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Assessment 3 — Written Assignment of 3000 words due in week 9 (50%) — Friday 3rdApril 2020, 11.59pm

Assignment topic

The aim of critical appraisal is to ensure the clinical research articles are reliable, valid and applicable before it is applied to a patient.

In this assignment, you are required to critically appraise 2 peer reviewed journal articles using the criteria given in the rubric. You must select 2 evidence in relation to your chosen articles and critically appraise, compare, evaluate the credibility and applicability of evidence. The 2 articles must be attached with this assignment. 

Assessment criteria

  • Select two peer reviewed research articles in relation to the topic of your interest in the context of health/nursing.
  • Select a minimum additional 8 literature/research articles that provide the strongest evidence for your topic to support your analysis. Your articles must be < 7 years old.
  • Your assignment must have an introduction, body and a conclusion.
  • USE APA FORMAT. Information cited from unreliable websites, pamphlets or magazines is not acceptable for this paper.
  • The assignment will be marked according to the rubric below.

Assessment Guide/ Appraisal Tool

The critical appraisal tool is provided as an aid which you might like to use when analyzing the article(s). You might find it useful to use these sub-headings to appraise, compare and evaluate your selected articles using the following items.

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