In News Directions: Connections Between Course Material And Actual Events Assessment 3 Answer

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Total Point Value: 40 points 

Audience for Assignment: Your classmates and instructor

Assignment Objective: To draw connections between course material and actual events reported in the media.


“In the News” is intended to help you apply what you are learning in class to actual current events happening in real time during the timeframe of the course. Each student will take responsibility for presenting and leading a five-minute class presentation on a current article related to global business. On the due date (dates will vary depending on the individual student), a five-minute in-class presentation will be led by the student – allowing time for questions and comments. A one-page executive summary with ties to at least one class reading is due at the time of the presentation. Format: (1) overview of the issue, (2) how it relates to global business, (3) lessons for future leaders emerging from your report. Each student should submit their paper at least 24 hours before the live session in which they will present. In addition, to support both the presentation and the summary, at least two other sources should be cited in addition to the article itself for added perspective.

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