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IND802 Written Report

Sample Structure

The Industry Research Project Report should be a piece of academic research approximately 3000 words in length (excluding references and appendices) and containing the following structural elements:

  1. Executive summary (150-250 words) that should very briefly outline the purpose of the study and its benefit for the industry.
  2. Introduction (approx. 1000 words) that should include:
    1. A brief but clear review of key topics highlighted in the introduction
    2. Rationale: Why the topic of the Report was chosen, why it is important?
    3. Research Question: what question(s) will be answered (1-3 key questions) throughout the Report?
    4. Literature review.
      1. Review of recent (last 3 years) research and material in the filed
      2. Avoiding irrelevant material or outdated literature
  3. Research design.
    1. Choice of material should be aligned with research question (e.g. data available from industry publications, academic sources, archival data, personal observations, etc.)
    2. Collection of material should be properly explained
    3. Consistent and coherent flow, that makes it easy to follow
  4. Analysis and discussion (approx. 1000-1500 words). Evaluated in terms of the following:
    1. Description of collected material and sources.
    2. Analysis of material in line with chosen research questions.
    3. Inference making (logical conclusions)
  5. Concluding remarks, recommendations and implications (250-500 words). The followings is expected:
    1. A brief summary of key conclusions and the way research questions have been addressed.
    2. A fit between the summary, findings and implications. This fit means that recommendations should address your research objectives by adding original value and be based your analysis, not entirely on literature review.

Finally, the report should be grammatically accurate and correct with complete and properly used referencing style both in the in-text citations and in the reference list. Note that, although references and appendices do not count against the word limit, they mater and carry weights in overall evaluation.

For more details and guidance contact your academic supervisor.

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