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UNSW Business School Information Systems and Technology Management


Digital Transformation in Business Semester 1 2019

Group Project



1. Background

This assignment investigates the proposed adoption of technology solutions for a large Australian business and is set within the scenario of you being part of a consulting firm seeking potential business from large businesses.

  • This assignment is to be undertaken as a group of 3 or 4 students.
  • It is worth 15% of your overall Marks.
  • Assignment is due on Monday 8 April 2019 at 1pm.
  • It has to be submitted electronically via Turnitin in Moodle.
  • There is one deliverable for this assignment: a report of 3500 to 4000 words maximum.
  • You have 5 weeks to undertake this project so you are expected to manage your time and deliverables accordingly via Trello

The following sets out the scenario and requirements for the assignment. Please read them very carefully

2. Scenario

You are a team of junior consultants, specialising in Information Systems, at a leading international consulting firm. The Senior Vice President (SVP) for business development of your firm is not happy with the 2018 productivity of the large business segment in the IT consulting division. The SVP wishes to grow the business relationship of existing cleints as well as potentially acquire new ones and is asking your team to prepare a proposal that analyses 1 potential client (a client of your choosing), with a justification as to how building a relationship with this client will be good addition to your existing consulting portfolio.

The SVP business development criteria outlines the following:

  1. The large business should be Australian and founded in Australia and the headquarters MUST still be in Australia.

  2. The large business must have operated for at least 25 years.
  3. The business MUST have both an online and offline presence (ie website/mobile application and service physical shop/store/office).
  4. The business should operate/service in all major states.
  5. The business must be in the ASX300 list. https:// 

Learning Outcomes Addressed:

Program Learning Outcomes
Course Learning Outcomes
Discuss IS components, their use, and their importance to business.
Critical thinking and problem solving
Illustrate how organisations could use IS to improve organisational / managerial efficiency & effectiveness.

Propose how an organisation could use information systems and technology (IS/IT) to compete in a global marketplace.
Written communication
Communicate an argument in a written form
Work collaboratively to complete a task

3. Requirements

Knowing that your team specialises in technology solutions, the SVP has asked you to prepare a proposal to advise him on the potential of advising the business you have chosen. The proposal doesn’t have to be a project that directly applies to all business areas of the organisation. You may focus on 1 or 2 areas that you believe is the most critical to address.

Prepare a proposal with the following structure:

  1. Undertake an analysis of your client and it’s external environment. Specifically, provide your understanding of how the business positions itself in relation to its competition in the industry based on your analysis. Clearly justify your analysis using Porter’s Five Forces model (10%)
  2. Using Osterwalder’s Business Model canvas, undertake an analysis of your client’s internal environment. Specifically, provide your understanding of how the business creates and delivers value, operates and positions itself in relation to its competition. (15%)
  3. Based on your analysis of the current state of your chosen business’ in part 1 & 2 above, explain how the business could improve their operations and competitiveness by leveraging on at least two specific technology solutions - (you may choose any of the technology solutions from any of the topics of the course this semester).

For this part, you should first identify, based on your research and analysis in Part 1& 2, the three most pressing areas in your chosen business that require attention. A “pressing” area does not have to a problem. It could be an opportunity that the organisation has missed to capture or methods and standards that they could have implemented to achieve competitive advantage.

You should then outline how the specific capabilities of the combination of technology solutions you have chosen, could help in addressing these pressing areas. Your recommendation should clearly explain the impacts on specific business processes and strategies. (25%)

1. Identify and describe at least three main IS/IT security, ethics and privacy issues that the business should take into account when leveraging on your chosen technology solutions. (10%)

2. Vendor selection: recommend specific vendors for the commercially available IT products/solutions that your chosen business should adopt. Your recommendation should be based on your analyses in Parts 1, 2, 3 & 4. It should clearly justify the capabilities of the particular vendors and that they are the best choice for the business. This means that you need to compare your chosen vendors against their main competitors in the market. (20%)

It is important that you provide your SVP with information that is customized for the chosen business rather than producing material that reads like a generic brochure. You should demonstrate that you understand the business context and priorities as well as articulate any assumptions that you make about the business (if necessary). You should make sure that you provide adequate explanations to back up your recommendations.

You are required to carefully consider the points that you wish to make in this report. A ‘brain dump’ of all you know is of little value. You should consider using tables and figures to present material whenever suitable as they may help in structuring your argument.

In order to prepare your assignment, you have to undertake research. However, you should ensure that you use the information gathered to illustrate your argument; you should not simply copy or describe your research findings.

Marks are also available for the following:


An analysis of how relevant course material and additional insights from your own research were utilized to support the analysis contained in the report (5%). (500 words max and is excluded from the word count)

Project Managment

Trello. Effective and consistent use of Trello as a project management tool both towards the planning stage (Project Plan) and execution of of project (research & written work) (10%)


Effective and coherent presentation of information in a format suitable for a consulting report. Adherence to UNSWBS presentation standards including Harvard referencing and the use of acceptable research materials (5%).

Submission Details

Using Moodle Turnitin, each GROUP should submit a single MS WORD document (no other formats such as PDF allowed – 5 mark penalty applies) that includes:

  1. A fully completed and signed (by all group members) cover page (available on Moodle).The business report. The main body of the reports is expected to be 3,500 words, with an absolute maximum of 4,000 words. Cover/Title page, table of contents, reference list, reflection and executive summary are excluded from the word count.
  2. No other appendices are required for this assignment and if included, will be included in the 4,000 work count limit. If report exceeds 4,000 words, we will not mark sections that exceeds the limit.
  3. A full set of references used to prepare the report (excluded from the word count
  4. Indicate the number of words on the document.

Please note that ONE submission per group is required. Multiple submissions from the same group will be considered an invalid submission. A mark of zero will be awarded for assignments submitted by individuals or by groups larger than five.

If you have any questions about interpreting the assignment and its requirements, please make use of either the LiC’s or group assignment consultation sessions. To avoid confusion and misunderstanding, we will not be answering such questions about the assignment over email.

The originality of the submission will be checked using Turnitin. Please check the originality report generated by Turnitin during the submission process. All members of the group should satisfy themselves as to the originality of the full assignment prior to final submission. It is the responsibility of the person submitting the assignment to provide other group members with a copy of the originality report generated by Turnitin during the submission process. Please note that Turnitin will only generate an originality report ONCE every 24 hours. So if you submit your file and override your original file in a space of less than 24 hours, you will not obtain an update on your originality score for the new file.

The University regards plagiarism as a form of academic misconduct, and has very strict rules regarding plagiarism. For UNSW policies, penalties, and information to help you avoid plagiarism see: as well as the guidelines in the online ELISE tutorials for all new UNSW students:

Submission of the assignment must be accompanied by a signed cover page provided on Moodle. All members of the groups must sign the cover page. Signatures on the cover page must match the ones you signed for your workshop attendance. Groups with missing cover page will be given an automatic penalty of 10% of the maximum marks available for the assignment. Individual student, whose signature is missing on the cover page, will obtain an automatic penalty of 10% of the maximum marks available for the assignment. The maximum marks for this assignment is 100 marks and hence the penalty is a flat 10 marks deduction from the score you obtained for the assignment.

Each individual student should provide their tutor with a completed and signed peer assessment sheet (available on Moodle). The peer assessment sheet should be provided to your tutor no later than Friday 19th April 2019, 5pm.

If you wish to claim for unequal contribution, you must justify your claim with evidence. We only accept Trello and official UNSW email communication as evidence of work. Personal emails, social media messengers & chat, facebook are not acceptable forms of evidences.

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Answer :


Vendor selection 

There are different types of vendors, which can be valuable for the sector of IT solutions, and products, which are stated below; an explanation of the vendors why they are considered in the project is also stated: 

  • FIS Global: FIS Global can be considered as a low digit single growth for the ERP applications, which are prevailing for the banking and the FIs sectors. The main aid area in the sector can be stated in the sector of maintaining of the revenues, which can be considered as one of the important activity of a banking sector. In the FIS Global, it can be considered that cloud migration is one of the aspects which is being planned and estimated to the adopted in the near future. 
  • Fiserv: The Fiserv is linked to the aspect of Debit card processing, Managed ATM transactions and Money pass, which is managed by a surcharge-free network of the Elan Financial services which is a Unit of the US Bancorp. The proposed sector, which is linked to the factor of buying the First data, would be directly increasing the strength, which is related to the area of payment. 
  • SAP: The SAP can be considered to be on track for the sign for more than 10000 customers including the listing, which is related to the nest generation perspective, which is linked to the ERP S/4HANA. This is expected to the launched by the end of 2019 with an average of 40% of the latest addition to the consideration of the net new wins for the vendor service. 
  • Oracle: The Oracle in recent times have signed more than 22,000 cloud ERP customers in which most of them are banking sector due to the factor of the different advantage which can be directly be taken from the engagement factor of the technology (Prokhorov and Kolesnik 2018). In each of the quarters, there is a migration of almost 200 customers in its on-premise ERP system like the E-business suite to the concept of the technology of cloud. 
  • Salesforce: In the recent activity of the Salesforce, which is linked to the sector of Mule Soft, will be beneficial for the aspect of cloud migration, which would be very much beneficial for the banking sector (Sinha 2017). On the other hand, it can be stated the key verticals, which are related to the Salesforce, would be directly helping in the generation of the product and service enhancement. 
  • Temenos Group AG: The Temenos directly acquired the Avoke for its cloud-based digital customer solution, which is linked to the factor of on-board application vendors for the functionality of the banking sector, which directly alters the success factor of the working of the different task of the banking area. On the other hand, it tends to give a better service, which is linked to customer communication, which directly increases the opportunity, which is linked to the factor of satisfying the customers working. 
  • NCR Corporation: This vendor can be considered to be playing an important role in the sector of management of the payrolls, human capital management services and other transaction, which is linked to the factor of a financial point of view (Reeshma, 2017). It is one of the services, which is highly adopted in most of the banking areas, which can directly help the better functioning area, which is linked to the different activity of the organization relating to the banking sector. 

Each of the vendors, which are stated above, has some specific roles assigned to their name and each of the areas can be considered to be playing an important role in the sector of baking. The implementation of each of the vendors can be considered very much easy which can be done on top of the existing infrastructure of the organization and which can directly impact the sector of execution of the different activity of the banking sector (Fowley et al., 2017). The management area is one of the concern areas in all of the vendors which are stated above which tends to alter the customer satisfaction area which can lead to a competitive gain of the execution of the task of the banking domain.