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Question :

PART A: Answer each question on the movie ‘Hotel Rwanda’.

1. The bases of leadership:

Identify five leadership aspects of Paul’s personality evidenced in his actions and speech. For example, why did others turn to Paul for guidance and help? What was in his personality and values that others leaned on? How did he maintain morale and disciple with his staff? Correctly identifies five bases for Paul’s leadership.

2. Extreme hospitality

Cogent explanation of ‘extreme hospitality’ in relation to this case, and the relationship between hospitality and servant leadership explained with support from one or more academic articles. Comment on why this movie might be called an example of ‘extreme hospitality’ and the relationship between hospitality and servant leadership. Support your argument from the literature.

PART B: Answer the questions

- Leadership style and followership

Leadership style identified with support from the literature. Specific attribute critiqued in terms of impact on leadership roles and followership, using two or more research articles for support. Insightful and research-based analysis of role of specific attributes in developing leaders. Describe Paul’s character and personality and identify his leadership style, justifying the style with support from the literature. Select a leadership attribute (e.g. confidence risk-taker, calm, prepared to take command etc) that you admire in him and review two academic articles about this. Explain why you admire it and the effects of this attribute on leadership and followership as evidenced in the literature. Comment on the role of specific attributes in the development of leaders in terms of whether leaders are born or can be developed.

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Answer :


Hotel Rwanda is a British-Italian-South African movie that was premiered in the year 2004. The movie was directed by Terry George. The movie surrounds the corruptions between leaders and politicians. It projects the tension that had given rise between the communities of Hutu and Tutsi, that later gave rise to civil war in Rwanda. As reflected, eth political scenario of Rwanda was declining and worsening with time (Adhikari, 2016).  The civil war threatened Paul and his family. Therefore, in protecting his family he bribed people in keeping them safe. Besides, he tries to be the strength and security for the family during violent situations. The film attributes to the character of Paul Rusesabagina who attempted to save more than one thousand two hundred people in the hotel and gave shelter to the thousands of people against the worsening situation and attacks of genocide. The film celebrates the courage and leadership role of the African hero, an outraging and breathtaking experience. 


1.Leadership aspects of Paul:

Paul Rusesabagina was threatened by the civil war attacks and in order to keep his family safe he had tried out possible measures and have given shelter to many people in his hotel des Milles Collines. There has been a major transformation in his leadership style and management. He has been successful in manipulating the Hutu military through his effective and charismatic speech style and has shown diligent authorship through his intellectual appeal to the people. It is his authorial courage that appealed to the people when he himself stood up for security toward the Hutu military and militias (Adhikari, 2016). One of the significant aspects of his leadership characteristics is transparency that helps Paul in the understanding of human emotions and behavior.  

It is important in the part of leader to understand his or her emotions and enable others to understand their emotions. Paul has been able to disclose his emotions to the citizens that cater towards strengthening his bond with the rest of the people while gaining trust and support.  Paul had certain advantages as he had close relationship with the politicians, local customs and had been influencing them in securing and protecting its people. Besides his connections with the Hutu military had helped in providing the people staying in the hotel to be supplied with necessities. His effective leadership style is reflected through his decision-making power, influential attitude, authorial speech and command that help him in delegating tasks to his staff at the time of severity. 

One of the inspiring aspects of his leadership is that after his transformation and understanding of his own mistakes he would keep his people before him and their protection and betterment is of utmost priority above all. It is important to anticipate the worsening of situations and the issues that would affect the people living within the hotel rather than a wait for the moment to react. This helped Paul in gaining support and trust from the people as he was ready to face the situation of severity whenever needed.


2. Extreme hospitality:

Every leader needs to have certain authorial qualities that foster social and cultural development. In servant leadership the leader attempts to foster individual growth and development and empowers its followers. The servant leadership is based on the concept of the leadership style based on service.  Hospitality refers to the way the followers and in the individual are trained according to their talents and experience by the leader. Paul had bestowed his hospitality services towards the people seeking shelter in his hotel. He has been successful in managing the people and Hutu military and influential people towards the betterment of his family and other people (Lok & Crawford, 2012). This exhibits his immense quality of managing both the people and business skills.  It is important in the part of Paul to initiate effective plans and emphasize on standardizing his command and services.  Great leaders like Paul does not only seek to implement his own ideas rather are open to others and consider tem equally important in the decision-making process.  Such leadership and hospitality help in improving the existing relations and generate valuable outcomes through collaborative ideas and innovation. 


1.     Leadership style and followership: 

A leader is a person of dynamic output and persona. The management style, quality and innovative ideas that help the leader in dealing with the uncertainties and severe situations. According to various research and studies, it is understood that the quality of a leader is enhanced through his competencies, perspectives, attitude and behavior that help in gaining the support, trust, loyalty from his members and staff (Eltringham, 2013). The movie hotel Rwanda states the leadership role through eth character analysis of Paul Rusesabagina how saved many people from the attacks of the civil war and genocidal severity in the city of Rwanda (Gatsinzi & Donaldson, 2010). Paul had undergone transformations at different levels and from a rigid and tough manager he transformed to a huamntiarian leader who fostered social development and equality. The movie attempts to understand s why have there been no safety measures and attempts in saving Africans from the western nations. 

It is through Paul’s transformational character one can understand the importance of leader within the hospitality setting and associated. Paul has been successful in utilizing his influences over the politicians, foreign friends, Hutu military in getting help and protection for his families and other citizens. Earlier he had been manipulating people, his staff nut lately through his struggle and understanding from the mistakes of his actions, he becomes a well grown and strong leader who put his people before him and concern for their safety above all. It is observed that he had been training the people so that they can take necessary actions during the occurrence of severity (Lok & Crawford, 2012). He has been directing his staff by allocating them with different tasks.  As a strong leader Paul has been performing his actions systematically within a given period of time and divide work among his members in meeting the requirements. During the war attacks, he had been influencing Hutu military so that he can get essential and accessories for the people who have taken shelter in his hotel for safety and protection. It is though his manipulation of the militias and Rwandas soldiers that reflected his leaderships kill of authorial influence. 

It has been observed that Rusesabagina had taken risks in protecting its people and have given his life to threat towards the safety of his people. It was evident that by giving protection to the refugees in his hotel, he might be threatened to death, but willingly he stood forwards towards saving their lives from the genocide attacks (Mandell & Pherwani, 2013). Thereby, it is his leadership and management style that had given birth to new character or a transformational character who at the end had given all his practices and succumbed in risks in meeting the safety and protection of the people. It is through his authorial and influential power of command and speech that helped the supporter in working with him. There are several successful leadership traits that is well reflected through the character of Paul. He was always calm and strategized his actions towards development and safety. Pau had proper communication skills and was able to understand the emotions of the people. He had made strong compliance with everyone who together stood in supporting Paul. Besides Paul has been emotionally strong, a constant learner (leant from his struggles and transformations), competent, patient, understanding, innovative,. His strength of leadership lies in the fact that he had been a transparent character so that the people could share their emotions and requirements (Turner, J. R., & Müller, 2015)

It is his management skill that helps him in controlling the environment in and around the hotel under the protection of the Hutu soldier and militias and have made ways for his foreign friends in seeking help and protection. It is his influential nature that gave way to possible solutions and effective management of the disturbing circumstances. All the factors of the leadership that is well projected by Paul is determined through his emotional intelligence and will power that made him fights with courage and strength against the attacks of genocide and be successful in saving the people and his family. 


From eth above study, it is understood that Paul has been a great leader who not only gained success in saving hundreds of people rather had undergone a transformational shift towards becoming a successful leader. With his effective leadership skills, through his understanding of the situations and circumstances, struggle, he had been able to put forwards his ideas in protecting his neighbors, family and people with the help of influential people. It is his leadership skills and approaches gain support and trust from the individuals. Management and leadership are about making right decisions at the right time which was reflected from Paul’s character in the movie.