Impact Of External Forces On Individual: Partnership And Marriage Assessment Answer

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Question :

The purpose of this paper is to encourage you to think about key developmental issues that impact someone outside of your own identity group.  In addition, you are to examine how external forces may impact the lives of others at different stages of the lifespan.  For example, you may choose to interview someone from a different developmental stage than yourself to test different theories that you have learned about from class or you may choose to interview someone who is from a different racial, ethnic, sexual orientation, religious, ability, etc. background than your own.  Once you have gathered your information on your topic, apply it to the theories discussed in your book and in class. 

Grading Criteria:

1. APA Style – 10 pts.

2. Clarity and Quality – 10 pts.

3. Application of Theories (3) – 30 pts.

4. Diversity Issues Addressed – 10 pts.

5. Writing Lab/Library Review – 10 pts.

6. Quality of Questions Assessed for Your Interview – 30 pts.

a. What stage of development is the person in?  Describe this stage of the person across the three domains of development—cognitive, biosocial, and psychosocial.

b. What have been major influences on the person’s development up to this point now?

c. Are there any potential threats to his/her ability to develop normally?

d. What developmental controversies are there concerning this person’s aspect of development you are inquiring about?

e. How does the person’s identity play a role in how he/she views his/her developmental stage you are inquiring about and how has it impacted developmental his/her trajectory up to now?

f. Identify issues concerning health promotion and disease prevention for this particular stage and point in the person’s life. 

Possible interview suggestions:

• Parents’ Childbirth Experiences/Birthing Options

• Preschool/Day Care

• Adolescents with LDs

• Adolescents on Self-Image

• Adults on Retirement

• Adults on Partnership and Marriage

• Adults on the Generation Squeeze

• Adult Care Givers/Taking Care of Aging Family

• Elderly and Nursing Homes/Assisted Living

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Answer :



This assignment is intended to describe an interview with a person. This interview has been decided to conduct on the adults on partnership and marriage. For examining the impact of the external forces on the adults during developing partnerships and marriage, the below-mentioned interview question could be asked. For asking the question, I have interviewed a person (whose name is Adam) who has married for just one year.


a) What stage of the development is the person currently in? Describe the stage of a person in the three stages of development such as psychological, biosocial and cognitive.

According to the person, he is currently going through the early adulthood development stage.

The person has demonstrated the fact that adulthood is the period of human lifespan where full intellectual and physical maturity is attained. When a person becomes adults then they become mature to be in society. Therefore, the adult thinks that he has a complete psychological and biosocial development. Moreover, the person also thinks that he has an effective cognitive development. This is because; he thinks that in adulthood, a person gets the ability to explore, think and figure different things so that they can resolve everyday problems

b) Which fact creates major influences on the development of a person? 

The person whom I have interviewed has demonstrated the fact that different influences that impact the development of adults are individual demographic differences like socioeconomic status, the efficacy of social supports and timing of the life events. The person has also described that adaptability, as well as varieties of the coping strategies, is the influence that creates an impact on the development of adults.

c) Is there any threat regarding the ability of a person?

According to Adam, anxiety is one of the threats to his ability. Adam thinks that after developing a partnership or a marriage, every people has to bear more responsibilities which can create anxiety. Anxiety not only creates mental issues but physical issues. Adam personally has faced depression, panic attack, irritability and breathing problems due to anxiety. From these contexts, anxiety can be mentioned as a potential threat.

d) What is the development controversy are there regarding the development of the person?

According to the respondents of the interview, in the adult age, people are almost fully physically, psychologically and cognitively developed. The respondents have also described that there are not any current issues in his life to accept the anxiety. Therefore, the respondents think that there are not any developmental controversies in the life of the person.

e) What is the impact of a person's identity on the development stage and how it can impact the development of their trajectory?

The respondent has demonstrated the fact that the development of a person is lifelong. Based on the identity of a person, the view of a person regarding their developmental stage is completely changed. If a person plays a positive role in their society and always show honesty to others then they always view the development stage as positive. In that case, their development path goes to the positive side. On the other hand, if it has been observed that a person does not have a positive view regarding their society and show dishonesty then the person always view their developmental stage as negative. Considering the development path as negative makes a person go towards negativity. 

f) Identify the issues regarding disease prevention and health promotion at the point of a person's life?

According to the respondent, most of the adults have some lifestyle issues like consuming alcohol or smoke. Almost every adult knows about the consequences of the lifestyle issues but they do not want to leave this lifestyle issues. The respondents have described that the lifestyle issues of adults create difficulties for healthcare workers in preventing diseases and developing health promotion. Moreover, most of the adults are busy in their life so in most of the cases they do not go to the doctor in the initial stage when theory faces an illness. This fact creates difficulties for healthcare workers in preventing diseases among adults. 

Application of theory:

Application of the theory:

From the interview data, it has been observed that in the adult stage, a person achieves mature psychological, cognitive and biosocial development which can be explained with the help of normative approach theory. This normative approach theory mainly describes that development is the maturational process. A person gets development to be mature in their life (Dal, 2015).

The interview data has clearly stated the fact that the socioeconomic status of a person creates a higher level of impact on the development of a person. This fact can be explained with the help of the social learning theory. This social learning theory demonstrated that the person learns social behaviour by observing others (Akers & Jennings, 2016). Therefore, when a person leaves in society then they learn behaviour from others which creates impacts on their development.

From the interview data, it is observed that in adulthood, people have to take more responsibility which can be explained with the help of Vygotsky sociocultural theory. This theory focuses on how culture is transmitted to another generation. When a person takes responsibility for their family then the next generation observes from them to take responsibility (Pathan et al. 2018). Therefore, when they turn comes then they effectively take responsibility. In this way, am adults learn to take responsibility from their previous generation.

The interview data has described the fact that the identity of a person changes their view regarding their developmental stage. Every people mainly learned their identity from their society by developing interaction with the environment.  In this case, behaviourism theory can be explained. This theory mainly described the fact that the entire behaviour of people is mainly learned by interacting with the environment (Dietrich & List, 2016).


From this above description it can be concluded that in different development stages, a person secures different types of development.