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Answer :

Impact of autonomous robots on changing human lives


In order to know about the future dependability of human on autonomous robots, it becomes important to analyse the impact of these robots on human lives. Autonomous robot word is derived from the Czech word “robota” which stands for forced labour (Hameed et al. 2019). An autonomous robot is a machine which observes and learn the things from its surrounding through multiple electronics and programming mechanism. The fundamental difference between a robotic system and autonomous robot is that robotic system is fully loaded with electronics machinery to perform a particular task whereas an autonomous robot is a system which consists various chipsets with programming and sensing the outer environment during their work, known as the Artificial Intelligence. At present, due to the applications of autonomous robots in various fields have led humans to be very much depending on the autonomous robots. Due to the application of automation, humans prefer to do the work with the help of autonomous robots. 

Positive Impact By The Autonomous Robots On Human Life: 

A high level of autonomy is provided by autonomous robots that help them perform any task without any external influence. Robotics, information engineering and artificial intelligence consider robotics as autonomous robotics. A robot,  which is totally autonomous, can gather more information from the environment. It also helps in working without any human intervention for an elongated period. The positive impact of autonomous robots on the daily activities of human lives are described below: 

1. In the purpose of the safety of humans: 

By using autonomous robots like drones and driverless cars nowadays, it is very easier to find out the suspect of a crime scene. In the future, it should be possible that by implementing the technology of autonomous robotics, more precise security should be used to secure human safety (Christensen et al. 2016). The Autonomous Robots laced with Artifical Intelligence is also able to detect the face that has been used in some of the latest smartphones for enhancing security.

According to the reports of 2017, California faced a critical disaster due to the wildfires (Nicas and Fuller, 2018). In the future, it may be possible to prevent this kind of disasters by using AI. The application of autonomous robotics should be able to fight with this kind of major accident by using the drones that could provide easy accessibility where helicopters could not. 

2. In the education system: 

Decreasing school budgets, demand for greater personalisation of the curriculum for children with an increasing number of students per classroom have given rise to the need for a software system that could provide one-on-one tutoring support. Thus, robot tutors laced with speech recognition technology is the new trend in the education sector that could help in making the students understand their subjects by reading responses from the learner and tracking the performance as well (Belpaeme et al. 2018). 

3. Autonomous robots in personal life: 

The digital age is very dependent on the use of cloud storage (Brand,  2016). Due to this thing, the storage problems are solved by this cloud storage system, in human life. By the use of multifunction speakers, human life becomes more comfortable than previous. Nowadays, every task is completed by humans with the help of computers which provide more frequency in operation as well as also shorten the timing required for the job. Human life is much easier than the previous by using vacuum cleaners and various home decorating substances. 

4. Co-working with the human: 

 In future, autonomous robots will occupy a gigantic field in the organisation by providing a better output than the human (Sachs et al. 2015). The capability of humans is much lesser than the capability of autonomous robots, so the number of autonomous robots in the field of operation increased to a huge amount. So, humans need to collaborate with their new co-workers in the job field.

In the future, it is also possible that every worker would be replaced by autonomous robots. Those autonomous robots would perform all the small tasks which are performed by humans with full of automation and training about the job. Also, it concludes that in the future, it should be possible to prevent any climate change by using AI technology. The data collection method should be very dependable in the usage of AI to grab and analyse the precise data about climate. 

5. Autonomous robots are made to make jobs easier for people: 

Automatic cars, planes, the helicopter takes the position of various people regarding those things. But the production of autonomous robots depends upon humans. Due to this reason, there is a huge scope for the people for getting a job in the production process of this autonomous creation. 

6. Medical sector:

Humans are also looking at the use of autonomous robots in the field of medical science. The work which is done by a physician, it can be done more efficiently by the interaction of autonomous robots with the patient (refer to Appendix 1). As for example, Cobots are used in the health care sector to assist the surgeons with more surprising applications like conducting microscopy (Robotiq, 2019). 

7. Entertainment: 

By the using of autonomous robots, it should be more fun to interact with the home appliances by just touching or speaking. At present, certain kind of interaction with humans is possible by using the speaking speakers and voice control systems over a gadget also like in the case of Smart TVs. 

Thus, the autonomous robot is a system consisting of programming, known as Artificial Intelligence. With the increase in the applications of autonomous robots in various fields, humans are found to be very much depending on the same. Due to the application of these robots, humans prefer to do the work with the help of the same. 

Positive outcome of the Autonomous Robotics in the future: 

Autonomous robots performance will significantly enhance in future, beyond the imagination of the humans. Artificial intelligence is very up to mark the creation of humans (Russell and Norvig, 2016). Technology from 2018, got the enhancement speed which may change the whole in the near future. By using the Autonomous robots laced with AI technology, depth learning reaches to a top-level. Nowadays, the procedure of analysing and development is possible in a very sophisticated manner. 

Artificial intelligence may be defined as the perfect bonding between intelligence and creativity. Autonomous robots with loaded AI should be able to do work intelligently and creatively. This position of smart technology should be ready to revolute the current status of humankind. Generation Z engagement strategies represent the relationship between intelligence and creativity. To achieve zero error in the field of various operation, Autonomous robots will play a significant role in the future. The most valuable thing in the case for autonomous robotics is that in the process of making the daily lives to be perfect and error-free, autonomous robotics can be the only solution. 

Negative impact of autonomous robots

A high level of autonomy is provided by autonomous robots in order to perform any task without any external influence in IT sectors. Robotics, information engineering and artificial intelligence consider robotics as autonomous robotics. Various fields like wastewater treatment, delivering services, household maintenance is perfect for using autonomous robots. A robot,  which is totally autonomous, can gather more information from the environment. It also helps in working without any human intervention for an elongated period. An autonomous robot can also gain and learn some new knowledge in order to complete any task. There are many negative, harmful impact present in autonomous robots, which impacts our daily life. The negative impacts are as follows: 

1. Fear 

There are two reasons for which people fear autonomous robots. One reason is, they can easily take over the world, and the second is, they can easily grab the jobs in the future. More use of autonomous robots would humans and underestimate their skills and potential (Ingrand  and Ghallab, 2017). Thus, many autonomous are hired by the big industries to do their jobs in the place of a human.  Autonomous robots can easily do any kind of mathematical calculation faster than any human. The mathematical calculation which is associated with predicting the weather which can easily be done by the autonomous robots. Thus, the companies got options to easily grab autonomous robots in place of humans to do their jobs perfectly, accurately and in time. As for this, humans lose their jobs. As this reason, the future of the people is going to be insecure. In future, the next generation of the automobile also grabs the jobs of human, if they continue growing up. It is not acceptable by the people. This is very harmful to the existence of people.    

 2. Mimicking humans 

According to Kevin Kelly's explanation, in Wired Magazine, the robots can easily copy our work style, talk, walk and also think faster than any humans. It is a very noticeable disadvantage that impacts on our daily life.  According to the research done by UPPSALA UNIVERSITY,  autonomous robot production was increased by 10% between 1993 to 2007. So it means that the applications of autonomous robots is increasing in varied filed in comparison with humans, and is taking over the work of an actual human being. Thus, in the future, it can affect the existence of humans.

3. Dependency

Nowadays, people are very much dependable on Autonomous robots. Because autonomous robots can easily do our jobs with perfection. If it goes on continuously, in future the humans will be totally dependable on autonomous robots and became worthless. They can easily do any kind of job faster than humans; whether it is hard or easy, it does not matter to them. Humans can not tackle any kind of hard work easily and efficiently. But the autonomous robot can easily do these jobs and tackle more complex work rather than human. If autonomous cars are used by replacing human drivers, the car service will be faster and smoother. So, it affects the daily life of a human such that they become more dependable on these robots instead of backing and supporting their efficiencies. 

4. Expensive maintenance

The maintenance cost of the autonomous robot is very high. Not all people can carry the maintenance cost. It is very difficult to carry the maintenance cost for small industries. For that reason, the growths of the small industries are getting low. They can not afford the maintenance cost. As for this reason, the future of small industries is in danger. Due to this reason, the people who work in those small industries are going to jobless. 

5. Inefficiency in some cases

In the case of the driving sector, the cars are driven by the driver. Whether the car is Uber or any taxi, all they are driven by the driver of the car in order to reach the passenger to their destination point respectively. In this case, the drivers are the mediators through which passengers are travelling.  Autonomous robots driven driverless cars do not perform well in case of unfavourable conditions like snow or rocky roads (Vethya, 2018). 

6. Weaponising

Although, the autonomous robots are finding their applications in many fields be it in the purpose of the safety of human, in the education system, in personal life, in medical sector, in entertainment filed and many others, there are possibilities that these applications could be used in wrong hands providing benefits to their personal needs. As for example, air drones are finding their use in the detection of anomalies as found in the weather and many other applications. However, these drones could be used as a weapon of mass destruction as used by some terrorists. As evident from the incident on September 2018, where 18 drones laced with cruise-missiles had been found to be attacking the crude oil production fields in Saudi Arabia triggering the price of the oil by almost 20% (Cockburn, 2019). The attack provided illustrations that the terrorists had used the feature of these autonomous robots, which makes them undetectable to the victim states owing to their low flying abilities. This incidence has been providing strong evidence that the use of the technology and the outcome of the same depends on the type of hands that are found to be using them.    

Negative outcome of the Autonomous Robotics in the future 

Nowadays, people are so much dependable on autonomous robots. They use them in their daily life in order to make their jobs easy. If it goes on continuously, the humans become worthless and autonomous robots grab the whole world. This is not suitable and acceptable by humans. However, people can not understand that if they use autonomous robots continuously, it creates a big problem on the existence of the human (Kruks, 2019). As it goes on continuously, one time will arrive in future, when the world became an autonomous robot world.    


From the scenario of past decades, it is evident that by the proper usage futuristic autonomous robots can change the life of every person. Also, as there are many advantages that are present for supporting autonomous robots, so anyone can easily prefer autonomous robots. But there are also some disadvantages present. People mainly look over all of these disadvantages and accept this autonomous robot technology for their so-called advantage without having a deep knowledge about the advantages and disadvantages of this technology. From the above narration, it can be concluded that in the future, a massive need for autonomous robots would appear. Autonomous robots performance will significantly enhance in future, beyond the imagination of the humans. The perfection in work and to enhance human life, it is very necessary to adopt AI technology in daily working life. Artificial intelligence or autonomous robotics should make the experience of humankind so error-free and straightforward.