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Regulation: Nurses in Australia are members of a regulated profession.  Discuss the importance of regulation in nursing and explore why regulation is necessary for you as a student nurse.

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Healthcare constitutes to be an important aspect in Australia and as such, the government in the country is extremely aware of the practices and activities of the healthcare professionals. Nursing is an important aspect that constitutes into the healthcare sector and their role is of utmost importance as far as the effectiveness and well being of the sector is concerned. The legal system of Australia is extremely conscious of the roles of the nurses and as such, there is a separate body named Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) which looks forward to the professional behavior of the nurses (Cashin et al. 2015). The nurses are not only meant to look after the patients. Additionally, they are also required to be ethical, transparent, provide the patients with dignity and always work towards the well being of the patients. Moreover, they should also adopt activities and practices which are ethically correct. Henceforth, the legal system in Australia and the regulations framed for the nurses have been a crucial factor affecting the work procedure and professional behavior of the nurses. The aim of the current research is to analyze the importance of regulation on the nurses. Moreover, I am also going to take my professional nursing behavior into consideration and discuss the roles and importance of the regulations in shaping my professional behavior. 

Importance of nursing regulations 

The impact of nursing is huge on the healthcare system and as such, the well being of the patients and the efficiency of the healthcare sectors are determined by the nursing care and activities to a great extent. In the opinion of Sweetman, McDonald and Hawthorne (2015), the foremost purpose of regulations of nursing is to ensure that nurses adhere to patient safety, adequate care and value to the patients. The on adherence of the nurses to this factor shall result in the imposition of serious legal compliances on the nurses and as such, they shall be subjected to the cancellation of their nursing license as well. Thus, the impact of this strict regulation has bound the nurses to work ethically and for the betterment of the patients in every way possible. There are a number of processes through which the efficiency and working procedure of the nurses are assessed. The administrative system within the aforementioned legal body looks after the selection of the nurses where their knowledge and competence is validated. As stated by Cashin et al. (2017), this is an important factor as this helps in identifying the efficiency of the nurses. Therefore, any nurse who lacks adequate knowledge and skill among them shall be rejected because they are detrimental to the well being of the patient and to the healthcare sector as a whole. Owing to this factor, nurses in Australia look forward to the development and betterment of their skills in their educational field. Apart from relying on theoretical perspective only, they are also subjected to practical activities which help them put into real-life scenarios and provide them competence.

Privacy and confidentiality of patients 

Another regulation associated with nursing is the Privacy Act 1974 which forbids individuals to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of another person. The reason for which this act is given immense importance to in nursing is that it constitutes the ethical behavior of nurses. As studied by Ralph, Birks and Chapman (2015), nurses must always ensure that the privacy of their patients is maintained and this is one of their most important ethical practices. Thus, the implementation of this regulation on the nurses has resulted in adhering to their patient’s privacy in every way possible. Patients in the healthcare sector are supposed to be provided with dignity and value. Thus, nurses must ensure they are changing their clothes in enclosed rooms which helps maintain their privacy. This is furthermore essential for patients who suffer from mental health issues as they are mostly unaware of the several healthcare practices in the healthcare sector. Thus, the ethical practice of the nurse is the primary factor to be paid attention to and it is therefore always ensured that nurses have immense ethics in them. A number of instances have been found where nurses have been involved in issues related to harassment and bullying. As studied by Heale and Rieck Buckley (2015), Australia has a population consisting of diversified culture and people from different background, where a majority of the population of from ethnic background. In this regard, it is essential that the healthcare sector refrains from any form of racial discrimination and provides equal treatment facilities to all. Henceforth, the importance of this code of conduct has resulted in curbing this issue and constitute fairness and ethics in the sector. As a result of that, there is much betterment in the health and well being of the people in Torres Strait Islander. Furthermore, as far as the other people are concerned, there has been the establishment of healthcare systems that are culturally safe.

Code of conduct 

Along with that, nursing regulations impose a number of restrictions on nurses to refrain from illicit activities, the primary among which is not to use drugs and alcohol or improper medicines which are not safe for the patients. As a result, nurses must give only those medicines to the patients who have been approved and prescribed by the doctors (Happell and McAllister, 2015). This is done in order to adhere to the health and safety of the people and to restore their confidence in the healthcare sector in Australia. Furthermore, it is also ensured by the regulators that there is no mental, emotional or sexual abuse on the patients and that they always opt for the methods that are the best for the patients. This has been so important in the healthcare sector in Australia, that all the leading organizations in this sector have monitoring and reviewing body to look after the activities and working procedures of the nurses. In addition to that, as studied by McKenna et al. (2015), a majority of the well being of patients and effectiveness of the treatment procedure because of the information they provide regarding the patient’s health. Thus, the provision of actual and authentic information is important to be provided to the other healthcare officials by the nurses. It is based on this that the treatment procedure by the doctors shall be carried on. Thus, nurses are needed to implement their analytical skills and identify the crucial information that is essential to be provided to healthcare professionals for opting for the most effective treatment procedure. In case the nurses provide incorrect information, there shall be serious legal impositions on them. 

Impact on me 

Therefore, the conduction of the current research on the regulation and legal practice in Australia related to nurses and midwives, I have gained a lot of knowledge on the nursing profession and ethics. As influenced by Braithwaite (2018), I have come to understand the importance of acquiring knowledge and skills which shall make me competent in my professional sphere and thus, there shall be smooth recruitment process of mine in the future. Therefore, in the current stage, I am focusing not only on acquiring knowledge but also to the implementation of those with a number of practical examples. I take real life healthcare scenarios into consideration and apply my skills and knowledge gained so far which would help in the betterment of my nursing skills to a great extent. Moreover, as a result of this, I shall also face fewer difficulties while dealing with issues in my professional field in the future. Moreover, I have also been acquainted with the knowledge of culture and diversity in the healthcare sector and how it is important for providing effective healthcare services to people devoid of their social background, race or ethnicity. As influenced by El Haddad, Moxham and Broadbent (2017), I have also come to understand the importance of maintaining confidentiality and privacy of patients. I will always ensure that patients are being changed their attires in enclosed rooms. Moreover, I would always jot down the important information of the health of a patient and report that to the healthcare professionals. I must need to have detailed knowledge of the regulations of nursing in Australia and work towards complying with that in every aspect. 


Therefore, on the basis of the findings of the current research, it can be stated that regulations act as a framework which helps the nurses and midwives to act in a more composed way in their professional field. The purpose is to look forward to the well being of the patients and ensure that there is positive recognition of the sector. This would help in the betterment of skills and knowledge of the nurses and professionals and thus, people would have confidence in the healthcare sector in Australia.