in the Footer
  • Assessor’s additional and particular instruction/s.

Assessment Overview

This Assessment will assess Evidence of the ability to:

  • use network administrative tools to carry out system administration tasks
  • manage the network file system
  • create the network configuration required by the client
  • provide user services and user accounts
  • provide backup and service restoration capability.


Elements describe the essential outcomes.

Performance criteria describe the performance needed to demonstrate achievement of the element.

 1. Review client s business domain

1.1 Research organisational service standards, values and culture to understand the organisational environment
1.2 Investigate and document the goods and services provided by the organisation
1.3 Review current service level agreements (SLAs) if appropriate

2. Develop new business with client

2.1 Research client service needs and preferred level of service
2.2 Research opportunities for new business with client
2.3 Develop draft proposals to cover these new initiatives

3. Negotiate new business initiatives

3.1 Conduct a session with the client to present the new opportunities
3.2 Present proposals to the client in a clear, concise and comprehensive manner
3.3 Present proposed cost and timeframes to the client
3.4 Negotiate terms with the client and record alterations if required
3.5 Clarify areas of uncertainty or disagreement
3.6 Document agreement negotiated with the client

4. Monitor, adjust and implement procedures to maintain client focus

4.1 Assess progress in achieving new client initiatives
4.2 Gather client feedback to improve the proposals
4.3 Adjust service provided to the client based on client feedback and in line with organisational guidelines
4.4 Document changes to new provisions

Performance Evidence

Evidence of the ability to:

  • assemble a proposal for a new business initiative
  • develop a strong awareness of the clients business
  • present and negotiate a proposal with the client
  • formulate and implement new business
  • monitor and maintain client relationship and requirements of service.

Knowledge Evidence

To complete the unit requirements safely and effectively, the individual must:
  • discuss business practices relevant to understanding client needs, including:
  • change management
  • information gathering techniques
  • planning process, including development of information and communications technology (ICT) business solutions
  • preparation of reports
  • identify current industry accepted hardware and software products relevant to client services and support, including:
  • general features and capabilities
  • vendor product directions
  • identify and interpret legal principles of commercial contracts and service level agreements (SLAs)
  • interpret organisational policies, plans and procedures, including contracting
  • summarise the concepts of negotiation and the process for building business relationships.

Assessment Conditions

Gather evidence to demonstrate consistent performance in conditions that are safe and replicate the workplace. Noise levels, production flow, interruptions and time variances must be typical of those experienced in the general ICT industry, and include access to:
  • organisational policies, procedures and SLAs for the ICT industry
  • contexts for negotiating agreements and contracts
  • current ICT hardware and software products.
Assessors must satisfy NVR/AQTF assessor requirements.

General Instructions

  • You are required to answer all questions within each Assessment Task and be assessed as “Satisfactory” in each to gain competency in this unit. 
  • Submit the completed Assessment Tasks to your Trainer & Assessor through MOODLE.
  • If you have any questions regarding this assessment, please contact your Trainer & Assessor

Case Study


Sydney Video Rentals is a small business that has been operating in a large country town for five years. Its main business is to rent videos to its members.  There are approximately 5000 members and 10,000 videos in stock.  

Business Details

The business is owned and managed by David lee. There are six permanent staff and up to six casual staff.

Of the permanent staff, Deb Papadopoulos and Dawn Schultz are the most experienced and supervise the running of the store, one on each shift. Danny Jones, Paul Trang, Mae Willis and Terry De Santo are also permanent and at least two of them are rostered on each shift.

Ted Sloan is responsible for the accounting and purchasing functions of the business and Mary Davidson handles preparation of the rosters and payroll. The accounting function is currently computerised, using an accounting software package. In addition, other functions are manual.

David lee also manages the business. This involves planning and decision making regarding the business, and resolving problems and issues that arise. Such as customer complaints that cannot be resolved by the staff.  

Deb and Dawn work mainly at the counter, handling rentals, bookings and overdues.  Danny, Terry, Paul and Mae spend much of their time shelving videos and any other duties as directed. The casuals perform counter work.

Expected Values 

  • We are dedicated to satisfying customer needs and committed to doing business in right way 
  • Our team is supportive to our customer with professionally.
  • We strive for excellence through ongoing improvement.

Expected Service standard 

  • To Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by improving operational effectiveness and staff productivity
  • To Implement a continuous improvement program in order to achieve high performance service environment  
  • To maintain the best professional service organizations and best practices to enhance productivity 


The population of the town has grown steadily in the last two years and another video store opened in the town six months ago, which, whilst not as old or as big as Sydney Video Rentals, has grown rapidly in the short period.

David lee is concerned that the business has not grown in line with the town’s growth and patronage seems to be static or even in a slight decline. In addition, customer complaints seem to be increasing. With the advent of the new video store, David is keen to increase the competitiveness of his business.

David believes that his business is not growing in line with expectations, based on the growth of the town. His measures of growth include:

  • Profit - down about 20% last year on the previous year. Mainly due to a decline in revenue.  Expenses remained pretty much the same.
  • Number of customers. Perception that the number of customers has declined. Difficult to tell, as customers do not let you know they are leaving, they just do not come back. Not attracting new customers as well as in the past.
  • Number of rentals. Once again, difficult to determine, but feeling is that this is static or declining slightly.
  • Staffs are not getting motivated to work, staff turnover increasing  

David attributes the lack of growth or possible decline to competition from Netflix and amazon prime, iTunes etc. 

Some customer complaints include:

  • The lengthy time it takes to answer queries, such as whether a particular video is available
  • Inaccurate information, such as indicating a video is available when it is not
  • Customers booking videos and not being notified when they are available
  • The time it takes to process a video rental.
  • They also found a very unprofessional and poor customer service due inexperience staff members 

Two other areas of particular concern are:

  • Over dues - slow in following up overdue videos. Over dues are expected to be completed on a daily basis, but sometimes more pressing tasks take precedence. A charge is levied on overdues, but not retrieving the videos as soon as they are due means that someone else misses out, and this causes member dissatisfaction.
  • Decisions affecting future directions, marketing strategy etc. are made based on 'gut feeling' rather than solid fact. The data about such things is in the card files, but is too cumbersome to extract.  

The accounting system is computerised – a popular software package is currently used. Both the computer and the package are several years old but continue to work effectively. There are no current problems with the payroll or purchasing operations.

Most of the staff’s time is spent keeping the card records of members and videos up to date. Based on recent observation it is estimated that the equivalent of one third of a staff member's time is spent recording this information.  Using an average salary of $50,000 per year, approximately $20,000 can be allocated against record keeping.

A maximum budget of $100,000 is available for this project, and a solution is required within a couple of months if possible.  

Please also see some current examples

Sydney’s last video stores are closing down

How one of Sydney's last DVD stores has survived iTunes and Netflix

Task 2 – Research: you need to select any of the following company to review their business domain-

  1. Alibaba
  2. eBay
  3. Amazon
  4. Facebook
  5. Netflix
  6. Apple
  7. Microsoft

Once you select your research organization then discuss the following answer:

  1. What is the organisation service standards, values and culture?
  2. What are the goods and services provided by the organisation?
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Answer :

Research on Amazon

Task 2:

1. What are the organisation service standards, values and culture?

Amazon Company is one of the best e-commerce companies in the world. Amazon Company is very famous for its customer obsession. The ownership of this company is very high. This company is not biased for action. This company also has good quality front end employees as well as back end employees. The delivered result of this company is on point. It also delivers the products on time. This company earns trust from customers from all over the world. This company is a recommendation engine which is real time. Amazon Company also values customer feedback. This company has a deep customer-brand relationship (Business Insider, 2019a). 

The customer service norm is like the DNA of the company. This is a very customer-centric company, unlike other e-commerce company. 

Amazon Company also set s a good culture inside the organisation as well as the outside of the organisation. The primary objective of this company is customer satisfaction. From the entry level to executive level this organisation maintains and builds a healthy workplace culture. The employees of the company always listen to the customers and also other employees. This company takes appropriate steps to gather the needs of the customers and to fulfil them this company tries very hard. 

The core value of this company is that every employee manages themselves on their own. The vision of this company is to be the customer-centric e-commerce company (Amazon, 2019). The employees of this company seek self-improvement, and all the employees of this company try to improve themselves on a regular basis. The employees of the company are very technically skilled, and they value the company more than anything. They are also very tactically efficient. The employees of the company think big to do big.  The responsibility of the company lies on the shoulders of the employees. They try to insist on the standards which are very high in quality. This is why they hire frequent candidates and develop them for the best.

2) What are the goods and services provided by the organisation?

The goods and services provided by the Amazon Company are quite goods. The quality of the product and services provides by the service provider are also very good. The whole thing of this company comes in a full package and the way this company provides the services and goods are done in a proper way. The services are done in the right way so that the customer can get all the products at the right time what they have ordered. They can also track the order after ordering the product. The service providers of Amazon Company are very skilled, and they always listen to the customers. If any products get dirty, comes in the wrong size there are replace and return options there. The customers can easily replace or return them. The price of the product of this company is very cost effective. Most of the traffic comes from the online app. This is why the company tries to include more tools and products to the online app.

 The quality of the goods in this organisation is excellent. The customers can order anytime and from anywhere with the help of the app. There are also retail goods which include DVD, VCD etc. There are many electronics goods are there, and they are of good quality. There are plenty of products in this app rather than one can find those products in a traditional market (Business Insider, 2019b). This is why the customers get very interested in buying those products from this company. In 2005, Amazon Company launched Amazon Prime (Washingtonpost.com, 2019). There are many digital contents are there in this channel. The quality of this digital content is also outstanding. This company also launches a private level and exclusive marketing arrangements. This company has also launched Amazon web series. The customers can provide their feedbacks and also grievances through this app. The company also tries to upgrade the service and goods quality depending on the feedbacks because the main motive of this company is to listen to the customers, unlike many e-commerce companies. This is the only reason this company is able to retain the goods and service quality at its best.