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Assessment 4 — Written Assignment 50% (2750 words) due week 

Nurses in every position, specialty, and   healthcare organization face challenges. Technology continues to change at a rapid   pace, the need for cultural sensitivity will expand, and pressure to work long hours while   remaining sharp, attentive and skilled will remain part of the profession.   The issues   present differently depending on your role as a nurse; whether you are a   nurse manager or working directly with patients on the floor.
In this assignment, students   will identify a professional nursing issue, and undertake a critical analysis that focuses on this   issue and discuss solutions to the issue, such as the implementation of new policies (at hospital   or state government level'.

The student may choose from one of the below issues or select an alternative issue that has been approved by your lecturer/tutor. Some of the currently identified issues include:

Nursing Burnout

Compassion Fatigue

Workplace Safety 

Nursing shortages 

Increased workload 

An aging workforce 

Violence against nursing 

Horizontal Violence

Increased workload 

Recruitment and retention

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