Importance Of E Commerce In Retailing Sector Of Australia

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Q1. Analyse the current website and formula an E-Commerce implementation strategy. E-Commerce implementation strategy should take into account all the services and features of the website.

Q2. If the business wants to board its business activities and enters to the global market, what areas have to be considered in order to changing from national e-commerce website to an international one?

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Answer :

Executive summary:

Australian E-commerce sites provide an easy process of transaction and it saves time of the consumer so they use to buy products and services from e-commerce site. This e-commerce allows people to run their businesses any time of day with just the click of a button and it makes the life easy. The benefit of e-commerce is payment mode is easy that is no need for cash, enable deals, bargains, coupons and group buying. It also facilitates comparison shopping and located the product quicker, this process is accurate, and every customer can rely on the serve data. Australian company is taking care of the e-retailing company in a way so they can serve best services to the people and can able to earn revenue from the entire business process. 


The digital revolution has made a clear impact on the e-commerce site. No industry has getting the advantage more from the revolution in digital sector than the retail industry of Australia. Online retail in the region continuously serving to expand at a rapid way with total revenue in 2015-16 crossing a whopping $21 billion, 9% more than the preceding year. As the market expands continuously, it is also on constant evolving phase. The E-commerce has given in the process of doing business by taking help from the internet. Business means the process of selling and buying through the help of e-commerce site (Alghamdi and Rahim, 2016). The companies who want to make a considerable amount of importance to the customers then they take help of the e-commerce site and by the process of these things, they will get attention from the market. The companies use websites that can provide value to the customers as the customers will get to see which products are services the company is selling. 

Scope of the report:

The main scope of the report will evolve with the possibility that the e-retailing companies in Australia will gain a powerful consideration from the customers and the Australian governance is talking help from the Productivity Commission to research for the further processing in e-retailing business. With the help of government, the e-commerce sectors are making new policies and creating a long-term base for the company as it will fetch growth in future for the sector (Zeng and Richardson, 2016). The structure and the performance of the e-retailing company make the efficient and the effective impact on the business. The structure change also get to see in the business structure and the increase in household and other assessment in business is finding the possibility that Australia can be a strong country in making a perfect position of the E-retailing sectors in the global market. 

Aims and objectives of the report:

The aims and objective of the report will generate the information that Australia is contributing hugely for the growth in e-retailing sector and it is helping in growing popularity for the increase in purchase through online. Along with that, it is helping the Australian customers to the can able to assess into the digital economy (Rekik et al. 2015). The customers will get the choice to take up products according to their preferences and convenient. The Australian online retail companies take the consideration for sustainability theory and they will apply strategy for their company so that they can sell best things to the customers. Advancement in technology, cost in administrative base and collection of indirect tax will help to generate a strong base for the e-retailing companies. There are almost 140000 retail businesses that present in Australia, they earn 4.1% GDP from this process, and the employment structure by this business carried out by 10.07%.  the objective of the report will be generating the value that will provide the information regarding E-retailing business in Australia (Hahn et al. 2017)

Overview of the business:

The retail business in Australia generate a diverse policy for E-retailing and the business region, format and the structure of the business nature will be a stronger impact in the business hub. The competitive challenges that faced by the e-retailing company is creating the market in an all-new way. The business of  Show Po is strategize in a way so that the business value get increased in the market and it will create a innovative structure for the company as it has to appeal to the customers to a great extent. Show Po is an online fashion brand that serving the customers wide variety of products such as clothes, shoes, accessories and other beauty products ( (2017). The company sells female products and the company is quite famous to the customers of Australia. This online retailing company is talking up some of the strategic implementation that helps them to grow their business and process in the national and international business. The product that the company is selling is different and the styles, product and the fabric are unique from the other e-retailing company. Before selling, the products the customers will get to see the manufacturers, retailers and other product related information from the site as the company believes in sharing each information in the social site so the customer can able to view the authenticity of the company. 

Main business features:

The main business feature of the company is the products that they are selling are different from other companies and they use the style of designers fashion so that the customers can able to connect with the thing and buy the merchandise. The online retailing process of this company has seen a competitive market analysis by finding the competencies of the company. The company is increasingly directed towards creating a fashion hub for the customers, as it will able to serve best things to the customer’s preferences in terms of style, innovation and effective pricing (Agrawal et al. 2014). In consideration to the Australian sales of products and services the company is make out a sales process that will help in creating a base for their effective pricing method for the merchandise. The newest sales in the merchandise and the personalised style tips from the online associates can get from this company. They have an availability of customer service that is available 24/7 to help the customers with all possibility. The different events and the program also served by the company and the exclusiveness in the products only get from this site. 

Positive and negative aspects of the web site:

The website when opened for the customers then they have some of the positive and negative aspects like the merchandise selling process, customer service and other product related issues.

Positive aspects:

The electronic commerce basically uses WWW for one part of the  life cycle in transaction process, although it can also take the usability of other technologies such as e-mail and other social media. The e-commerce has changed the comparative importance of time, but as the pillars of indicator of the country’s position in economic factors that the significance of time need not be ignored (Zeng and Richardson, 2016). The positive aspect of the company is constantly in touch with the customers when they need it and process things according to their need. The marketing process of the company largely depends on the technological facts that placed as a catalyst and the easier access to get more information that dictate the collective power for the company. 

Negative aspects:

A huge competition occurred in the marketing process of the company, the company needs to constantly thrive over new things, and sometimes it is quite impossible to do. Designing and keeping the website up-to-date is an expensive process to follow. The additional costs of technical support are required to maintain a secure web server, along with that packing and distribution of products can be very costly and involve long distances (Cao et al. 2016). The company may have to pay for return of goods do not meet customers expectations and it get concerns over security of card details may deter customers from buying things online and most importantly not all the businesses target customers have access to the internet and for this they can lose their customers (Levin et al. 2016). Sometimes the company may not have their stoke in the warehouse and this can create a lot of problem during return and buying of products. 

Analysis of the web design:

The proper website design process will help in generating the phrase where the customers will get a visual pleasure and will tend to buy things form the online store. Revamp into the design of webpage around the rapid action to increase consumption of content and to visit other sections (Ashraf et al. 2016). The website optimization in regards to the keywords to a wider scope to promote more sections of the website with a relativity of related content in proper reference. Track conversations in social networks to generate insights and increase the participation in the traffic sources. 

Business model and website life cycle:

The business model generation will comprise in six plans those are plan, analyse, design, develop, implement and maintain. In panning, phrase the business need to choose personnel, set the schedule and budget, perform other project planning tasks. In the analyse section the business model need to consider about understanding the problem, goals and requirements and finally the business determination (Mortimer et al. 2016). Design the graphics, story board the pages and plan the layout in a proper way. In development phrase there needs to be an appropriate install and configuration process with the server and the software. The business will implement the plans so that it get benefited and ultimately the maintenance of the business will fetch growth and prospect in long term. 

E commerce implementation strategy:

E-commerce strategy will take up four steps like strategy formulation, e-commerce strategy, e-commerce plan and evaluation process. The company will analyse the strategic options, design configuration of the strategy, analysis of organizational options, selection and specification of business process and finally the implementation of business process in a way so that the e-retailing company can get to serve the best things to the customers and can able to generate profitability from the market (Scott et al. 2015). 

Conclusion and recommendation:

The company Show Po is a online retailing company based in Australia and the company is trying to reach out to the customers by serving them the best things and by inventing new things in their marketing channel they are passionately try to get the information about customers’ feedback and their preferences.