Illustrations Thigh And Low Culture In Artink Magazine Assessment Answer

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Question :

• Go to a Contemporary magazine and find. illustrations thigh and low culture. Indicate what type of consumers might be attracted to these different messages.

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Answer :

Artink magazine focus on covering contemporary art and ideas from Australia and the Asia Pacific. The aim is to cover the issues important to the contemporary visual arts in the global environment and take up the themes of ecology, art and science, environment, public art and community engagement (Artlink, 2019). The magazine provides illustrations on high culture keeping a balance in its efforts to link environment and issues with daily life of people while providing a platform for the creative exchange of ideas. 

The consumers attracted towards such messages will be those related to the field of arts (art professionals), aim to study a culture through the lens of art and artefact (Brottman, 2015). For instance, the changing nature of education across schools and universities is presented through visual art, reviews on various art galleries making it possible for high culture aristocracies to visualize the position of education in real world situation.

Similarly in some of the annual reviews of the magazine, the life of indigenous community, their issues, education, development and culture are represented through art illustrations directed at high culture audience (Gans, 2010). Moreover audience (children and youth) or consumers looking for detailed information about new futures in the field of art education find the magazine useful. The high culture messages are spread through support to right of people with experience of disability to access the arts making the consumers looking for an opportunity to bring in a social change interested in the magazine like Artlink.