INF80042 Technology And SMEs Technology Essentials For Managers Assignment 1 Answer

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ASSIGNMENT 1 Technology and SMEs INF80042 Technology Essentials For Managers 

Assessment Structure: Report 

Individual or Group: Individual

Learning outcomes assessed: This assessment task is designed to test your achievement of learning outcomes 1,2 and 3. This assessment task covers both Assignment 1 and 2.

Word limit: 2500 words +/- 10%

Weighting: This assessment task contributes 40% to your final grade

Task details:

This assessment will need you to demonstrate your level of awareness on the issues involving technologies/innovation used in developing nations when it comes to Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) conducting business internationally. SMEs operate and compete with a different set of challenges. Conducting ‘International Business’ by definition relates to any commercial activities across borders which encompasses a wide range of activities ie marketing, sales, human resource, promotions etc. It is important for businesses in developing nations to embrace technology/innovation in order to expand and grow. SMEs are driven to embrace technology to leapfrog in order to survive and compete.

For the purposes of this assignment, you are required to (1) pick any type of SME business outside or inside Australia. Analyse their (2) business model and revenue model. Identify (3) areas where the SME can improve with the use of technology to conduct business internationally. You are then required to (4) suggest a technology and (5) justify your selection of technology as a solution and (6) suggest strategy for the SME.

Your report should include:

  1. Background of the business or industry including the country (or region)
  2. Current business and revenue model
  3. Issues faced by the SME with regards to conducting business internationally involving the chosen business (and region)
  4. Brief description and capability of your chosen technology
  5. What impact will your technology bring to the business
  6. Strategy moving forward and Conclusion

To allow more depth in your discussions, you need to focus on an area of industry, technology or region supported by relevant case studies rather than cover a broad range of issues. Remember that the marker is looking for an analytical discussion to be marked at a postgraduate level. Please look at the rubrics to understand how you will be marked.


You must use the Harvard Referencing style throughout your assessment and include an accurate reference list at the end of the assessment. Please use in-text citation within the report to support your discussion. You are expected to have at least 15 references of which 12 of them has to be purely academic journals.

Submission Requirements

  • Assessments must be submitted via the Canvas – Assignment 1 link.
  • Refer to rubrics on Canvas for more information on how you will be marked.
  • Do not email the assessment to either the convener or tutor.
  • Keep a MS Word/PDF backup of your report submission. If your assessment goes astray, whether your fault or ours, you will be required to re-produce it.
  • The word count does not include references or appendices.

Extensions and Late Submission

Please reread the section on Extensions and Late Submission that can be found in the Unit Outline.

Extension requests must be directed to the unit convenor, using the Application for an Extension for a piece of Assessment form.

Late submission of an assessment will result in a late penalty being applied as required by Swinburne University assessment guidelines.


Please reread the section on plagiarism that can be found in the Unit Outline.

Any evidence of plagiarism will result in a Fail. Collaborative discussion with other participants in the unit around concepts and additional examples is highly recommended, but don’t copy.

Assessment Help

If you have any queries or concerns you may discuss it with the convenor and/or tutor in the Canvas discussion board in the appropriate discussion forum or by email.

IT Technical Help

Technical assistance on any IT related issues can be obtained from the Swinburne Service Desk (03) 9214 5000.

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