Increasing Assault Against Health Staff: Zero Tolerance Policy Assessment Answer

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Assessment 3 Essay - 2000 words (maximum) (40%)

Task: With assaults against health staff increasing, many health services have adopted a policy of ‘zero tolerance’ for aggression and violence in health care settings. At the same time, there is an international movement to abolish restrictive practices in mental health care. These two approaches are seemingly at odds and potentially place nursing staff and patients in danger. Critically discuss alternate management strategies for the containment of aggression and violence in inpatient psychiatric settings.

Preparation and presentation: Use evidence-based literature. Use a minimum of 10 references. These can include your textbook and additional references from professional disciplinary journals; NOT Wikipedia, dictionaries, or websites. The information gained from internet sites vary significantly in depth and quality of content. Use library resources as they are reputable and credible. Publication dates within 10 years are acceptable. 

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