IKC101 Indigenous Australian Cultures And Contemporary Realities: Assessment 1 Journal Entry Answer

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IKC101 - Indigenous Australian Cultures, Histories and Contemporary Realities 

Assessment item 1 - Journal Entry 

Value: 10% 

Length: 500 words 


In order to address this task, make sure you have read chapter one, Introduction to cultural competence (pp. 3-12), from this academic source: 

Ranzijn, R., McConnochie, K. R., & Nolan, W. (2009). Psychology and Indigenous Australians: Foundations of cultural competence. South Yarra, VIC: Palgrave/Macmillan. 

(https://primo.csu.edu.au/discovery/ fulldisplay?docid=alma991012725365702357&context=L&vid=61CSU_INST:61CSU&search_scope=MyIns 

Use the above referencing format in your Reference List to acknowledge the source in your Assessment Items. You will find this source in the Reading List in the subject site, as well as in Module1, Topic 1. 

Write a 500 word journal entry that reflects your current understandings of Australian culture and history and the experiences of Indigenous Australian peoples. 

Your journal entry must show evidence that you have considered the following questions: 

• Where do you place yourself on the continuum of cultural competence? 

• What do you know / not know about Indigenous cultures, histories and contemporary experiences? 

• Where and/or from whom did that knowledge come? 

• What do you know / not know about Australian culture and history? 

• Can you identify any limitations to what you know?

Specific requirements 

In your journal entry you must make reference to the cultural competence matrix in the above reading and reference it using the APA (7th ed.) referencing system. 


This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s: 

• be able to investigate, compare and reflect on standpoint to explain Indigenous and 

non-Indigenous peoples' historical positioning.

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