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2.4.2 Reflective journal

Weight: 20%

Type of Collaboration: Individual

Due: Week 14


Format: All assignments are to be typed. Typing must be according to the format and on one

side of the page only. Required format:

- 2.5 cm margins

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Length: 2500-2800 Words

Curriculum Mode:

Assessment 2: Reflective journal (20%)


The major purpose of the journal is for you to reflect on what you have learned and what it means to you, as an individual. Reflection is a holistic process and acknowledges an important interconnection between you as an individual and the broader social context of business and society. This journal is designed to assist you to reflect on the learning process.

The reflective journal should be between 2,500 and 2,800 words (approximately).


An important part of this unit is that it challenges you to question the distinction between practical decisions and the theoretical frameworks you have studied thus far in your marketing program and business degree. You will not be expected to pass judgement on such issues - all we ask is that you think about them. It is important to understand and see that there will be tensions between what you learn here, previous learning, and what you find occurring in practice; and that this dichotomy is in itself the opportunity for new and creative change.

The journal will contain weekly entries. Whilst the focus should be the process of completing your marketing plan, every aspect of the unit should be addressed including lectures, discussions and particularly your experiences as a member of a group.

Importantly, the journal also provides you with the opportunity to describe and reflect upon your group working skills. These skills include recognition of your own and others’ strengths and development needs, giving and receiving feedback in the context of team activities and contributing to team outcomes.

Your journal should also demonstrate an understanding of diversity and its significance in the context of the project.

Unfortunately we must give you a mark at the end of semester and this may seem a little hard as the journal is partly about personal reflections. The best marks strongly correlate with the amount of work and actual thinking that a student does. To avoid confusion make sure that you put in the time to understand the above instructions.

Volume is not the most important outcome and some students become enthusiastic and write pages and pages. This enthusiasm is commendable, but whilst it is a rewarding personal exercise it may not all be marked. This may lead to disappointment for some students, especially if long hours of writing do not translate into an equivalent mark. The journal requires a balance between self and critical reflection. If you are unsure, it is better to err on the side of critical reflection - ultimately the two link together. It is also important to understand that the journal is not just a collection of critical reviews, but it is just as important to relate the issues to your life. So, although the onus is on students to convey that they have read and thought about the issues, they should also convey what this means to them in the context of their studies and work.

Even though equal space is given to the personal and the critical, the weighting is not equal status in terms of marks. The personal reflection is important, but it will constitute about 30 per cent of the mark. Marks will be awarded for entries on the basis of quality over quantity, the critical factor being the amount of work reflected in the journals rather than simply amount of content.

This assessment task assures Course Learning Outcomes 2.3 and 5.3.


Some exemplars for the journal will be available via the e-learning site

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Answer :


The management and the business degree focus on the process of organizational operation and their style of management including the business strategies. The diverse range of courses in management and business administration consider the skill and understanding of human resource management, marketing, strategic business planning, finance and global aspect in the business. 

Week 1

The courses will further state the information related to business ethical standards and the policy statement in an effective manner. The professors are involved in giving lectures about different subjects. The books that get introduced in this section are- Human Resource Management, Business Administration, Business communication and Major Management. The global business scenario and their effective marketing process imply the better information criteria that help the different organization to create their personae in front of the customers. The checklist related to the overall work process is finalized in a particular manner so that the effective purposes can able to manage. The entire business courses and marketing program designed in such a way so that the students can able to view the bigger picture of the market and work on it particularly. A major part of managing the effective business criteria generate the understanding based on skill set, need and work-based perfection (Chernev, 2018). The interpreting marketing efficacy and their developing statement consider overall growth and development of the student both personally and professionally. 

Week 2

In the group Dimitri has entered and she connects with the different planning processes so that the entire work implication can able to justify in an applicable manner. The checklist will generate by focusing on the different activities and their specification in a probable manner. The 2 years course related to marketing program and business degree mainly focuses on the different organizations and their marketing planning along with the various economic standards with ethical considerations. From this course, I get to learn about the various strategic planning, human resource management, production-related specification, ethical purposes, policies- procedures, and training system and most importantly the finance-related consideration. Furthermore, this course has stated the different informative criteria where the students get to learn about strategic communication purposes. I have acknowledged from this course that specifically the standard working processes generate better information that can suggest personal and professional growth. The degree in marketing has taught me to understand the different segment of the business and focus on future growth related implications. The reality of both the practical and theoretical standard considers better communication with each individual and team (Kleinaltenkampet al. 2016)

Studying marketing and considering the best approaches can simply state the best suitability related to the overall development purposes. Acknowledging the market need, business statistics and consumer behavior incorporate the fundamental planning statement and exploring the market in a more positive manner (Martín-de Castro, 2015). The ability to understand and create the perfect market assistance focuses on the skill-based efficiency. In order to improve customer satisfaction and needs, it is necessary to deal with the current business statistics so that the overall market formation can able to manage in a particular manner. From the course, I have learned that any organization follows some pathway to connect with the customers and chalk out the plan in a proper manner. Focusing on the equivalent need and state the different purposes of the organization can show a bigger future in order to gain success in the future. Knowing the market economics and business studies can serve the knowledge about the business application (Miquel-Romeroet al. 2017). These courses are quite popular with the students as they get to learn about the different market specification and their market implication.

Week 3

The international diversification of different marketing study criteria along with the application of several informative statements generates the perfect way to consider effective progression. The lecturer of the college Ned provides a brief introduction about the entire work and shows the students a power point presentation.  Learning a foreign language and process with the knowledge statement consider reality and the informative purposes in a better manner. The allocation of time and the managed specification needs to allow the best formation related to the overall process. In the 1 pm class the students will get to know about the different study related criteria in a better manner. The relevant word processing and the stated market factors need to adopt in a proper way so that the potential statement related to the work processes can able to consider. Both my team and I have learned about different planning, effective communication processes and accumulating information which is important to proceed for the final outcome. As a diverse career choice, the interactive task related to business administration and marketing focus on the overall betterment of the learning statement. I have seen during the practical task that creating better communication and planning can generate an effective way for the future working efficacy. Successful data handling thrive for the appropriate business planning processes that understand the future need and work-based perfection. Despite the different belonging of marketing in a competitive world, the career paths and their planning are essential to structure. 

Week 4

The usefulness and skill set implications taught us to create the systematic planning based on the overall learning specification and stated work foundation. We as a student focused on the unique opportunity to deal with the holistic understanding of the marketing research, principle, consumer behavior, finance, communication, branding moreover the organizational behavior (Möller and Parvinen, 2015). Ned provide us the brief information about the campbeltown tourist centre and the further research process for the students. The tour will describe the different information channelling that can able to construct the overall purposes in a better manner. 

 We also learned about the pressing societal issues related to ethical marketing processes, sustainability structure and the commercial market implication in a better manner. We have also completed the field study and collect information from different organization related to their overall operational structure, some of the best market strategies and information system policies. We present this information in front of the other students and elaborate them about the organization and their strategy. The organizations with the best marketing strategies consider the effective pathway for managing the future’s success criteria. I have been to many workshops to collect information about the various organizations those who are working as a successful company in the market. This kind of information actually allows individuals to create not only their personal skills but their presentation skills as well. The marketing business environment helps the individual to focus on the theoretical skill practices and knowledge (Sargeant & MACQUILLIN, 2016). I also understand the thinking process and managing the organization by the marketers in order to bring growth within the market. Getting marketing knowledge into practice, I have learnt to create the best approaches based on formative work purposes alongside effective communication skills. 

The advantage of internships and the work experience follow up different market opportunities that allow the student to create the best approaches. The real job situation and the process of handing the entire thing, I have learned from the internship. Due to the appropriate specification for the marketing sector I have come to know about the practical enhancement of the marketing skills. Develop a good communication factor and project management specification state the overall better marketing experience for the students (Gummesson, 2015). Consider marketing and generate the effective implications drive and value better performance analysis that focus towards the effective experience and market collaboration. Not only with the marketing planning, in this course, but I have also got to learn about the advertisement and the promotional specifications that exist within the industry. The process of employee hiring and managing them within the organization all are important in order to create systematic work engagement. I have learned about the good mix of soft skills that has the ability to interpret the overall learning purposes. The awareness about the market and the potential aptitude focuses on the growth and development purposes that can consider better information structure. I have also got to know about the interpersonal and communication skills so that the marketing campaign within the team members can specify the better implication. We have developed a certain stage of creative purposes so that the overall market adjustment can able to state and design the later specifications. The stage planning and implementing the stated criteria generate applicable market understanding and their focused statement in an effective manner. 

Week 5

The program that was set in week 5 initiated with a meeting with Uncle Ned. Hence, incorporation in the week 5 was great to integrate in the entire framework of study. 

The training and the study session that I have spent during my semester learning has incorporated a number of areas making it more objective towards the learning. Here we have been introduced to a special and more critical learning process that has helped me in engaging into deep and effective to communication with my fellow peers. I have learnt during the business learning I have been introduced to a number of practical learning statures and procedures that has helped me to deliver an appropriate understanding of the concepts of business. This kind of process has also helped me in tending towards development of certain specialty in communicating with my peers that has helped me to grow and develop an effective communication with in my future career. The entire session included the development of the team where Norman entered the group. Therefore, this required changes in the entire interim allocation. Hence, some of the parts of interim report was reassigned with certain reschedule. Thus, this allowed allocation of certain parts to the new member Norman. During my communication with the peers (in order to bring about critical learning stances) I have been able to understand that such communication is liable to bring about complete devotion within the subject of learning (Groh, Krishnan,McKenzie &Vishwanath, 2016). Therefore, the liabilities of the learning process have been effective in terms of development of the communication context. Incorporation of the new interim report is required to be consecutively added to the entire schedule. This looks into the complementary functions where I had to take certain parts of the allocation. 

Week 6

At the beginning of the week 6, the third meeting was scheduled with Uncle Ned. This meeting had a number of areas to be discussed as the interim report wa due this week. During the entire session of learning within the academic enclosure I have been able to come across a number of personalities who have greatly influenced my learning and understanding during this session. We, as students have received ample scopes to communicate with such eminent personalities. Different aspects of such communication have helped me in understanding the major prospects to presentation. This has been found to be effectively important for the development of the criteria that are important to develop future career (Hair Jr, Wolfinbarger, Money, Samouel& Page, 2015). These forms of communication with the professors and the teachers have also helped me to gain knowledge regarding the ways of presentation and communication during lectures. Such learning has also enhanced my performance beyond the theoretical learning during the study process. Such instances have been very helpful for me in order to develop my personality that has enhanced by ability to stand confident in my future career. In addition to the above activities, we engaged into the process of proposing primary research step for the entire interim report. 

Week 7

The week 7 initiated with the discussion in the group meeting planning about the works due to the next weeks. The study process and procedure in business learning has produced the scope of developing effective teamwork in order to ensure that the comprehensive system of functioning would be liable to conjure effective functionality in future career goals. During the session I was able to combine with a group in order to produce differential perspective of learning in order to ensure that the liability of such aspects is fruitful for future growth. While operating as team (in which we were divided into) we were allotted with a variety of tasks on the group basis. The tasks would have been based on the short term goals that were provided to us within a signified time frame. During such functions and performance I realised and learnt the measures of developing effective category for the development of the lucrative skills of conducting team works. While developing involvement to the teamwork I have been able to understand the importance of coordination during conduction of the teamwork. Adding to the tasks, we exchanged information between us and made the decisions to assign work to each other. On the other hand, we also attended the meeting with Ned. In addition to this, participation should be the major goal in order to ensure that the teamwork is able to meet the prescribed goal within the given deadline (Jensen, 2015). This was important to receive feedback from him. Hence, improvement of the strategies was also made during this for completion of the tasks.

Week 8

Before consulting with Ned we had our regular team meeting in week 8. During this week we had discussion on the processes of obtaining surveys from queen st. Campbeltown. Hence, I have been able to derive certain teamwork skills such as being cooperative. The key to success in the teamwork is to remain cooperative to the fellow team mates. In addition to this, the participation in the teamwork is also liable to develop an effective cooperative performance of the entire team. During the week, we were also ready with the draft of the project to show it to Ned. This has also helped me in developing an effective presentation measure while presenting my views to my team mates. Multiple terms of enabling achievement of the short term goals have also been found to be effective for my future career perspectives. Overall, remaining engaged in the teamwork for a significant amount of time has helped me in developing in certain effective functional attributes that has developed my personality from variety of perspectives. In addition to this, development of the soft skills has also been enhanced during the session of learning. I hope such advents of learning methods would allow me to achieve greater success in my future career. Finally, after consultation with Ned we received feedback and communicated for further preparation with final presentation. 

Week 9

This week I was nominated for the second client meeting where little information about the client requirement was gained. Although less informative, we learned that Campbeltown wanted us to form a logo for the festival with the council colours of Campbeltown as the theme. While remaining engaged into a number of activities throughout the sessions of learning I have been able to learn as well as develop professional characteristics. During the entire session of learning I have been able to get into conversation and communication with a number of pupils from different cultures. Hence, I have received ample scope to get exposed to a diverse culture. This has given me opportunity to remain involved into effective functioning making it more effective for the terms of functioning in my future career. Hence, I have been able to learn about variety of practices that exists in the foreign culture. Thus, the meeting this week helped me to learn about certain specifications on what client actually wants from us. Therefore, this has also been able to grow a nature of understanding and tolerance about different cultures and their significant practices. Developing relevance to such diversity has been helpful in developing my realistic attitude for future prospect (Campos,Frese, Goldstein, Iacovone, Johnson, McKenzie&Mensmann, 2018). Hence, I have been able to grow a significant aptitude to involve into learning through variety of methods such as verbal communication, visual learning as well as process of listening. Such areas have been enhanced during the entire process of learning during the session. 

Week 10

This week meant to be motivating to us. Arriving on the meeting place, we found free pizzas on table for us, which became the source of motivation. I have found myself at an advantageous position after the ending of the session. This is because; along with variety of theoretical learning I have been able to develop a number of practical skills. For example, developments of soft skills have been one of the areas that have been effectively adopted during the theoretical learning as well as practical training. Development of effective communication has been one such area of great significance. The aspects of time management have also been effectively learnt by me through conduction of the activities. One of them is the development of concerns like completion of the task on time. Here, we also delegated the missing parts of the final report from within the checklist provided. Later in this week, we also visited Campbeltown to complete rest 60 surveys in and around Queen Street. 

Week 11

Initially, in this week 5 out of 6 members of the group revisited Campbeltown to conduct rest of the interviews for the final report. 12 interviews were conducted with pre-approved sets of 10 questions. Complementary actions using the body language has been found to be the greatest area that has to be enhanced in order to improve the communication abilities. During the learning procedure I have been able to follow the norms of developing communication with the peers in order to conduct an effective learning through processes like group discussions. In addition to this, during the semester learning we have also been instructed to form groups. Within the groups we were allowed to conduct and perform a number of activities intending to have a better learning and understanding of the subject. This has also helped me to grow an effective communication through proper usage of the body language. Hence, the convenience is likely to be grown in order to involve into variety of liabilities in learning the business management. Effective communication ability owes a great contribution to the learning of business as well as its application. Therefore, developing such attributes have been able to be sharing variety of process of application in order to incorporate criterion that is important to be recognised in the character of a business person. On the other hand, such group and teamwork has also been contributable to the development of a number of factors such as growing or developing of competent unity within the group that is with the peers (Santos,Sentí, Rodríguez & Maldonado, 2017). Hence, the study session has also been able to produce effective learning management procedures along with developing complementary characteristics like developing effective communication. The support questions approved with our research report. Later in this week, I met with my peers to collate these results. This also helped in strengthening out report with improvements in the final report for the interim. However, we waited patiently for the next week to receive marks and feedback for out interim report. 

Week 12

Before consultation with Ned we met together as a group. After consultation with Ned we received some basic feedback on interim report along with the results. While involving myself into developing participation in the teamwork I have been able to adopt the measures that have made be aware of the situations around. Hence, the involvement in the teamwork has also helped me in learning that being cooperative to the team members is the key to bring about success in team works. During conducting such team works I have been able to understand that such operations are liable to bring about a number of challenges in the entire practical as well as theoretical frameworks of learning. Hence, it is important to minimize the challenges in order to get into effective learning procedures. After completion of the meeting with Ned, we met as a group to continue out consultation to work on the feedback received. However, the feedbacks were found to be insufficient to make amendments in the final report. Hence, once again we delegated tasks for the final presentation. 

Week 13

In this week, we initiated with group meeting before consulting with Ned. This week was spent to conduct final preparation for the presentation. Therefore, it is important to be acknowledged that I have been able to get exposed into a number of areas where I have gained both practical as well as theoretical learning. Hence, the convenience of learning has been high in terms of gaining variety of prospects of understanding. On the entire hand, I have also been able to get into contact with a number of peers who have helped me to grow and learn in different areas. Hence, the consideration of this fact has been able to develop appropriate learning system that I have received in this platform. Later on during our meeting with Ned we consulted with him and addressed new issues in the report. Hence, new jobs were assigned to the members of the group.

Week 14

This week work had the final submission of the interim report along with the presentation.