ICTNWK607 Design And Implement Wireless Network Security Assessment 03 Answer

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Assessment Details
Qualification Code/TitleICT50415 Diploma of  Information Technology Networking 
Assessment TypeAssessment -03 ( Project )


Unit of Competency
National Code/TitleICTNWK607  Design and implement wireless network security

Activity 1 – Analysis of the END to END wireless security solution 

This activity is continuing from the previous assessment task. 

Once the planning of the wireless network security solution is done along with the implementation of the network security plan. You need to analyse the end to end wireless network security solution. For that you need to prepare a report on the evaluation of the network security. 

You will prepare the report under the supervision of the trainer/assessor and needs to complete the template given below. The report will not only help to strengthen the wireless network security but will also help to update network security plan in order to mitigate wireless network vulnerabilities for the security and the integrity of the network:

The report must include the following and you are also required to complete the template of the report given below:

  • Purpose of the report 
  • Stakeholders 
  • Analyse end to end Wireless network Security solution 
    • Research end to end security solutions (Internet)
    • Write security procedures or steps you will follow to implement end to end security 
  • Analyses given network architecture and identify the feasibility of the network 
    • Overview of network admission control
    • Identify additional servers and/or services required 
  • Evaluate high level authentication process to ensure integration of the network
    • Check different authentication levels and security of current network 

Template for Report on Analysis of the END to END wireless security solution

Analysis of the END to END wireless security solution
End to end Wireless Network Security solution
Network Admission Control Architecture
Identify additional servers and/or services required
High level authentication process

Activity 2Testing of Wireless Controllers and IDPS Solutions

Continuing from the previous tasks, you need to test wireless controllers using the network tools along with the IPDS solution. This will help to manage the requirements of WLAN as per the advanced security requirements. You will perform the testing under the supervision of the trainer/assessor.

You need to complete this activity in 6-8 hours. Your trainer may provide you additional time if required.

Note: For This activity RTO/Assessor will provide you the following:

  • A site or prototype where network installation may be conducted
  • Hardware and software
  • Organisational guidelines (Given in the scenario)
  • Live network
  • Stand-alone and lightweight WLAN controllers and access points (AP)
  • Hardware and software WLAN site survey tools
  • Hardware and software IDS and IPS.

You need to perform the testing of wireless controllers and the IPDS solution as per the following:

  • Wireless controllers
    • Configure wireless controllers 
    • Test the functionality of wireless controller 
  • Configure the IDS to prevent malicious activities
    • Configuring Rogue Detection (GUI)
    • Configuring Rogue Detection (CLI)
    • Classifying Rogue Devices
    • Configuring Rogue Classification Rules (GUI)
    • Configuring Rogue Classification Rules (CLI)
    • Viewing and Classifying Rogue Devices (GUI)
  • Troubleshoot the integration issues with access control 
  • Configure and test the WLAN controllers for wired and wireless IPDS network security
    • Configuring IDS Signatures
    • Viewing IDS Signature Events 
    • Configuring SNMP
      • Changing the SNMP Community String Default Values
      • Configuring Real Time Statistics
      • Configuring SNMP Trap Receiver
  • Check firewall configuration
    • Review the inbound and outbound security 
    • Check the firewall setting is aligned with the organisational firewall requirements 
  • Use network tools (at least two tools)
    • Test wireless controllers
    • Test IPDS solutions at least two tools
  • Review report produced by IDS related to network threats
  • Update the security plan based on IDS, firewall and SNMP configuration to reduce wireless vulnerabilities 
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