Importance Of Education On Hypertension For Katrina And Travor Assessment Answer

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Written assignment - Nursing

Written Assignment - Nursing: Family analysis and education 

Length: 750-1000 words, with additional appendices 

Weight: 40% of total unit weighting 

Learning Outcomes This assignment addressing the following unit learning outcomes 

1. demonstrate an ...ending of the cardiac system including related anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology, diagnostics,pharmokinetics, pharmodynamics, the quality use of medicines and complementary therapies; 

2. demonstrate and apply comprehensive cardiac assessment and evidence based clinical reasoning skills in theory, clinical and simulated environments; 

3. demonstrate the capacity. integrate and relate principles of ethical and legal practice within 

4. an intra and interprofessional .am approach to person centred rare;learn and apply reflective practice and professional communication strategies that faciitate the delivery of safe and effective culturally sensitive quality care across diverse settings; 

5. plan and implement person centred primary health care and health promotion strategies related to cardiac health and wellbeing.

Your response needs to be supported by recent evIdence-based resources. This could Include information from your texts and from other peer reviewed SOU.s. This assignment makes use of the Katrina and Trevor case studies which can he found on the Moodie home page. • Outline the incidence/ prevalence and main causes of Hypertension in Australia • Discuss the grading system for hypertension, Outlining Me modifiable and non-modifiable features of the disease and their primary management included in each stage. • As an appendix, present an evidence-based education plan for both Katrina and Trevor. The Patient Education Plan should include their cardiac medications. It should discuss all aspects of cardiac health (the reseveral problems including physical, social and psychological), and set goals to improve their health. The plan should include the interdisciplinary team. This needs to he in table format, with referencing throughout. 


Your plan must be appropriately referenced. A minimum of &recent evidence-based resources is required far this section of the assignment. APA is the required referencing style for assignments in the School of Heath. Follow the link at the top right of the page for information and examples. Please do not over depend on websites and avoid supporting your points using consumer sites such as Better Health Channel. You must use professional sources as much as possible. Diabetes Australia and the Heart Foundation are acceptable due to their significant research/evidence base. If you have text boo., they should very helpful. Helplines are acceptable as the family needs to find information and get support. 

Structure and presentation 

The assignment should be in essay format for most part, though your education plan can be set in table format as appendices. 

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Answer :


A large number of people of Australia are not aware of the risks that can lead them to heart attacks mainly because of the high blood pressure. According to the analysis conducted by the Heart Foundation on the data of Australian Bureau of Statistics, nearly quarter of the adults of the country are suffering from high blood pressure (Nichols,, 2015). It has been also analyzed that the problems regarding high blood pressure are not treated with proper methods. This shows that about four million people of the country are under the threats of heart attacks. 

High blood pressure results in many dreadful diseases. According to the perception of the CEO of the Heart Foundation, John Kelly, many of the people of Australia are leading a life in which the risks of high blood pressure are prevalent (Nichols,, 2015 and Gabb,, 2016). 

The grading system of hypertension is based on systolic and diastolic levels. A systolic between120-139 mm Hg and diastolic 80-89 mm Hg is considered as prehypertension; while  Stage 1 of hypertension is: systolic 140-159 mm Hg, diastolic 90-99 mm Hg. Stage 2: systolic 160 mm Hg or greater, diastolic 100 mm Hg or greater. It is to be noted that the modifiable factors of the disease are obesity, physical inactivity, high salt and diet, smoking alcohol consumption etc. On the other hand, non-modifiable risk factors of hypertension includes that characteristics of individual that cannot be changed like age, sex, race, family history and genetic composition. 

It is to be noted that hypertesnion is the result of a end-organ damange resulting in increased morbidity and mortality. Trevor’s diagnosis of Ischaemic heart disease clarifies the impact of hypertesnion on increases systemic vascular resistanceand vascular stiffness. The issues of chest pain and shotrness of breath act as a sign of coronary artery disease. The case of Trevor is a clear case of modifiable risks where obesity is the major cause of hypertension with a high blood pressure of 143/87mm Hg. He is overweight with 122 kg at the age of 61 years and 172 cm of height. His wrong food choices and lack of interest in exercise resulted in hypertension as well as a diagosis of IHD and type 2 diabetes. However, his lifestyle and choices makes it important to focus on a holistic care plan where multidisciplinary team members are involved to bring in some lifestyle changes for Trevor (Appendix 1).

On the other hand, the case of Katrina is quiet different where she is at risk due to non-modifiable risk of belonging to aboriginal community and her father having a history of type 2 diabetes at the age of 43. It is not possible to change her risk factors but she can make some health lifestyle choices to delay the issues of hypertension, obesity and diabetes. Here it is required that the focus remains on her aboriginal background and the care plan includes a holistic approach to make her more aware of the challenges and possibilities of diseases in future and helping her to make some better lifestyle choices with the support of her family and parents (Appendix 2). 

However, this risk can be reduced by consumption of healthy diets and by quitting smoking (Centra,, 2015). Along with this, proper physical exercises also help in reducing the risk of high blood pressure among the people. Moreover, high stress also results in hypertension which is required to be reduced as well (Yaghootkar,, 2016).. 

In this regard, according to Professor Kelly, by involving in physical exercises along with intake of healthy food, the risks of high blood pressure can be reduced significantly. One of the key concerns about the health of the people of Australia is that among all types of diseases, heart attacks as well as cardiovascular diseases contribute more towards the death of the people in the country. There are some key statistics about the problems of hypertension. It is observed that About 33.7% of the Australians are suffering from hypertension (Lother & Hein, 2016). In the metro cities of the country, about 30.5% of the people are suffering from hypertension. The percentage of people in  rural areas of the country who are suffering from hypertension is 38.6%

Hypertension is one of the prevalent health problems in case study and with proper education about hypertension can help the Katrina and Travor and their respective families to cure the diseases. Some of the learning outcomes of hypertension education are helping the carers to be aware about the uncertainties around the diagnosis, reporting the concerns about the Katrina and Travor, To help the carers to be aware of their role in the process of treatment (Leung,, 2017).

In order to help the carers to be aware about the uncertainties around the diagnosis, the families of the Katrina and Travor can identify the inaccuracies and report to the carers. This can also help the carers to provide the required help of diagnosis of the Katrina and Travor. In order to report the concerns about the Katrina and Travor and their carers, it is important to analyze the problems of both of them. Uncertainty in diagnosis takes place when the parents of the Katrina and Travor are not confidence on the process of diagnosis that would be conducted on their Katrina and Travor. That is a common link is identified which are analyzed and later solved with proper measures In order to assess the problems of hypertension with the daily activities, it is important to analyze some key questions.  These include the triggers that result in cough and the time that the problem occurs and about the impact of the hypertension on the life of the Katrina and Travor. In the aspect of analysis on the making the carers aware about their roles in the treatment, the questions include explanation of the values that the each of the processes of the treatment can provide on the health benefits of the Katrina and Travor suffering from hypertension. In case of analysis on the call for the emergency help, the main factors that can be included are analysis on the previous experiences of the Katrina and Travor on emergency treatment. Self-management plan for the carers and the families of the Katrina and Travor in case of the emergencies can  be assessed significantly with proper understanding along with thorogh discussions of the plan on emergency help will be helpful. Conducting a review after each of the visits on emergency help for treatment of these Katrina and Travor another considerable factors.


Proper education on hypertension is extremely essential for the Katrina and Travor and their parents. The education helps them to be aware of the proper process of control along with the impact of proper medication for curing hypertension. This also includes the process by which the inhaler devices can be used and the proper steps that can be implemented in the scenario of exacerbation.