Implementation Of Strategy

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Explain the concept of Strategy and its implementation in a business organization.

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Strategy making will incorporate with agenda setting of the organization, external and internal assessment, generate various options, and select the options in newer way, after that the organization will take some options for controlling the performance (Cândido & Santos, 2015). The organization will set the mission and vision to achieve all the strategies within the organization so that it can gain success in the global market scenario. In this case, the study will evolve out with the consideration of strategic performance of the organization through achieving growth and success in the market and reach up to the desirability level of the customers. 

Implementation of strategy:

Strategy is an action plan, by this action plans the organization gain success and growth in the global market scenario, and helps the customers to gain and fulfill their desirability through products and services from the organization. The strategy implementation process in the organization will start to view from the beginning, as the organization will do strategic planning then the organization will fulfill the technical requirements and implementation the same in the business view (Leonardi, 2015). The tactical planning of the organization will help to achieve the strategic procedure that will culminate in the business in accordance to the long-term method. Tactical planning of the organization will be successful when the firm executes all the methods properly. The monitoring process will again cooperate with the evaluation process, fiannly the firm will gain a continual improvement process, and the management will help it to get success in the market (Al-Kandi, Asutay & Dixon, 2013). As ownership is the main aspect in the organizational strategy making procedure so the firm will visualize first that what they have in the vision and mission statement of them. In respect to that, the management will implement the plan by taking help from appropriate accountability, meeting the deadlines of the work and ownership of the organization and finally all the process will fulfill by the help of monitoring system (Peppard, Galliers & Thorogood, 2014). The management criteria will further take help from the involvement of the management a+chieving through communication criteria. 

The strategic performance of the organization will process through deliverables and statement of work followed by the data gathering and process documentation and it will help in process to the interim findings and chart of accounts recommendation (Korenromp et al. 2017). The data analysis and the QB input will help for the business process testing and training for the employees and other management department. The specialized report and financial dashboard creation for KPI training is essential in the organizational operation and marketing process. After getting the financial reports the organization will check on the training on QB reports and it will further help for the transition of QB control and the final recommendations and the connection to resource partners (Bahtsevani & Idvall, 2016). 

McKinsey 7s Model

Figure 1: strategic implementation

(Source- olleman et al. 2014)

Multiple ideas developed from the strategic view:

In managing, the strategy development processes the managers’ face various challenges it will include multiple processes of strategy development are likely to be needed when the organizations are to achieve both the benefits of the exploitation of existing capabilities and the exploration for generating new ideas and the potentiality will be handled with consideration to the organizational strategy (Landaeta Olivo et al. 2016).  Recognizing the different processes that help to formulate the strategy may be needed at different times and in different context. The organization helps to managing the processes that provides rise to emergent strategy. 

The organizational strategy controlled and determined on the various views and aspects that culminate in the business anticipation moreover creating the expectation and then the planning for the business get done with the help f this entire process. The content of the business strategy processes with the help and under consideration of environmental context as it is the main essentiality for the organization and other business procedures the business strategy incorporates with engagement of the employees and the management, competency and alignment of the organization itself (olleman et al. 2014). On the other hand, the anticipatory tactics, offensive tactics, defensive tactics and the tactics of engagement are largely bridge with the strategy innovation and creation policy of the organization. The offensive tactics and anticipatory tactics take help from capture of business objectives and intimidation in future so that the organization gains success over other business run in the market (Kibicho, 2015). 

The defensive strategy will help to elevate any of the structural barriers and reach out to the expected retaliation. Strategy construct and development by not only taking the consideration of the business operation and marketing planning about other than that the business strategy is all about giving order and keeping up the consistency towards solving the problem regarding any complexities that initiate in the business. 

Precise description of ideas:

The clear description of ideas in the business will help the organization to achieve greater things ion the market as the strategy making will give much easy, people will understand the process clearly, and they will anticipate in the following generation of ideas. In this clear strategic object, creation process the organization will take care about process characterization and process generation (von Groote, Giustini & Bickenbach, 2014). The process characterization process will incorporate with key process variables and optimization process understanding then it will continue with robustness for the organization including the lab scale validation and process validation at full scale. The entire process will gone through lab scale process, phrase I/II trial process and the main important thing in this process is manufacturing process (Roh, Hong & Min, 2014). The idea generation process in the organization start with the hypothesis of the problem like the organization will investigate that what are the utmost and unmet needs of the customers and then finding the possibilities to solve these problems. The prototype generation need to test by a prototype to look into the matter of solution actually solves the problem that the organization needs to solve. 


The organization will take care about the implementation process of the operation in a way so that it can solve the problem regarding marketing and operational procedure. In strategy making process the innovation and invention are the main prospect to proceed in the business.  Innovation in strategy will include creation of new products, processes and use of technologies and the iinovation process will incorporate the transformation of creative ideas into useful applications by combining resources in new or unusual ways to provide value to society through improved products, technology and services.